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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

DNR Government to Help Bakeries Produce “Social” Bread

00 Bread or the Lack of It. 07.05.14


The DNR Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food shall give specific help to our bakeries. Bakeries will receive flour from the state-owned Yelenovskaya elevator at a substantial discount in price, so that bakeries could bake “social” bread for the poor. For these purposes, bakeries in Dokuchaevsk received 140 tonnes of flour, from which one can produce 112 tonnes of bread of the class indicated. This works out to more than 172,000 loaves per month weighing 650 grammes (23 ounces/1.44 pounds) apiece, with each loaf costing 3.25 Grivna (10 Roubles. 1.60 Renminbi. 15.40 INR. 0.25 USD. 0.28 CAD. 0.29 AUD. 0.20 Euros. 0.16 UK Pounds). The bakery in Amvrosievka will also bake a “generic” loaf of bread weighing 850 grammes (30 ounces/1.9 pounds). For its production, the DNR Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food will allot the bakery 75 tonnes of flour, which will come out to more than 115,000 loaves of bread, each costing about 4 Grivna (13 Roubles. 1.90 Renminbi. 19 INR. 0.31 USD. 0.35 CAD. 0.36 AUD. 0.25 Euros. 0.19 Pounds). One should note that “social” bread is of high quality. A government source assured the media that social bread shall consist of a mixture of first-grade flours.

7 October 2014

DNR Today

Official website of the DNR Government and Supreme Soviet



The junta is selling adulterated bread… the patriots are selling real-deal bread, at a discount so that the pensioners and poor can afford it. That is, the Orthodox socialist patriots are selling real bread… the Uniates/schismatical crapitalist fascists are selling phony bread… what they do spiritually is mirrored in the shops!

None dare call it evil…

Bread or the lack of it… that’s what makes history… amen!



Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1 January 2013. From the Russian Web… You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up. Flour War in Spain… No Lie… Look at the Images

00a Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


00b Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


00c Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


00d Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


00f Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


00e Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


00g Flour War in Spain. Ibi in Valencia. 01.01.13


In Spain, there’s a small town in Valencia called Ibi. It doesn’t have much in the way of historical sites; it sure isn’t a typical resort with luxury hotels. Nevertheless, the town has an interesting tradition that annually draws in tourists and journalists. The town holds a flour war. Yep, every year, on 28 December, the town’s almost completely covered with flour by the time it’s all over. The festival of Els Enfarinats is part of the celebrations of the Day of the Innocents. The tradition is over 200 years old, and had its modern revival in 1981. It’s part of the Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s clear that all concerned have tons of fun. How much vino español flows during this, I wonder? Truly, you can’t make shit like this up…


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