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Sunday, 30 October 2016

30 October 2016. A WRY Point to Ponder…

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Sit back and laugh… for doing the right thing! Trust me… there are people who love to hate and write hateful things all over the net for the whole world to see. I may oppose Whiteford and Dreher… but I forgive them… the first one isn’t overly bright and the second is nothing but an opportunistic mercenary. Neither one is a heavyweight… so why should I attend to what they say about me? Kids… the rest of you should take the same attitude. Pay no mind to asshats, praise God, and love life… now, that’s the ticket.

Pass the jug and cheer! The plug-uglies can only hurt you if you let them. Come join the happy warriors and roll out the barrel!



Sunday, 12 June 2016

12 June 2016. A Point to Ponder…

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If the Gospel’s about anything, it’s about a God who meets us where we are, not where we ought to be.

Fr Robert Farrar Capon

Reflect on this whenever you hear loudmouth clergy issue thunderous claptrap from the ambo in re “purity” and “right conduct”… I’d say that the Church is right to offer oikonomia and that the “pure” are wrong in their akrivia. They want to “protect” the Church… I’d counter by saying that Our Lord Christ preferred the company of whores and tax-farmers to the company of priests and “religious”… do ponder that… moreover, do ponder who called for His death!


Saturday, 25 July 2015

25 July 2015. A Friend’s Comment on Certain People in the World

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A friend of mine sent out a Facebook comment over their own name. Usually, I’m rigorous about protecting people’s identities, but Tim did send this one out under his name in a public venue, and I wish the author to get proper credit for it.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you “forget” anything… that’s impossible. Forgiveness means that you cut off the hatred that rots your soul from the inside out. Forgiveness means that refuse to let hatred rule your life. Forgiveness means that you go forward, but that you don’t stop to seek justice, if you can, and if it’s expedient (sometimes, justice is simply unobtainable or it just doesn’t help matters). Some people have sold out to evil. I’ll mention no names, but it’s clear who’s done so. Don’t let them rule you. “Don’t let out rooms to them in your mind without rent”… as one of our bishops said. Fight if you must… but without rancour. Seek justice… indeed, seek it avidly, if you can… but do so without a scrap of hatred. If I let other’s hatred enter my soul, well, I’d have no time for anything else.

Yes, “Some people have such absence of soul you begin to dislike seeing them more and more”… if you can remove them from your life, do so… forgiveness does NOT require one to keep contact with asshats who refuse to change. If you can’t remove them from your life, at least, avoid their company if you can. If you work with them, keep your contact to work-related affairs only and your conversation to work-related topics. Tim… I know what the hell you’re talking about… hate is real… there’s nothing that you can do to remove it from others. However, we do have control over our own reactions to it and to those who purvey and express it. You have a friend, dear…


Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 May 2015. A Thought from Archpriest Valerian Krechetov

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