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Sunday, 2 October 2016

2 October 2016. Animal Funnies… The Inspectors Gather



Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Russian Vessels may be Detained in American Ports

01 ship of fools


The press service of the Sakhalin and Kuriles regional department of the RF Agency for Fisheries warned in a statement citing the Transportation Ministry that the American authorities might try to detain Russian vessels in seaports in the USA. Its statement read, “A US Federal Court in Washington DC complied with the demand of the American Hassidic organisation, Agudas Chasidei Chabad, in introducing financial sanctions against Russia for its refusal to return the collection of manuscripts of Lubavicher rabbies known as the Schneerson Collection”. Therefore, the press service warned that Russian state property that isn’t protected by diplomatic immunity, including vessels that enter American seaports, might be detained in order to make Russia comply with the American court decision.

 25 March 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

No US court, federal or state, has ANY jurisdiction over affairs or property in Russia. NONE. The Hasids are going too far… they always do, that’s why those who encounter them generally detest them. This is too much. The Schneerson Collection is Russian state property, full stop, end of story. If the Hasids want to use it, they must go to Moscow. After all, remember WHY they want the collection… they want to restrict access to it to only those they approve of. That is, they’d restrict access to the collection only to Jews that kowtow to them. The Schneerson Collection is part of the general religious legacy of Russia… that’s where it belongs. If the Hasids don’t like that, it’s too bloody bad. I find it detestable that these nasty and bloody-minded individuals embody every stereotype of the Jew bruited by anti-Semites. It’s not fair… all too often, innocent Jews suffer because Hasid blowhards engage in disgusting unpleasantness like the court case to steal the Schneerson Collection (they never owned it, therefore, they have no right to it whatsoever). It’s not fair nor is it just (the guilty parties don’t suffer… they wall themselves off from the world)… that’s a thought on this Passover Eve, isn’t it?


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