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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Russian Police Break up Anti-Putin Rally


On Sunday, police cracked down on an anti-Putin rally in Moscow, making arrests after hundreds of demonstrators broke through their lines in a bid to take their protest to the Kremlin walls. Protesters shouted as the cops reformed and the clash continued, saying, “Fascists! You’re breaking the law!” Police said that protesters armed with bottles and stones injured a number of officers. A number of police helmets floated in the Moskva River after protesters tore them from the coppers.

Violence flared up after protest leader Sergei Udaltsov led a mass sit-in and demanded the right to march directly to the Kremlin and for the annulment of President-elect Vladimir Putin’s victory at the disputed 4 March presidential election. Udaltsov, leader of the Left Front, was amongst those detained. Cops also nicked well-known blogger and anti-corruption activist Aleksei Navalny and former Yeltsin-era Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov. After his arrest, Navalny urged protesters via a Twitter post, “Don’t leave! Stay for as long as it takes!” Protesters erected three tents at Bolotnaya Square, the planned end-point of Sunday’s rally. A RIA-Novosti correspondent at the scene reported arbitrary arrests and said that eight cops arrested one protester for the apparent crime of wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, the symbol of the global Occupy Movement. Police also said protesters beat a number of journalists from the state-run NTV channel. Earlier this year, NTV aired a controversial documentary that alleged protesters were paid “cookies and money” to attend last winter’s For Fair Elections rallies.

Opposition figures and RIA-Novosti correspondents at the scene estimated a crowd of around 50,000. Udaltsov said in a Twitter post that there were “no less than 100,000” at the rally. A police spokesman said there were 8,000 people present and that Udaltsov had “been out in the sun too long”. A Just Russia parliamentarian Ilya Ponomarev also estimated a crowd of 100,000. Political analyst Dmitri Oreshkin told the Dozhd online TV channel {Dozhd is beloved by US neocons and interventionists alike… Katrina vanden Heuvel is in orgasm over them… caveat vidisti: editor}, “This wasn’t Udaltsov’s rally. This was a rally of angry citizens”.

Amidst allegations of election fraud, Putin won a landslide victory in the 4 March elections to secure a third term in the Kremlin after being forced to step down by the Constitution in 2008. Udaltsov said that police in several Russia regions had detained activists attempting to travel to the demonstration. As at previous marches, the protesters represented a wide range of political views and organisations, from communists to anarchists, from liberal reformers {“liberal” means “radical libertarian rightwing” in US terms: editor} to nationalists. Ahead of the march, websites of a number of independent media outlets reported coming under apparent hacker attack. Also on Sunday, Putin supporters gathered across town at a separate rally. Organizers said some 50,000 people attended it. Opposition figures accused the authorities of coercing government employees to attend previous pro-Putin rallies in recent months. Putin admitted earlier this year that the accusations could be true, but said that we “shouldn’t exaggerate” the effect on crowd numbers.

6 May 2012

Aleksei Yeremenko

Marc Bennetts



Editor’s Note:

There weren’t enough OMONtsy present to break up a determined rally of 50,000… that means that the number present was probably a figure in-between the police and protestor estimates, that’s to say, it’s very probable that there were 25,000 present, and a small group of maybe 500 broke for the Kremlin, a group small enough for the OMONtsy black berets to contain. When the hardheads provoked a response from the black berets, it’s clear that many of the rest of the crowd decided, “Discretion is the better part of valour”, and left the scene. In short, there’s NO popular discontent with Putin’s election. There IS discontent amongst some elements in the Two Capitals (Moscow and Piter), but nothing that the MVD can’t manage. Most of the hardheads are pro-American zapadniki lickspittles, as was shown by some of their leaders making the hajj to the American Embassy to kiss McFaul’s bum.

VVP’s not in danger from these sorts. He’s turned “Left”, and that’s all that there’s to say on the matter. Bet on RED, kids…



Tuesday, 6 March 2012

US Ambassador Criticises Arrests of Protesters in Moscow

The OMONtsy Black Berets did what they had to do… out of 14,000 people present, only some 250 to 500 were arrested (2 to 4 percent). That means that over 95 percent of the people were left alone by the coppers. Don’t be lead astray by lurid and melodramatic reportage in the Western press. It wasn’t a popular groundswell, and that’s that. 


US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul expressed concern over a crackdown on protesters in downtown Moscow on Monday. Riot police dispersed protesters who tried to prolong an opposition rally at Pushkinskaya Square, detaining hundreds, including prominent whistleblower Aleksei Navalny and leftist leader Sergei Udaltsov. McFaul wrote in his Twitter blog, “Troubling to watch arrests of peaceful demonstrators at Pushkin square. Freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are universal values”.

According to various estimates, between 14,000 and 20,000 people gathered late on Monday for a sanctioned rally to protest Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s overnight victory in the presidential polls, which protesters say were rigged. The event was peaceful until some 2,000 people refused to leave the square after the end of the rally, tried to block traffic on Tverskaya Street, and tried to encircle the Kremlin. Moscow authorities said police acted in line with the law and security regulations to prevent the escalation of tensions and a potential outbreak of violence.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Russian billionaire-turned-politician Mikhail Prokhorov, who came third in the 4 March presidential polls with 7.88 percent of the vote, demanded a probe into the crackdown on protesters. He wrote in his Facebook blog, “I insist on investigating the events on Pushkinskaya Square today in an open court trial. I’m certain that the use of force and detention of opposition politicians could’ve been avoided. I’m appalled by the use of force against people who came to exercise their civil rights”, he said, adding that the tradition of peaceful opposition rallies in the country had been broken.

6 March 2012



Editor’s Note:

Firstly, Prokhorov has extensive American holdings, and is often in the USA. Moscow acquaintances tell me that ordinary Russians write him off as a Langley stooge, and so should you. In short, he’s nothing but Chilly Hilly’s running-dog, and you must treat him accordingly… VVP does, that’s for sure. As for Michael McFaul, he should keep his mouth shut. What about the violence meted out by American police to Occupy Movement protestors, Mr McFaul? It’s worse than what the OMON did Monday night. Mr McFaul is silent about the “hanging chads” as well, for that proves that GWB stole the 2000 electionmirabile dictu! There’s dirty politics in America, too… what a concept!

The US Embassy encourages anti-Russian movements, including such religious flotsam-and-jetsam as Sectarians, Uniates, and schismatical screwball “Orthodox” such as Rusantsov’s lot and Yakunin. That’s why no Orthodox Christian, in good conscience, can support the US State Department in any way. It attempts to attack the Rodina by using oddball religious movements to undermine Christ’s Church. It’s gotten so bad and so obvious that even the Blunder sees it and even he’s turning away from the West. He recently quoted Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich approvingly (“Russia has no friends”) and stated that foreign elements fomented the Revolutions in 1917. That’s a 180, kids… it means that the Western threat to the Motherland and to the Faith is REAL.

Russia fought back the Poles in 1612… it fought back the French in 1812… it will fight back the Americans in 2012. Do NOT attack the US government in any way (or advocate any violent action of any sort at all)… you’ll just end in a prison cell for nothing. Simply do not cooperate with their actions against the Rodina and the Church… they can’t throw you in the slam for that (yet). Don’t be silent, either… we still have free speech (for the moment). Also, note who supports the American assault on the Orthosphere amongst us… do not support them in any way, in particular, send them no money. Those of us “in the know” know who they are… one spoke at the American Enterprise Institute (he splits his time between Dallas, the District, and the Island); another is/was a long-time US government official as well as being a priest. I’d say that if you talk to them, you speak directly to those in the US government who hate our Motherland and attack our Faith.

Shall you stand for the False Dmitri and Almighty Mammon or shall you stand with Minin and Pozharsky, who stood for Almighty God? It’s up to you…


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Patriarch Kirill Called on the Authorities and Society to Engage in Dialogue


Editor’s Foreword:

Braying jackasses in the Western press have issued a chopped version of this interview (Langley’s harping on a sentence or two, that’s all). Here’s the full megillah as the Russian media reported it. His Holiness is NOT in favour of the miniscule minority in Russia that wants to turn Russia and its resources to the tender mercies of Globalised Capitalism so that they can profit personally (indeed, he believes Neoliberalism’s a fraud, and has said such explicitly). Indeed, he makes it clear that he opposes the oligarchs and everything that they stand for. In short… here’s the real deal. You can believe Sophia Kishkovsky and her ilk in the Western media, who gave you only a cherry-picked quote or two, or, you can believe me, who gave you the full article. It’s up to you…



In response to the debate on the outcome of the elections to the RF Gosduma, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias urged all to show wisdom in calling for a dialogue between the government and society in Russia. In a Christmas interview on the TV channel Russia-1 that aired on Saturday His Holiness said, “People should be able to express their disagreement, but they shouldn’t yield to provocations and destroy the country, for we’ve reached the limits of keeping one another at arms length… those in authority should hold a through dialogue and listen, to put society on the right course, and, then, all will be well for us”. In Patriarch Kirill’s opinion, each person in a free society has the right to express their views, including opposition to the actions of the authorities, saying, “If people are deprived of this right, they perceive it as a restriction of liberty, it’s very painful… but we must show wisdom in doing it”.

Drawing a historical parallel, the patriarch suggested, “If the demonstrations prior to the 1917 Revolution had ended in peaceful protests, not being followed by a bloody revolution and fratricidal war, today, Russia would have more than 300 million people and would be on the same level as the USA in terms of economic development, or even higher. We weren’t able to maintain our balance and we lost our heads. We destroyed our country. Why did this happen? To put it simply, political forces seeking power very cleverly used the just protests of the people”. In this regard, His Holiness recalled the appeals of “democrats” in the late Soviet era calling for the destruction of the Nomenklatura, to chase out all those who drove “black Volgas”, and other such things. He said, “Indeed, thousands marched under this slogan… what happened? Those in power abandoned their ‘black Volgas’ and traded them in for a ‘black Mercedes’; they changed their spots and shared the resources of the country amongst themselves. It was a classic example of how easy it was to tempt a person [to do the wrong thing]”.

He said, “The same thing happened in connection with the 1917 Revolution. ‘Take from the plunderers’. After that, people broke into apartments, destroyed estates, and put the torch to the country. Where did the stolen goods go? The new élite got their hands on it, and did the people really begin to live better?” Patriarch Kirill believed that the task of the present day is “to protest in the right way, which would then lead to a correction of policy. That’s the main thing. If the government is insensitive to the expression of protest, that’s a very bad sign”.

7 January 2012



Thursday, 29 December 2011

29 December 2011. Some More Images from the 24 December Rally on Prospekt Sakharov in Moscow




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