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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

French Rocker Johnny Hallyday Came to Moscow for the First Time






Johnny Hallyday landed at Sheremetevo Airport on the night of 28 May. The French rocker, songwriter, and actor long dreamed of visiting Russia; he’s coming to prepare for his first concert here, slated for 27 October. The musician met with reporters and told them that he always wanted to visit Russia and that he’s here to see what technical backup for his concert is available in the Moscow area. Johnny promised to pick a programme especially suited for his Russian fans. During his long career, Johnny Hallyday (real name Jean-Philippe Smet) has made more than 400 tours, attended by more than 15 million fans, and sold 80 million CDs by 2005. Hallyday has 18 platinum albums; he’s written many songs in the French chanson style {in Russian, shanson is a different genre, also known as “thieves’ song”: editor}, and composed the music for many films.

30 May 2012

Svetlana Penkina




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