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Monday, 9 November 2015

9 November 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Real vs False Genocide

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We Russians have a saying, “Only those who’ve eaten from the same dish can understand”. In other words, only a member of a First Nation could give you a proper response to Anglo genocide in its fullness. However, one can learn and spread the Truth… the truth is that the “exceptional” Anglos murdered and expelled the First Nations to make way for their settlements. Think on that whenever you hear Anglos bloviating and boasting about their moral “superiority” over all others. I’d argue that such an allegation is not only false, it’s demonic in its adherence to a “line” noxious in its disregard of ethics, morals, and common decency. Let all with ears hear…

Do note that Russians are on the side of the First Nations… NOT the “Exceptional Nation”…



Monday, 6 July 2015

6 July 2015. Do Be Careful What You Wish For…

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It’s all perfectly logical from a First Nations perspective…


Friday, 22 May 2015

22 May 2015. Whenever You Hear Talk of “America the Exceptional”, Think on This…

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The Lakota Sioux still claim their ancestral home of the Black Hills. The Anglos drove them out, violating solemn treaties, because they found gold and silver there. In United States v. Sioux Nation of Indians, SCOTUS ruled that the government illegally took the Black Hills, so, it ordered the government to pay the Sioux the initial offering price plus interest. The Lakota refused the settlement; they wanted the Black Hills back. The money remains in an interest-bearing account, but the Lakota refuse the money. They believe that accepting the settlement would allow the government to justify taking ownership of the Black Hills. In 2012, UN Special Rapporteur James Anaya conducted a tour of Native American lands, to determine how the USA implements the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, endorsed by the Obama administration in 2010. Anaya met with Native Americans, besides members of the Obama administration and the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Tentatively, Anaya recommended the return of lands to some nations, including the Black Hills to the Sioux. Earth to Anglos! Ȟe Sápa is sacred land to the Lakota and to the Cheyenne, too.

The First Nations were here first and they remain distinct nations in the European sense… independent cultures with their own languages, Weltanschauung, and civilisational basis. They are NOT Westerners, nor should we treat them as such. Yet, they do form a group within the larger American society… “American Indians”… with a common history of a rather sordid relationship with Anglo power (and of an equally long resistance to that power). I speak from long correspondence with members of the Tlingit, Inuit, Mohawk, and Lakota peoples. Yes, VERY distinct cultures, yet very similar in their history of relationship with the “dominant” Anglos.

There are large “peoples” such as the Russians and the Chinese… there are small peoples such as the Lakota, Sorbs, and Karens… there are middling groups such as the Magyars, Finns, and Sikhs. Yet, all are cultures in the fullest sense of the word. All are “families”… that’s why I’m loath to speak of any other group other than my own. To really speak of a group requires an “inside” voice… outsiders can learn “of” a culture, but can never quite “become” that culture. Some things are only expressible by a family member. To really speak of the Black Hills… that would require a Lakota or Cheyenne voice… I don’t have that. I did my best…


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mohawk Nation Stands with Russia

00 mohawk warrior. 21.05.14

The above is an Indian warrior of the period of the great wars of France and Britain in the New World in the 18th century. Both British and French militaries learned much of value in light infantry tactics and skirmishing from their Indian allies… American propaganda that British soldiers were ignorant of American conditions is arrant bullshit devoid of any truth… after all, they DID listen to the Kanienkehaka leader Thayendanegea during the War of the American Rebellion. Do notice how silent American history books are on the ruthless Rebel sack of Thayendanegea’s home of Onaquaga. 


Corporation of Canada CEO Harper is sending 6 CF18s and other weapons of mass destruction for NATO provocations against our ancient allies in Russia. Russia is legally a long-time ally of the Rotino’shonni:onwe/Iroquois Confederacy and its friends and allies on Great Turtle Island. Our alliance comes from the Kaia’nereh:kowa, our constitution. Treaty belts accepted by Peter the Great in 1710 record this sovereign international agreement of peace. They presented these belts to us for interpretation. According to our constitution, which is always recorded in wampum, and our treaty, we’ll seek all international legal remedies to stop Canada’s violation of the Peace established between Russia and the Onkwehonwe, the true sovereigns on Great Turtle Island.

Canada is conspicuously not attending the present negotiations between Russia, the USA, the EU, and other affected nations. Each party agreed not to supply weapons to the Ukraine. However, Canada is provoking war against our ancient allies by providing fighter jets and other weapons of mass destruction. This treaty alliance predates the corporations of Canada and the USA by more than a century. CEO Harper can’t speak on our behalf. Only we speak for ourselves and our friends and allies. The Corporation of Canada speaks for its shareholders. Like all corporations, Canada exists for one reason, to give ever-growing dividends and to protect their shareholders’ anonymity.

We stand by our Russian allies. There’ll be no war. Consequences will follow for these violations of our ancient alliances and sovereignty. According to international law, it’s our duty to demand that Canada refrain from posturing war against Russia. We Rotinoshonnionwe reaffirm our alliance to spread world peace. We assume our Russian allies who met our grandfathers in 1710 continue to have this on their minds too. These belts were left so that one day we could sit together and discuss them. These treaty belts predate the corporations of Canada and USA and the religion spread by Handsome Lake. We reaffirm this alliance between Russia and the people of the Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace, those who follow the natural laws of this land. A corporation that is masquerading as a sovereign on our land is threatening Russia.


The Anglos stole what is today the USA and Canada… they expect praise for it! I’d say to attend to history… the Anglos never kept a single treaty with native people, so, why does their duplicity vis-à-vis Russia surprise you? They love the Right Sector and Svoboda, as these groups are as violent, greedy, and untruthful as they are. It’s time to push back… in Russia… AND closer to home. However, take a care in how you express yourself, McCarthyism proved that the Americans, in particular, are jumpy and aren’t careful in their repressions. NEVER EVER use language that even implies the overthrow of the US government. You can describe the evil… you can castigate the evil… you can “finger” the criminals… but, please, NEVER call for the overthrow of the US government… they can and will throw you in prison for that… do recall what they did to Eugene V Debs and what they wanted to do to Edward Snowden. Take a care…

Remember Vine Deloria Jr’s words… “I was oppressed as an Indian, I’ll win justice as an Indian, and after I win justice, I’ll call myself whatever I damned well please”. Keep the faith and keep the fires burning…


18 April 2014

Mohawk Nation News


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