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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

20 July 2010. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Xiphactinus… Shelf Life, 80 Million Years

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Xiphactinus… Shelf Life, 80 Million Years

Sergei Yolkin



Canadian palaeontologists are overjoyed over a new find. They unearthed the bones of a Xiphactinus in the western province of Manitoba. Xiphactinus was a large predatory fish, this specimen was 6.5 metres (slightly over 21 feet) long, and it lived in the prehistoric sea that covered central North America 80 million years ago along with mosasaur and other oceanic dinosaurs. At the end of last year, according to CA24, palaeontologists found bone fragments. They found a piece of the jaw of Xiphactinus lodged in the bones of a fin from a mosasaur. In the summer, excavations were resumed, and palaeontologists continue to find new remains of the sea giant.

In case you wuz wondering… here’s Xiphactinus…:


And here’s a Mosasaur with two Ichthyosaurs:


19 July 2010

Sergei Yolkin




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