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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

10 April 2018. I D Kobzon With His Granddaughters on His 80th Birthday… The USA has this Grand Old Man on the Sanctions List… EVIL!





The first two vids are from a concert honouring the 80th birthday of the famous singer I D Kobzon. The third one is from some years ago, with one of his granddaughters singing Guardian Angel (My Grandpa). The neoliberal pigs in the USA have Iosif Davydovich on their sanctions list. He’s a Donetsk homie and he stands tall for his hometown’s brave resistance to the American aggressors and their Galician Uniate dog allies. Iosif Davydovich is proud of his Jewish heritage, as well he should be. He’s also proud of his hometown, which shows that he’s a decent human being and a stand-up guy. It does tell you much about the Americans and their “sanctions”, doesn’t it?

This is one of the most life-affirming things that I’ve seen in a long time.



Sunday, 27 August 2017

27 August 2017. Bright Moments in the Russian Diaspora… Sergei Zharov… He Kept the Flame Alive in a Dark Time



The Don Cossack Chorus needs no introduction from me. It helped to keep the flame of Russian culture alive here in the diaspora. We preserved our culture here due to the presence of such people as S A Zharov and Metropolitans Leonty Turkevich and Anastasy Gribanovsky. There are those who’ve succumbed to the siren-song of the West… they sold out for transitory material gain… however, many of us haven’t, and the exemplary example of our forebears strengthened our resolve to keep to the proven path of our ancestors.

Вечная память to all of our fathers and mothers… we’d be nothing without them…


Saturday, 3 September 2016

3 September 2016. Fred Hellerman, Last Survivor of The Weavers, Dies at 89

00 weavers in memoriam 030916



The Weavers in concert in 1963… they paid for their convictions by being put on the McCarthyite blacklist. They’re now silent on this side of the veil…


Fred Hellerman, the last surviving member of the Weavers died at the age of 89. An era is now over… however, the legacy lives on…


Sunday, 27 September 2015

LNR Participants Took Part in Khotmyzhskaya Autumn International Festival of Slavic Culture in Belgorod Oblast

00 russia slavic folk festival 270915


Земля моя (Zemlya moya: My Land) sung by Nadezhda Krygina (Honoured Artist of Russia)


Today, Tatyana Litman, Director of the Lugansk Palace of Culture, Nelli Malyugina, head of the folk music ensemble Родные напевы (Rodnye Napevy: Down-Home Tunes), and Yelena Yeremenko, head of the Левша (Levsha: Lefty) folklore club, told a news conference that LNR musicians and crafters were part of the Khotmyzhskaya Autumn Festival in Belgorod. Malyugina noted:

This festival has international status; this year, in addition to local groups, participants came from Belarus, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Russian Federation), Serbia, and the Republic of Crimea (Russian Federation). Our Lugansk people took part in the festival for the very first time; the audience gave us a very warm reception. We even experienced some embarrassment; when the time came for our evening performance on the first day of our arrival, each group had to work up an intro… a few words about the group and a greeting. When we went on stage, we were apprehensive, but the full hall stood up and began to applaud. That was their reaction to our group from Lugansk. We sang two songs, Земля моя (Zemlya moya: My Land) and Ревела степь донская (Revela step donskaya: Revelry from the Don Steppe).



2013 Festival… narration in Russian… wonderful images


00 russia slavic folk festival b 270915


Yeremenko, a master of beadwork and lapidary work with natural stones, said:

All the members of the LNR delegation presented their work. Not only had our group, but also Master of Embroidery Larisa Samoilov and Master Woodcarvers Yuri Tikhy and Viktor Kuznetsov given presentations. I thank the Lugansk Centre of Folk Art for organising the trip; the festivalgoers really appreciated our works.

Litman concluded:

We say thank you… we received lots of positive emotions, but most importantly, we gained belief in a future where our culture could live and prosper.

On 19 September, Khotmyzhsk in Borisov Raion of Belgorod Oblast (Russian Federation) hosted the Tenth Khotmyzhskaya Autumn International Festival of Slavic Culture. The festival is held biennially, to preserve and develop international cultural coöperation and strengthen friendly relations between the Slavic peoples, promote and develop original music, along with encouraging folk song, dance, festive-ritual culture, fine arts, and arts and crafts of the peoples of Russia and the SNG.

22 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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