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Friday, 5 June 2015

June 2015. Westboro Baptist Scummers to Disrupt Biden Funeral

01 Westboro Baptist Church Phelps protestor


Read this. I find this disgusting and beyond the pale. I speak as a political opponent of damned near everything that Joe Biden stands for. He has the right to mourn in peace. If it were up to me, I’d have the coppers disperse this pack of jackals. No matter what one may think of his reprehensible politics, Joe Biden has the God-given and human right to mourn his son in peace, without asshat interruptions. This is utter and unrelieved EVIL. How low can human beings sink? Didn’t they listen to Mom and Dad? God willing, the cops will keep these scumbags FAR away from the funeral party. Doesn’t it make you want to pick up the “board of education” and do some impromptu educatin’? I don’t have to like somebody to defend them when they’re wronged…



Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Junta Refuses to Pay for Funerals of Natsgadi Killed in the Donbass

00 inflatable rat moneybags

There’s money for Avakov and Turdchinov to live high… there’s none for the funerals of those killed in Novorossiya… that’s Free Market Crapitalism for ya! 


The junta announced that they wouldn’t pay for the funerals of Natsgadi killed in the fighting in Novorossiya. Thus, the family involved would have to pay the full cost of any funeral expenses. Dmitri Novitsky, head of the Department of Housing and Communal Infrastructure of the Kiev City State Administration, said, “At present, given that the government hasn’t laid down any guidelines, we can’t fund public funerals and burials of citizens killed in military operations in Kiev”. He went on to say that such services are only for members of the armed forces and war invalids. The mother of a Natsgadi member killed at Ilovaisk, flew into a rage, saying that the junta didn’t allocate money for protective gear, even though it promised to help the soldiers at the front. She said, “Go on, they said, ‘fight’! Now, they want us pensioners to pay the full cost of the funerals, like we’ve got money to burn!”

9 September 2014




Look at how the weaselly bastards operate… just like their American mentors. Natsgadi aren’t technically in the Army, so, we don’t consider them “soldiers”, and so, we won’t pay for their funerals if they die in battle. Yatsenyuk and Klichko dine on fillet mignon… ain’t that grand? That’s grand Free Market crapitalism for ya…


Saturday, 30 August 2014

30 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words. A Poklon and Вечная память to the Fallen Heroes of Novorossiya… They All Had Faces… They All Had Names… NEVER FORGET THAT

00 Novorossiya heroes 01. 30.08.14


00 Novorossiya heroes 02. 30.08.14


00 Novorossiya heroes 03. 30.08.14


00 Novorossiya heroes 04. 30.08.14


These photos are by Jonathan Alperiye, a freelancer working for CNN. Bow in memory of those who died to preserve their motherland from a long fascist nightmare and from the tyranny of nekulturny Galician Uniate hillbillies. It’s the least that you can do.

Вечная память


Friday, 11 July 2014

11 July 2014. The Reality of War… Uniate Junta Pigs Murder Kids in Airstrikes

00 Lugansk. dead kid. Novorossiya. 11.06.14


A junta terror airstrike murdered Vladimir Ermilov and his five-year-old son Vanya. They died in near the Kondrashevskaya-Novaya rail station. I hope that there’s a cold corner of hell set aside for S Yu Shevchuk, F A Denisenko, and P A Poroshenko. The same goes for all those American Orthodox whose support of neocon elements in the USA abets such slaughter. They’re the worst of all… some sold out for money… some sold out for influence… and the saddest ones sold out for the sake of being thought important. Look at this image… look at it… there’s a small coffin in the foreground. A kid… a kid no older than your son, grandson, or nephew.  A kid who didn’t have a chance at life because of the goofball Uniate “Consciousness”… I hate the Unia and everything that it stands for with all my soul… I do my best not to hate individual Uniates… they might be innocent. However, I hate the Unia and all of its pretensions… full stop. Look at what it causes!

I cover some gnarly shit… but I’ll never understand the likes of Potapov, who sold out for money… I’ll never understand the likes of Vlad Berzansky Jr, who sold out for influence… I’ll never understand the likes of Paffso, who sold out for the sense of feeling “important”. I’ve never been comfortable around double-dealers… there’s something obnoxious in it, y’ know. I’ve done many bad things in my day… my plate isn’t clean by a long shot… but I’ve never backstabbed, I’ve never carried tales, I’ve never sold out for money, I’ve never gone behind someone’s back with the intent of hurting them, and I’ve never been false in my allegiances. I’d say that there are many who don’t have such scruples, sadly enough.

Pray for Vladimir and Ivan… light a candle for them this Sunday… ask your priest to mention them in the Proskomidi and say Pannikhida for them. We’re Christians… that’s what we do. Dear Sweet Lord, how much longer will You allow this murder and vileness to go on?


If this enormity doesn’t rouse you from your indifference, truly, I don’t know what could. Don’t be silent… OPPOSE THE MADNESS. Don’t let the Uniates and schismatics spill any more blood. As the old Soviet poster had it:

If not me and you, then, who?

Yes… who? Am I shouting into the wind? I hope not…


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