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Monday, 20 April 2015

Petrol Prices in the DNR to Drop… Government to Crack Down on Price Gougers

00 Mojum Kamki. Rogger Robber. 2010


Today, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko told reporters that the price of petrol would go down by 5 Grivnya (12 Roubles. 1.35 Renminbi. 14 INR. 0.22 USD. 0.27 CAD. 0.28 AUD. 0.20 Euro. 0.15 UK Pound) per litre at DNR outlets by the end of the week, saying, “This week, we’ll make fundamental changes in pricing at petrol dealers. The price at the pump surprised our motorists. Frankly, before the end of this week, the price will be cheaper than in the Ukraine, about a Grivnya (2.50 Roubles. 0.27 Renminbi. 3 INR. 0.04 USD. 0.05 CAD. 0.05 AUD. 0.04 Euro. 0.03 UK Pound) less per litre, maybe a little more”. The current price of A-95 petrol in the DNR is around 25 Grivnya/litre (60 Roubles. 6.75 Renminbi. 70 INR. 1.10 USD. 1.35 CAD. 1.40 AUD. 1 Euro. 0.75 UK Pounds), whilst in the Ukraine this grade of petrol sells for 22 Grivnya/litre (52 Roubles. 6 Renminbi. 60 INR. 0.96 USD. 1.18 CAD. 1.25 AUD. 0.90 Euro. 0.65 UK Pound). Zakharchenko noted that the government’s first priority was to have enough fuel and lubricants for agricultural use, saying, “We’ve provided the seed needed for the sowing; we’ll have to continue to monitor the commercial situation”.

The above forex rate for the Grivnya is the official rate… no one in the Ukraine gets that… the Grivnya roughly only has half the value stated above

20 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The DNR goes after profiteers and makes ‘em “walk the line”. In the “Ukraine”, profiteers and those who jack up prices run the government… in Novorossiya, the government runs them out-of-town! In the “Ukraine”, wages and pensions go down… in Novorossiya, wages and pensions go up. The oligarchs misrule the “Ukraine” for their (and the Anglo Americans’) pleasure (with a hearty “AMEN” from the Uniates and schismatics)… the socialist Orthodox in Novorossiya kick the oligarchs out on their ass to please the people. The Uniates and schismatics kiss the Pope’s ass, crawl on their bellies to the Americans, begging for scraps from the West’s table. The Orthodox stand tall confessing the True Faith, defending Holy Rus, being equals with all comers.

There’s a difference discernible even to the slow-learners… What concord hath Christ with Belial?

As always, choose well…



Tuesday, 29 October 2013

29 October 2013. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Gasoline Prices in Europe: Country Rankings

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Gasoline Prices in Europe. Country Rankings. 2013


Russia was one of the three countries with the lowest fuel prices in Europe, finishing in 31st place, only Belarus and Kazakhstan had cheaper gas prices. To learn more about the changes in the cost of fuel in the third quarter of 2013, consult our infographic.

Norway still leads the pack with the most expensive gasoline. As evidenced by an analysis by experts, the cost of 95-octane gasoline converted into Russian Roubles at the beginning of October 2013 in Norway averaged 81.5 Roubles (2.54 USD. 2.66 CAD. 2.68 AUD. 1.85 Euros, 1.58 UK Pounds) per litre. Economically-ravaged Italy is in second place, at 76 Roubles (2.36 USD. 2.47 CAD. 2.50 AUD. 1.72 Euros, 1.48 UK Pounds) per litre of petrol. The Netherlands, one of the top refiners in Europe, rounds out the top three. The cost of 95-octane gasoline in there at the beginning of October was 75 Roubles (2.33 USD. 2.45 CAD. 2.47 AUD. 1.70 Euros, 1.45 UK Pounds) per litre.

At the other end of the rankings, the lowest prices were in oil-producing Kazakhstan, where a litre of 95-octane gasoline cost 29.5 Roubles (0.92 USD. 0.96 CAD. 0.97 AUD. 0.67 Euros, 0.57 UK Pounds). In second-to-last place was Belarus, where petrol cost 32.2 Roubles (1.00 USD. 1.05 CAD. 1.06 AUD. 0.73 Euros, 0.63 UK Pounds) per litre. Economic problems in Belarus led to it losing the position of having the cheapest fuel, a spot it held for some time. Russia rounded out the final three, with an average price of 95-octane gasoline at 32.7 roubles (1.02 USD. 1.07 CAD. 1.08 AUD. 0.74 Euros, 0.64 UK Pounds) per litre, taking 31st place in the ranking. The cheapest diesel fuel was in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus, as well.

22 October 2013





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