Voices from Russia

Monday, 16 November 2015

16 November 2015. A Point to Ponder from Frantz Fanon… DO NOT ARGUE WITH FANATICS…

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Do NOT argue with know-alls, fanatics, true believers, or the messianic. You’ll not only get nowhere, you might actually WORSEN the situation. Sometimes, the only thing that a decent person of good-sense can do is to let the idiots ramble on. Trust me, they refute themselves through their own words! You might even garner sympathy for them if you jumped in. Let the disconnected incoherency and loopy trumpery of their thought strut out in all its “finery”. Let it blossom forth in all its Jabberwockian inanity. Besides, pass the jug… people will see that YOU aren’t flustered by their numbskulled and knuckleheaded bloviations. “Often, we mar what’s well enough by trying to do better”… NEVER forget that.

Patience IS a virtue… God does reward one for it. I KNOW…



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