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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

4 September 2012. It Took oca.org NINE DAYS to Report on the Fort Ross Shindig on 25 August… Is That a New Record for Slowpoke Matusiak?

Hey, I did get it up eventually, didn’t I? What’s a week or two amongst amigos?


Click here for the oca.org report on the Fort Ross 200th anniversary festivities. That’s all well and good, but it does it take NINE DAYS to post such a simple story? If you wanted proof of the incompetent cluelessness of Lyonyo, Jillions, and Matusiak (along with the SVS crowd), this is it. There’s no need for further comment. NINE DAYS… that’s insulting in its arrogance…


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11 July 2012. ROCOR Hasn’t Adjusted the “Upcoming Events” on Its Website to Reflect JP’s “Resignation”


Note this from the ROCOR official website from 13.15 EDT Wednesday 11 July 2012:

The Western American Diocese will mark the 200th anniversary of Fort Ross. Divine Liturgy will be celebrated by His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah, Primate of the Orthodox Church in America; His Eminence Metropolitan Ilarion of Volokolamsk, President of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department of External Church Relations; His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America, Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR; His Eminence Archbishop Justinian of Naro-Fominsk, Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA, and His Grace Bishop Benjamin of Western America (OCA).

JP’s been officially gone for three days, “unofficially” gone for five, and the ROCOR hasn’t either pulled or modified this blurb. It shows hutsky-klutsky incompetence on the part of the present webmaster, at least. One would hope that this is corrected, and pronto. Does ANYONE know what’s going on?


Monday, 2 July 2012

Tall Ship “Kruzenshtern” won’t go to London for the Olympics because of a Threat that the Westerners may Detain the Ship as Retaliation for Russia “Keeping” the So-Called Schneerson Collection


Aleksandr Saveliev, a Russian spokesman, said that the tall ship Kruzenshtern wouldn’t anchor at the port of London during the Olympic Games in 2012, as previously assumed, because of the possibility of detention of the vessel, saying, “We’ve received notification from the British authorities that there’s a chance that they could detain the ship. We’re not allowing the ship to go to the port of London, because we don’t want to risk our property, which is estimated at 120 million USD, or its crew and the cadets”. According to him, the threat of detention is associated with the litigation surrounding the so-called Schneerson Library. Earlier, reports indicated that the sailing ship Sedov, now on an around-the-world journey, wouldn’t be able to enter US ports for the same reason. It hasn’t yet received appropriate assurances from the American authorities that they wouldn’t detain it at the 200th anniversary of Fort Ross. According to Andrei Krainy, the head of the RF Fisheries Agency, “American authorities failed to give us guarantees about our ship, which has nothing to do with those events”.

In late July 2011, an American court decided to order the “return” of approximately 12,000 books and 50,000 rare documents from the so-called Schneerson Collection held in Russia to the Jewish religious organisation Chabad Lubavitch. Because of this, Russian cultural organisations, in particular, a number of major museums such as the Tretyakov Gallery, the Kremlin museums, and the Hermitage had to refuse to participate in exhibitions in the USA, as any art work sent to the USA could be “seized” as compensation, or detained until the Collection was “returned”. An ad hoc intergovernmental agreement could resolve the situation, but when this might happen isn’t clear. Last year, the Russian sailing ship Nadezhda didn’t make landfall in US ports because of the threat of detention in re the so-called Schneerson Collection.

2 July 2012



Editor’s Note:

Goofy legal stunts like this are grist for the anti-Semites’ mill. The Chabad never owned the collection in question… therefore, they have NO right to it whatsoever, full stop. However, this shows one how stories of Jews “owning the courts and media” stay alive. People with money chose to use that money in a harassing law suit against Russia because they believe oddbod stories about how Zaydeh was chased by “Cossacks” (not completely true… but myths, once implanted, are damnably hard to uproot). Chabad’s suit should have been thrown out on its ear… instead, because “money talks and bullshit walks”, the suit proceeded, as local pols didn’t want to upset an affluent set in their district. President Obama will set it right, but he has to wait until after he wins the election… and the Russians know this, thankfully. As for Chabad, their sinful greed is on display for all to see… and I’m NOT anti-Semitic for pointing that fact up. It does take all kinds… including the terminally-greedy. Pass me the jug…


Monday, 1 August 2011

1 August 2011. No News of Dickie’s Removal on Patriarchia.ru… OCA Website Didn’t Post Fathausen’s Diatribe on Homosexuality… Both ROCOR and OCA Main Websites Didn’t Carry News of Fort Ross Festivities

It’s getting murkier, kids. There’s no news of Dickie’s removal on patriarchia.ru as of 14.30 EDT (22.30 MSK 19.30 UTC 11.30 PDT) Monday 1 August, one would expect, at least, “Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood was removed by the OCA Holy Synod as its Permanent Representative in Moscow, replacing him temporarily with Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky”. The only Russian source to mention Dickie’s removal is the oddball squiffy Portal-Credo.ru (they support Rusantsov and Kochetkov!). That’s to say, Vladimir Romanovich can’t get the straight story (so, I don’t feel bad… neither should you), therefore, he’s sitting on the story until he gets the real deal. Bluntly speaking, this means that he tried confirming this with the OCA; they didn’t reply, or, he got conflicting accounts (or, a bit of both, Slowpoke Matusiak being what he is).

The main OCA website doesn’t have Fathausen’s diatribe up… neither, interestingly enough, does Stokoe. It’s clear that there’s bitter opposition to JP’s latest missive in the Holy Synod. This MAY be another salvo in the behind-the-scenes war between JP and the konvertsy on one side, and Mel Pleska and the Holy Synod on the other. Mark has proven himself a craven coward… a gutless, spineless, timorous, and pusillanimous seeker after his old job at the Chancery. He needs to post JP’s shitty little missive and rip it to pieces mercilessly. After all, JP wants to tack Stokoe’s hide to the wall… wake up, Mark! Give it to ‘em… no holds barred… they’re not being “nice” to you. JP’s so stupid that he doesn’t realise that Bobby’s going to go after HIM after he takes care of BP, Reeves, and Fr Thomas Andrew (he blew the whistle on Nikolai) up in Alaska.

By the way… JP attended services at the ROCOR cathedral in SF on 13 June, he also attended a dinner of the St Ignatius Brotherhood, but neither the OCA nor the ROCOR official websites mentioned either event. There was a mention at the ROCOR Western US Diocese website:


This is proof positive that Fathausen holds you in the most utter contempt; he refuses to tell you his business, for he believes himself to be the absolute dictatorial ruler of the Church. His pal Brum said so! Don’t forget, JP received Brum at his “monastery” in ’97; Brum received ordination on the very day he was received (that oikonomia is usually reserved for Uniates). After all, he, JP, and Eliel are all three grand caballeros who attended BTU together (an RC institution). This also means that Perekrestov, the ROCOR webmaster, is in on the crook deal, or, it just may be that he’s lazy like Slowpoke Matusiak (probably, a face-saving hutsky-klutsky combination of the two).

Perekrestov made another omission… on Saturday, 30 July, there was a shindig at Fort Ross in California. It was a Russian cultural affair. Yet, Benjamin Peterson was NOT invited… after all, he’s a “Russian Orthodox” bishop, and Yustinian Ovchinnikov has hosted OCA/ROCOR/MP lovefeasts before. Patriarchia.ru DID post an item on it on 1 August, as did the ROCOR diocese involved. Confirmation of this is at:



Note well that the main ROCOR site did NOT post on this event… nor was the OCA invited, in contradiction to the pattern of events lately. Frankly, it was more of a cultural event, so, Peterson’s absence is even more mystifying. The RF Consul General was present, so, if Dickie had been bounced from the Centre for having been a CIA asset (I said, ”IF”, kids), it made perfect sense that no OCA bishop was present. The RF government would still be pissed at them for l’Affaire Wood and Peterson would be persona non grata.

As I said in an earlier post, things’ve gotten quite confusing… every new door opened leads to more questions rather than to any answers. The Centre doesn’t know what’s going on… and they have more resources than all of American Orthodoxy put together. Nevertheless, the main thing is that JP lies about his doings, and he expects us to believe him! Note well, the konvertsy DO believe what he says. Of course, they listen to the anti-Christian gelt-worshipping rants of Rush Limboob, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin… they’re not exactly Einsteins. Furthermore, they’re disproportionately Five Percenters… that is, they wish to replace Christ with Mammon… it’s why they were tossed out of the TEC. Friends in the TEC told me that theology had nothing to do with these paladins’ departure… it had everything to do with their espousal of godless rightwing politics and their attempt to shove them down the throats of the TEC at large. Of course, they support Fathausen, for JP’s a rabid rightwinger… as is his puppeteer, Potapov.

We’re fighting for the soul of our Church. Shall it continue to be Christ’s Church, where all are welcome, or, shall it become a conventicle of the self-satisfied exurban affluent effluent? The choice is ours…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 1 August 2011

Albany NY

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