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Saturday, 13 September 2014

13 September 2014. In Russia… “Liberal” Means “Conservative” and “Communist” Means “Patriot”… And That Ain’t All…

00 Liberal Notions. 13.09.14


In Russia, “liberal” means “Anglosphere conservative”… that is, Free Markets, privatisation, no social safety net, no strong state to help people, everything in the hands of scheming oligarchs (what the diff between the Koch brothers and Kolomoisky? None that I can see). Russians hate Liberalism… that is, they hate everything stood for by Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Willy Romney, or Rick Perry. Besides which, even the most corrupt Russian pol has nothing in comparison with the average American congressmen (if they weren’t rich when they came to Capitol Hill, they are when they leave). As Russians say, “The commies didn’t tell the truth about communism, but they told us the truth about capitalism”. The sanctions are seeing Russians look to themselves for their needs… the opposite effect from which the Western oligarchs wanted! Talk about the Law of Unintended Consequences! In fact, what these “sanctions” did was to reiterate to all Russians how evil the Free Market is and now evil its advocates are in truth. Thank you, Koch brothers! Your greed and stupidity helped to wake up the Rodina… and that’s a fact…



Tuesday, 29 July 2014

29 July 2014. THIS is Why the Uniate Junta Will Fail in the End…

00 the pro-american liberal pigs 1. 29.07.14


One of the things that the UGKTs fascists won’t tell you is that the postwar insurgency in the Western Ukraine and Podkarpatskaya Rus failed because the people refused to support it. The people were against them as the UPA pigs murdered anyone who disagreed with them as “examples”. Well, most people don’t tend to cotton to such gnarly shit, and, let me tell you, the ordinary Joes in those parts were no exception. The Sovs weren’t stupid… most of the internal troops used were local boys, who spoke the local dialect and mixed well with the good ol’ boys in the area. Furthermore, most people knew that they were better off on the kolkhoz as compared to their nasty and downtrodden life under the Polish landlords and the Uniate priests.

What people don’t know is that priests had a higher status in Uniate areas than they did in Orthodox lands. In Orthodox areas, priests were only glorified peasants, on the same level as a steward of an estate, not equal with the officers/officials and nobles at all. A landowner could knout a priest publicly… something forbidden if the person was a noble or middle class. That’s why priests in Tsarist Russia urged many of their sons to be become officers and officials (Graf M M Speransky was one such)… that got the boys on the Table of Ranks, giving the family a rise in social status. In Uniate areas, priests were the leading elements in Rusin/Galician society, they were the only educated segment amongst the Uniate population. Therefore, Uniate priests were amongst the oppressors… they lived better than the peasants did and they had better education, giving their families social opportunities lacking to most po-nashemu people. For instance, the murderer S A Bandera came from such a privileged Uniate priestly family. Ergo, there was much more anti-clericalism in Uniate areas as compared to Orthodox areas. Therefore, the peasants were ready to expose Uniate clergy and those who supported them. The Sovs exploited this feeling to put down the UPA banditti.

Today, the UGKTs fascists carry out the same enormities as those carried by the UPA in the postwar USSR. They kill Orthodox priests, they torture and kill communists, they kill all those who won’t kowtow to them. Trust me, if the Russians were to come to Galicia today, many, if not most, of the locals would help them to exterminate the Uniate terrorists. They’re the same as they were in the postwar years, and they’re just as tired of the fascist nonsense as they were back then. They want to live normal peaceful lives… they’re not unhinged nutters like the Uniate nationalist romantics.

I use “Liberal” in its Russian sense… that is, laissez-faire “Free Market” crapitalism as preached by Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin. It’s incumbent on all right-believing Orthodox Christians to oppose such godless rot. One last thing… “dido” is po-nashemu for “grandpa”… the Uniate terrorists did kill grandpas back then, and they kill grandpas today. That’s why people hate them and it’s why they’re going to lose in the end.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Here’s the Real Deal: HH’s Congratulatory Message to G A Zyuganov on His 70th Birthday

04a Kirill and Zyuganov



This is the only time that we can put a cross in front of a bishop’s name… it’s an EXACT copy of an official communication from a hierarch. All those who put crosses in front of bishops’ names at other times show themselves unlettered boobs, and there’s nothing else to say. Patriarchia.ru follows this rule, so, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me, and it’s good enough for you, too.



Dear Gennady Andreyevich,

I heartily congratulate you on this remarkable date. Being one of the most prominent politicians of modern Russia, you strive to look after the welfare of the people and protect traditional moral values. I hope that in future your fruitful activity would promote social initiatives and moral transformation of society. I wish you good health, peace, and divine help in all your good deeds and endeavours. I think it fair to award you the Order “Glory and Honour” (Third Class).



Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

26 June 2014


MP official website



You may stand with HH and G A Zyuganov, who believe that the Free Market is a fraud, a monster that devours the working class, or, you can stand with Potapov and Paffso, who suck up to the rich and defend greedster laissez-faire crapitalism. That’s your choice… there’s none other… do choose carefully, for the fate of your immortal soul IS in the balance.


Friday, 9 May 2014

9 May 2014. Thank You Grandpa for the Victory! Russia Remembers… the USA Consumes… Which do YOU Want?

00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory. 09.05.14


00 Thank You Grandpa for the Victory 02. 09.05.14


Today is Victory Day… the day of the Great Victory over Fascism. Russia remembers… most of Eastern Europe remembers (although pro-American politicians suppress it)… America sits supinely in its Barcalounger and CONSUMES. Russia still has old-timey old-school patriotism… unlike America, which has “moved on” and is only concerned with its Free Market consumerist nirvana. I find it odd that American journalists are so clueless… they don’t realise that most people see through them. Take, for instance, Fred Weir of the Christian Science Monitor… he claims that only 10 percent of the Ukrainian population is loyal to the canonical Church, but cites no sources for that. He also claims that the apostate Denisenko (who’s under a personal anathema, by the way) has more followers than the real Church does… again, citing no sources. Then again, he claims to be a fan of Eurasia.net, an open Langley dezinformatsiya source. Why, it claimed that pro-junta people were the “silent majority” in the eastern Ukraine. How did they know that? Why, they’re superior Westerners, they just know it! Besides, their Uniate pals told them so! They don’t lie… they’re Westernisers, dontcha know!

Of course, the big reason the USA suppresses the Great Victory is that, although it’s the greatest victory won by the USA, the socialist New Deal won it. World War II proved that not only does socialism work, it’s better than the Free Market is! The USA organised itself under a socialist system to win the war… Nazi Germany lost the war by adhering to Free Market principles. Ever since the Republican victory in the midterm elections of 1946, American “conservatives” have tried to erase the New Deal and its legacy. They do control the media, and through that control, they attempt to control the political process. Anyone who dares to disagree with Free Market Orthodoxy simply doesn’t get a platform in the media… why, improvident tax cuts combined with out-of-control war spending didn’t crash the economy in 2008, bad loans to lazy niggers did so! Talk Radio says so… the CNN/Fox duopoly says so… all the talking heads say so… why, it must be true!

It’s time to reinstate the ideals of Victory Day… a fair deal for all, with no swaggering despots ramming their potty notions down people’s throats. We should have the same thirst for justice that animated the World War II victors. We hanged Wilhelm Frick for providing the legal framework for Nazi tyranny… if there were any justice, Antonin Scalia would share his fate (but he won’t… I’m not making personal threats, just making a comparison of two similarly corrupt, venal, and morally vacuous jurists). The full import of Victory Day won’t shine through until we put American Exceptionalism on the same rubbish tip that we did the Nazi World Order. Whether its Nazi racial oppression or American Corporate oppression… oppression is oppression.

Honour the vets and their sacrifice… fight the Free Market “conservative” monster with all your might…

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