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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

16 April 2014. A Point to Ponder this Holy Week…

00 Jesus was a radical.16


Jesus wouldn’t have been welcome at Liberty University… Jesus wouldn’t have been welcome at the Washington Times or the Washington Examiner… Jesus wouldn’t have been welcome at the American Enterprise Institute. The New York Times, CNN, and Fox would’ve shunned him… Pat Robertson, Timothy Dolan, Paffhausen, and Franklin Graham would’ve denounced him… Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Rod Dreher would’ve ignored him. The Council on Foreign Relations would’ve laughed at him. The WCC would’ve “tolerated” him. The country club set would’ve told rude jokes about him. Certainly, he wouldn’t be on the guest list for Mary Lou Whitney’s next party and Langley would tail him “for national security reasons”.

Reflect on this when you hear unhinged righties try to tell you that Our Lord Christ would’ve approved of the anti-people ravening agenda of the Republican Party. They lie… Our Lord Himself said so when He was on earth. They didn’t tack him up to a cross for nothing…


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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

USA Will “Help” the Ukraine (Such Help Makes Sickness Look Good)

00 inflatable rat moneybags


A White House statement said that the USA intends to grant the Ukraine loan guarantees of 1 billion USD (36.27 billion Roubles. 1.11 billion CAD. 1.12 billion AUD. 728 million Euros. 600 million UK Pounds) to help restore assets diverted by corrupt officials {that won’t replace much of what Yuliya stole over the years… nor much of what Turchinov stole as her confederate: editor} and reduce dependence on imported gas. The statement said, “As part of international efforts, the USA prepared an aid package, focusing on the most pressing needs of the Ukraine and helping it to carry out reforms to successfully carry out the IMF programme. The USA is ready to give help and funding to help Ukrainian businesses to find new export markets, to adapt to the pressure in the area of ​​trade, increase energy efficiency, and reduce dependence on imported gas”.

4 March 2014

Pyotr Martynychyov



Editor’s Note:

The truth comes out. Note this:

[To help] it to carry out reforms to successfully carry out the IMF programme.

This means that the IMF and the USA intend smashing their boot full force into the faces of the weakest Ukrainians to benefit the oligarchs and Western “investors”. The West wants to dismantle what’s left of the Sov social safety net to profit the greedster crapitalists. Note well that Turchinov, who bleats his religiosity at every possible venue, will be one of those who’ll profit the most… he’s just following Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, I suppose. This is why all decent people must support those opposing the kleptocrat junta… they didn’t take power legitimately, did they? The junta wants a US Republican programme on steroids… “If they’re to die, let them do it, and decrease the surplus population”. If this doesn’t sicken you, you have no soul.

By the way, the USA doesn’t have money for its own unemployed, but it’s throwing money at known kleptocrats who’ll steal most of it. That’s disgusting… and on top of that, they’re only giving a measly billion bucks in return for having the locals put in a wicked agenda that’ll harm most people in the Ukraine. That’s evil… and it’s Paul Ryan’s wet dream. Do notice that and act accordingly.



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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ukrainian PM Azarov Rejects Opposition Ultimatum

00 Kiev. riots 01. 23.01.14

THIS is what the USA supports… it’s nothing but a lawless mob of irresponsible rioters on the rampage… it’s time to clean out this nest of criminal vipers… the sooner, the better. Would we tolerate such thuggery and violence? Of course, not!


Editor’s Note:

Note this from the pro-Western oppo agitator Klichko:

“If the president doesn’t compromise, then, tomorrow, when there’ll be more of us, we’ll go on the offensive”.

If anyone said that in DC or New York, their ass would be in the slam tout suite. Klichko isn’t only a quisling; he’s an inciter to violence. All the blood shed up to now and the blood spilt from now on is on his head. This is evil… and neocon Republicans and interventionist Democrats slobber over it. I’d say that this is what the unscrupulous like John Herbst truly want… don’t forget how he tried to bollix up the ROCOR/MP reconciliation (more than one reported to me what he did… and it wasn’t savoury). This is nothing more or less than an attempted coup d’état. No only should Yanukovich crush it, oppo agitators like Klichko deserve to be put up against a wall and shot. This is senseless…

God have mercy on the USA and Germany for having fomented this. If there’s an axis of evil, it’s in Washington (whose denizens follow the orders of their Wall Street paymasters), Berlin, and London… do ask the Serbs, Greeks, Iraqi Christians, Libyans, and Afghans about that. It makes me ashamed of my country and its rogue government. It’s degenerated from the socialist idealism of the New Deal (which helped to win World War II) into a ravening and greedy crapitalist monster (typified by Rush Limbaugh, Franklin Graham, and Willy Romney). God do help us…



Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov dismissed an ultimatum from opposition leaders threatening more clashes on Thursday unless the government meets their demands. In recent days, with the standoff between anti-government mobs and police turning increasingly violent, opposition leaders made presumptuous demands for the ouster of the government and renewed calls for immediate elections. In an interview with the BBC in Switzerland late Wednesday (published on the Cabinet of Ministers website), Azarov struck a gutsy note, suggesting that the government was unlikely to change the firm stance its shown to date, saying, “The authorities are for constructive dialogue with the opposition … but they don’t accept the conditions of an ultimatum”.

Reportedly, at least three rioters died in violence in Kiev that broke out on Sunday after protestors voiced disapproval of legislation curtailing oppositionist rallies. On Wednesday, three main opposition “leaders” met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich for three hours of fruitless negotiations. Addressing supporters on the Maidan later on Wednesday evening, UDAR chieftain and opposition agitator Vitaly Klichko, who was at the meeting with Yanukovich, issued an ultimatum, saying, “If the president doesn’t compromise, then, tomorrow, when there’ll be more of us, we’ll go on the offensive. If it’s necessary to face bullets, I’ll face the bullets”. The crowd cheered his provocation. The confrontation in Kiev continued Wednesday night, although not with the level of violence seen in earlier days. On Thursday morning, footage from Kiev showed a large pall of black smoke from bonfires of tyres set alight by rioters. On Thursday, the MVDU said that the fire spread to a house on Grushevsky Street, the venue of recent confrontations between Ukrainian government security forces and rioters.

23 January 2014



Click here for more on the topic from RIA-Novosti

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

14 July 2013. Stand Your Ground Law… “If You’re White, It’s All Right; If You’re Black, Watch Your Back”

00 Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman cartoon. 14.07.13


I found this an à propos commentary on the Zimmerman acquittal:

If this isn’t racism, then, what is? Did you notice the smirk on the face of the judge when the verdict was announced? This judge is the same judge who sentenced a Florida mom to 20 years in prison for firing a gun aimed at the ceiling when her abusive husband was coming after her. Zimmerman was white, the mom was black… draw your own conclusions.

What many people outside of the South don’t know is that its obsession with guns is due to its crank history. Mind you, I’m not talking about hunters or the guys at the local Rod and Gun Club or rural folks who’re shooting chucks (if you’re nice, you can sit down to a meal with a good chuck stew afterwards… I speak from personal experience). White southerners are nutters about guns because they were armed-to-the-teeth in slave days. Slave rebellions weren’t infrequent affairs, so, many whites went armed as a matter-of-course. The white southerner wasn’t fussy… he hated all non-whites… the Trail of Tears occurred in the South. The result was that white southerners became obsessive over guns to a very unhealthy degree. When all’s said n’ done, the convention was, “If a white man shoots a black, it’s OK… if a black man shoots a white, he gets Big Yellow Mama”.

George Zimmerman was guilty of at least criminally-negligent homicide. I don’t believe that what he did fit the definition of murder per se (that requires either premeditation or its commission in the course of a Class A felony). However, it was at least manslaughter or criminally-negligent homicide. Zimmerman was a cracked cop wannabe who went about looking for trouble… and was armed when he did so. He didn’t do what responsible neighbourhood watch members do… call the coppers and keep an eye out on the suspect. He confronted Trayvon Martin, which is a usurpation of the state’s police power. At the very least, he was guilty of improper use of a firearm. Yet, he was white… his victim was black. In the American South, that’s tantamount to acquittal. That’s nasty, but that’s The Way It Is.

The American southerner has a twisted view of “freedom”… do note well that the southern states are known for their nasty attitude to organised labour (I’ve met more than one union organiser who’ve been beaten by southern cops, with no repercussions to the perps). Whether it’s slavery, sharecropping, or Wal-Mart McJobs, the powers-that-be in the South don’t scruple at kicking ordinary folks in the face to enrich the Affluent Effluent. The Republican Party has gone to bed with that element… ponder that. There’s more to the Zimmerman acquittal than what the Corporate Media is telling you. Never forget Dr Johnson’s statement about American southerners:

How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?

Dr Johnson was a devout conservative Anglican and a compassionate man. His Christian morality saturated his works, so, he was an opponent of slavery on moral grounds, and once proposed a toast to the “next rebellion of the Negroes in the West Indies“. If you advocate “consistent life ethics” (if you approve of the verdict, you’re no Pro-Lifer, despite all your yelps to the contrary), you’ll find no joy in Zimmerman’s acquittal… he took a life for no good reason. Mark it down well that “conservative” Republicans are rejoicing at the verdict. Watch your back around such sorts… if they countenance Zimmerman, it means that they approve of landshark crapitalism and all of its grasping tenets.

You can have Dr Johnson or you can have Franklin Graham (and all the rest of the Evangelical flotsam n’ jetsam)… do choose well…


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