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Friday, 24 March 2017

24 March 2017. What the American Dream Really Is…


America isn’t something you can buy in a store. Yes… it’s something just a little bit more…

You don’t have to believe in rightwing lunacy to be a patriot. Indeed, I’d argue that rightwing Yahooism is the antipode of true patriotism. Do think on that…



24 March 2017. The Artist’s Responsibility


Even if the consequences are dire, one must never serve evil… never…


Monday, 6 April 2015

6 April 2015. The Bible is NOT the Law of the Land… THANK GOD!

00 this is the law of the land. 06.04.15


The House I Live In… Paul Robeson… it says it all… the Republicans hated him and what he stood for. They persecuted him and made it impossible for him to earn a decent living. Those who hated Paul Robeson and what he stood for LOVE the Indiana Law… fancy that…


Despite the loud bloviations of some on the right, the Founders did NOT intend to establish a Christian Republic. Rather, they wanted a SECULAR Republic, with no ties to an established religion. That is, the Constitution, NOT THE BIBLE is the “Law of the Land”. You may like that or you may not, but that’s what is. The United States of America was not, is not, and shall never be a “Christian Republic”… those who advocate such want to ram potty Radical American Sectarian (“Evangelical”) notions down everyone’s throat. THAT’S EVIL. Church and State are separate in the USA, and that’s the way it should be. As a member of a minority religion (there are only about a million practising Orthodox Christians tied to parishes in this country, all told), I tend to get worried whenever a Sectarian starts babbling about “morality”… often, that’s only a thinly veiled attempt to force Sectarian fancies on everyone.

The Indiana law was an abomination in legal terms… the state is not in the business of “defending religion”… that’s OUR TASK, as people, not as citizens. If we’re living our faith… whether it be Christian, Sectarian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Secularist, or whatever… there’d be no need for such laws. It’s a sad commentary not only upon us as a society, but as believers. Only unbelievers need such laws. Ponder that, if you will…


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

6 May 2014. Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice sez First Amendment for Christians Only… WHAT A MAROON!

00 Cuz Freedom Ain't Free. 26.10.13


Read this. Hoo boy, I sure didn’t know that the First Amendment only applied to “Christians!” Wow, I thought that it meant that everyone had the right of free conscience… that the government wouldn’t intervene in religion, either for it or against it. I had the baroque notion that the founders DID establish an Enlightenment Secular Republic, NOT a Theocratic Dictatorship on the model of the early Massachusetts Bay Colony (they established something more on the lines of live n’ let live colonial New York… those smilin’ Dutchman did know a thing or two). Well… I was right and Mr Moore’s got shit for brains. Hey dere, Mr Moore! Freedom of conscience is for EVERYBODY or nobody’s got it. You can take your pseudo-“Christian” rubbish and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Moore got booted once for flakiness… it sure looks like he’s cruisin’ for another bruisin’. The sooner that we toss this bloviating scumbag out, the better. Freedom is what it is… and it’s NOT just for “Christians!”


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