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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Muscovites Answer Western Sanctions with Patriotic T-Shirts

00 patriotic t-shirts. russia 01. 04.01.15

“Sanctions? That Doesn’t Amuse My Iskanders!” “Sanctions Don’t Scare Our Topols!”


00 patriotic t-shirts. russia 02. 04.01.15

“We’ll have fun even without your Coca-Cola!”


00 patriotic t-shirts. russia 03. 04.01.15


00 patriotic t-shirts. russia 04. 04.01.15


Now, Russians can demonstrate their resentment of Western sanctions by simply wearing patriotic designer futbolki (T-shirts). On Tuesday, a campaign to swap foreign language futbolki for ones with patriotic prints free of charge kicked off in Moscow’s central Pushkin Square. In front of the Pushkin monument, the futbolki were on a stall with a samovar. They had funny and derisive texts mocking American sanctions… one had an image of Iskander SRBMs saying, “Sanctions? That Doesn’t Amuse My Iskanders!” Others had lines from the Russian national anthem on a background of St Basil Cathedral on Red Square. Designer Anastasia Zadorina, whose company made 30,000 patriotic futbolki, told ITAR-TASS, “All are trendy, nice, and witty. We call our action ‘Fashion Says ‘No’ to the Sanctions!’” Young people flocked around the stall, with newsmakers seen among them. Girls changed clothes in a bus parked nearby, boys did it just in the street, despite the cool autumn weather. Actress O I Kabo put on a futbolka with a giant Topol mobile ICBM reading “Sanctions Don’t Scare Our Topols”. Olga Igorevna said that she didn’t doubt Russia’s integrity, emphasising, “We’ll win because we’re big and strong. I hope that the present confrontation will soon end. Two such creative countries like Russia and the Ukraine simply must live together”. According to Ksenia Melnikova, one of the co-organisers and President of Sodeistviye (Assistance Fund), the key idea was to show the world that Russia isn’t afraid, saying, “Russia isn’t afraid of sanctions. We’re ready to give away patriotic futbolki not only in exchange for foreign ones, but just to help people demonstrate their patriotism. As for futbolki with foreign language printing, we’ll recycle them. Maybe, we’ll create some art with them. Two Russian companies sponsor this and we may start a popular fundraising campaign to promote it”. Organisers said that their bus would go around the city over the next two weeks and they plan to involve celebrities in their campaign. From Moscow, the patriotic bus will go throughout Russia, including the Crimea. On 29 September, there’ll be a special action at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, when they’ll hand out patriotic futbolki to travellers and passers-by.

23 September 2014




The USA forgets that it’s taking on a peer-power. There are three major powers in the world today… the USA, the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of China. None of these three can successfully invade the others. All have sufficient nuclear deterrent forces to repel any possible invasion. Besides this, Russia and China are immune to American naval supremacy, as their trade routes lie overland, not over sea routes. The USA is NOT the “sole superpower”… IT NEVER WAS. Anglo Americans are hubristical children who pout if others don’t kiss their ass constantly and tell them how great they are. If they don’t receive their “due”, they threaten violence… as one has seen in the history of the world since 1991. The USSR held the USA’s aggressiveness in check from 1946 to 1991. The last 24 years have spotlighted the vacuous and chaotic anarchistic nihilism at the heart of the Radical American Experiment. Nasty, isn’t it? “Liberty” is a notional figleaf for a philosophy that extolls the strong exploiting the weak… if you doubt that, ask American blacks, Chicanos, and Native Americans (Ask Mexicans what happened to Tejas and Northwestern Mexico… the Anglos stole them by force of arms and called them “Texas” and the “American Southwest!”)… they’ll tell you the ghastly and posturing history of the Anglo American (brutality delivered with a smarmy and insincere smile… cold relentless torture justified by “warm n’ fuzzy” “Evangelical” pabulum (Scalia says so, after all))… it’s a tragic saga with no idle words in it.

These juvenile brats have nuclear weapons… they DID use them, after all… God DO help us all…



Sunday, 17 August 2014

17 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Futbolki (Tee-Shirts) in Sevastopol

00 tee-shirts Sevastopol. 17.08.14


Aleksandr Yakovlev of KP wrote:

I wanted to write a post about the amazing atmosphere in Sevastopol, but then I realised that we could say it all with this photo.

‘Nuff said…


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