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Friday, 7 September 2012

7 September 2012. A Kind Word to Friends: Avoid Konvertsy Cesspits Such as Monomakhos…


A friend wrote me:

That Monomahkos blog is becoming a convert priest pest nest… Reardon, Jacobses, Honneycutt. They’re all there telling us Orthodox how to behave. They’re all all assholes.

I wrote back:

You shouldn’t log onto that site… it’s fulla shit and that’s no good for you. They’re going to leave us… good riddance to bad rubbish. However, don’t access their bloviations… all it’ll do is piss you off for no good reason. Focus on what we can do…

Unlike this site, which has news, images, and other opinions from the Orthosphere, Monomakhos is nothing but a bunch of juvenile konvertsy braying at the moon. Leave them be. Don’t let them rile you. They’re of no importance in the greater scheme of things in the Orthosphere’s life… don’t even log onto it. It’s that unimportant. It’s why I don’t refute Freddie M-G, Mattingly, Reardon, Dreher, et al… they don’t measure up to a “bucket of warm piss“, so, practising Christians should leave them to their spiritual masturbation and focus on better things. One of our senior clergy was getting PO’d over that bunch of goofy nuns in Maryland. One of his colleagues said to him, “They’re taking up too much space in your mind, and they’re not paying rent. You ought to stop obsessing about them”. That’s exactly what he did, it made a 100 percent improvement in his disposition, and the nutter nuns did end up leaving us. That’s what we should do concerning the schauspielers on Monomakhos. There are better things for us to be doing than to be pig ‘rasslin’ with a bunch of prelest-ridden fools.

You guys mean a lot to me… and this website is the richer for it. Thank you for that… do leave the cretins alone… it’s not worth the aggravation and Almighty God will ask you, “Why did you waste your God-given time on such nonsense?” We have a Church to unify and rebuild… that’s more important than fighting with a bunch of adolescent know-alls. Let’s keep a sense of real priorities.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 September 2012

Albany NY


Monday, 27 August 2012

27 August 2012. It’s Time to Say “Sayonara” to the Pussy Riot Story… Let the Anti-Religonists Rage…


We shouldn’t let rotten shit take over our minds and drive all the good out. Recently, there was a case of that here in the Church in the USA. There was a bunch of disobedient nuns under an oddbod elder in Greece. The situation upset one of the senior clerics involved. Another senior cleric approached him and said (broadly… I don’t want to give a clue to who said it or to whom it was addressed), “You’re letting these nuns take over your mind… and getting nothing in return. Let it be”. This was excellent advice, and the cleric (thank God) attended to it. We all know how it worked out… these nuns are such a bunch of obstreperous nogoodniks that they pissed off Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral, who’s known for his forbearance and tolerance (one of my priest friends said, “He’s too nice. I wish that he’d get angry every now and again”).

It’s time for us to put the Pussy Riot story to bed permanently. All that it’s doing is taking up space in our heads that should be taken up with things that we can do something about. As a monastic friend of mine in Greece said:

If it’s not involved with your salvation or with something that you can put right, drop it. There’s always been loud theomachists out there. They’ll be there tomorrow. Let this go.

In short, she was saying the same thing about Pussy Riot as the unnamed senior cleric said about the loud n’ wilful nuns. Look, raskolniki like Marat Gelman, Ksenia Sobchak, Garry Kasparov, and Mikhail Prokhorov are going to be gassing about this for the near future. Their American paymasters and abettors are going to keep going on about this. Much treacly rubbish shall appear in the New York Times and Washington Times… it’s dreary and predictable. In short, bluntly, fuck this lot and all of their loud bullshit. We needn’t get suckered into letting them take over space in our heads that belongs to good things. In a similar vein, I don’t refute Terrence Mattingly, Rod Dreher, and Freddie M-G point-by-point. It’s pointless, it’s fruitless, and it ain’t gonna change a thing, although I did find Dreher’s statement that there’s a “step-by-step spiritual plan in Orthodoxy” a total hoot… only a clueless juvenile would write such mind-numbing rot.

Adiós, sayonara, auf wiedersehen, adieu, and da svidanya to the Pussy Riot story. It’ll chug along without us, I’m sure. By the way, click here for a link to the website of Yuliya Slavyanskaya… someone WORTH spending some of your God-given time on…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 27 August 2012

Albany NY

Sunday, 12 August 2012

12 August 2012. Freddie M-G to Go to Oz! She has the Brass to Demand 25 Bucks a Throw for Tickets…


Hey, kids! Freddie M-G‘s on her way to Oz, that’s Down Under… Australia. A couple of my Cabinet live there and they tell me that she’s going to give a speaking tour, and she’ll impart all of her wisdom for 25 bucks (the same price that she charges in the USA, by the way). Freddie’s going to be in Melbourne (1/2 September), Canberra (5 September), Brisbane (6 September), and Sydney (7/8 September). Now, ain’t that special… her intel is so precious that you have to PAY for it! Vladyki Averky never asked for money… St John Maksimovich didn’t ask for money… Vladyki Philaret never dunned his listeners… then, why is she asking for money? If it costs money to put on these events, then, let a parish sponsor it. To charge people money for spiritual things… gad, sir, that skates very close to simony. It does show how low we’ve fallen… don’t forget, Freddie slobbered all over that bunch of nuns that Vladyki Hilarion just tossed out in Maryland. THAT doesn’t speak well of her discernment.

It does tell you about Freddie’s priorities doesn’t it? It DOES take all kinds…


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

17 July 2012. Dreher Denies Knowing Podmoshensky… The Konvertsy Clique is Abandoning Its Squiffy Guru

Let’s see… Roddie… Freddie M-G… the HOOMies… the Monomakhos scummers… they’re all “more equal” than we benighted “ethnic Orthodox”… and they never tire of telling us that, do they?


At present, Rod Dreher denies that he even knew Podmoshensky or was in Platina… that’s OK. I wonder what he’s going to claim next. As JP is now a liability, is he going to deny that he knows Fathausen, Eliel, Brum, and Christiansen, too? Probably… Roddie has a habit of attacking his old confrères viciously. Look at how he attacked the RC bishops… that wasn’t necessary, nor was it seemly (I apologise to all of my Catholic readers for his uncalled-for outbursts). Well, he attacked the RC bishops, now, he’s attacking Podmoshensky, next, he’ll attack JP, as JP’s no longer an asset to Sir Roddie. Rather nasty sort, isn’t he? It does take all kinds in our sinful-ginful world, and some are utterly crank opportunists like Roddie. Live and learn, I say… and don’t turn your back on Dreher… now, that’s something that you’d live to regret…


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