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Sunday, 18 March 2012

18 March 2012. A Word or Two on Eric Iliff for Someone Identifying Themselves as “Bishop Jerome Shaw”… and a Warning on Talking to Clergy after the Velencia Lawsuit Threats


A friend sent me this:

Take a look at the following post from the Indiana list:

Content-Type: text/html
> Article: Memory Eternal Eric Iliff!

What caused his death? He must have been fairly young.

I had never heard of him before.

In Christ

+Bishop Jerome (ROCOR)


This MAY NOT be Bishop Jerome Shaw. Why? The whole Iliff affair was rather front-and-centre, very messy and public until John Erickson, John Behr, and Chad Hatfield at SVS covered it up (it was as public as the Gleb Podmoshensky and Panteleimon Metropoulos scandals were). IF the writer is, indeed, Bishop Jerome Shaw, he should get in touch with those who know the situation better than I do. Two easily-contacted sources are Cappy Larson and Melanie Sakoda, at melanie@pokrov.org. For now, it’s best to stick to the fact that Timothy Bluemntritt, an Orthodox cleric with connections to SVS, sexually assaulted Eric Iliff, a student at SVS. The OCA apparat and First Families covered it up… nothing came of it. I believe that their ROCOR analogues helped them in this, that’s why I’m mistrustful of the e-mail passed on to me. Supposedly, Eric “committed suicide”… that’s the official story. Oh, yes… he had a lawsuit pending against SVS, and that “disappeared”. How CONVENIENT… this is one of those cases where you ask “Cui bono?” The answer’s not too pretty, is it?

I’d advise everyone to act with the greatest caution and reserve to any e-mail or personal request for information from ANY clergyman. The events surrounding the Iliff case and Ray Velencia’s lawsuits should be a lesson to you all. The higher clergy that we have are, in all too many cases, corrupt and venal men, unworthy of trust or respect, who scruple at nothing to maintain their little personal “empires” (a minority amongst the clergy, to be sure, but a loud and obvious lot). Even if you know a clergyman, you don’t know why he’s “asking you questions”. Remember, weak men, not bad ones, do most of the evil afoot in the world. Be reticent… say nothing… rat no one out (you don’t know what they’re looking for… say NOTHING). There are many ways of pressuring a priest, and most will “sacrifice” an individual if they think that their priesthood’s at stake. You forget that courage is a rare commodity at your own peril.

Reflect on this… the OCA hasn’t publicly repudiated Sir Ray’s lawsuit against Fr Michael Regan. That means that any clergyman is afraid that he’s next… after all, Michael Regan didn’t have much to do with Ray Velencia. I believe that Velencia is working hand-in-glove with Fathausen, and that Fathausen’s using this lawsuit in an attempt to terrorise his opponents. Note well that Fathausen REFUSES to discipline either Sir Ray or Dickie Wood in an open and public way, and that he refused to shitcan Iggy Burdikoff over some… ahem… “mislaid funds”… “The records simply don’t exist”. I told an Episcopalian friend about that, and he merely stared at me for a moment, and said, “Really?” He said nothing else, but the look of contempt and disgust on his face said it all.

By the way… Fathausen and his konvertsy claque are forever dumping on the Episkies… I’d say that if one group covers up financial “glitches” (and sordid escapades of a certain sort) and another group sees to it that sticky-fingered treasurers do hard state time in the slam, that tells you volumes about their character and honesty. You don’t have to agree with someone to observe that they’re honest people of good character. After all, oca.org’s SILENT on real news and prints nothing but the most saccharine rot and treacly fluff. I’ll be blunt… I’d rather see a V Gene Robinson rather than a Dmitri Royster, Feodosy Lazor, Pierre l’Huillier, Herman Swaiko, and Jonas Paffhausen. The former was open and honest about who he was… the latter group was not.

If the person sending the e-mail were Jerome Shaw, the vicar bishop for Hilarion Kapral in Manhattan, I’d advise him to contact John and Monica Iliff. However, I don’t think that they’d talk to him, seeing as how nasty and demonic Orthodox clergy (and their demented hangers-on) treated them. I’ll say this for the record… I bow before John and Monica… they did NOT deserve what they received. If any of you wishes to criticise them for leaving the Church, you’ll have to get through me, first. I’ll not allow it. They were screwed royally, and the First Families and the apparat expected them to SMILE and say, “Thank you, sir, may I please have another”.

At the Battle of Jutland, Admiral Earl Beatty turned to his aide and remarked, “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today”. He seemed sunk in thought, and added, “And something wrong with our system”. If there’s ever a situation where there’s “something wrong with our bloody ships”, you can count on there being “something wrong with our system”. We can’t make a “perfect” system, but we should strive to make it as serviceable as human limitations allow, and we’re not doing that at present. There’s no doubt in my mind what’ll help matters… the OCA and the ROCOR are structures that are long past their usefulness. They’ve become corrupt and irrelevant priest-ridden excuses for Churches. The number of clergy boggles the mind… and many of them are convert Shake n’ Bakes without any real Orthodox formation (many of them only have a heterodox formation, which only compounds their imposture)… I kid you not.

It’s time to rip up the Tomos, defrock most of the convert “clergy”, merge the OCA and the ROCOR in the USA, Canada, and Alaska, and be an autonomous Metropolia of the Mother Church. That’s the ONLY way out. If the konvertsy want to come, fine… if they don’t, don’t waste your God-given time and energy. We have a Church to rebuild… we don’t have time to change the nappies of squalling smarkachi. That’s our God-given task; shall we accept it? That’s up to you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 March 2012

Albany NY

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

28 September 2011. Love BT’s Registered to Attend Upcoming OCA Sobor… I Asked a Lawyer a Question about Storheim

I received this from one of my indefatigable informants:

Love BT has registered to attend the Sobor as a retired bishop; supposedly, he plans to demand an investigation into allegations made by Nikolai Soraich against Peterson.

Let’s see… Soraich was BT’s Chancellor… BP was BT’s protégé, but BP turned on Bobby, which soured BT on him. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yep… it looks like a campy and exaggerated “bitch fight” between three aging drag queens. Don’t forget… BT fostered Soraich (and Brittain)… BT defended the HOOMies (even after credible abuse charges surfaced)… BT defended JP, even though he KNEW of El Gordo’s intimate (how intimate?) relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky. That is, BT and Soraich (along with Michael Reagan, their treasurer, the old troika in charge of the OCA Diocese of the West) are ganging up on BP at Bobby’s behest. This is stupid… you don’t telegraph your intentions so blatantly. Hell, I heard of ‘em, and I’m on the other coast. Either BT’s dumber than dirt… or, he’s got something else up his sleeve, and this is just a feint to mislead his opponents. The only sure thing is that BT’s coming to the Sobor… and the OCA was stupid to allow such. SOMETHING’S gonna come down, and whatever it is, it’s not going to be controllable once BT looses it. BT’s a “loose cannon”… and these fools are allowing him a forum. It’s not prudent… it’s not circumspect. It also shows that JP’s not in control of anything… he’s in the kiddie seat, and Bobby’s at the controls, diving straight for the Twin Towers. Bozhe! God DO help us…

In other news, I was trying to make sense of conflicting reports about the Storheim affair up in Canada. Suffice it to say, the fog’s thick enough that I can’t even make a reasonable conjecture. I e-mailed a lawyer friend, and asked her what, in general terms, happens in such cases, she replied:

Firstly, the subject mustn’t commit any other offences, even the most minor (except for moving violations). They must live in a specified location, but they can travel, so long as they keep the court of jurisdiction informed of their movements. The subject CAN NOT be around children under 18 without approved supervision and prior authorisation, and they must stay a reasonable distance (500 feet) away from places where children under 18 congregate (schools, playgrounds, etc). Of course, the subject must stay away from the complainants. This is in general; specific conditions may differ from case to case. I can’t comment on the case you asked me about. I don’t have the information at hand. But this is SOP in most abuse cases; you can assume that most of the above applies, with the caveat that anything I wrote could be otherwise in the specific case mentioned.

Whew! That’s “lawyerly”… well, I DID ask a lawyer’s opinion, and I got a lawyer’s reply. In plain talk, it appears that (if the general rule’s being followed in his case) Storheim’s got to keep the court informed of his whereabouts, and he must seek its approval if any event involves kids. Did he do so in the case involving the pastoral visitation in BC? That’s the million-dollar question, and no one seems to have a straight answer on it.

The OCA should be keeping this jaboney under wraps… the BC situation makes it look like the OCA’s on Storheim’s side, not being properly objective, not taking the proper and prudent steps to safeguard our kids. I’d keep any kid of mine away from Storheim… he’s still under charges, and until the court reaches a decision one way or the other, it’s best to err on the side of caution in defending our kids from sexual predators. There’s been too many “confidential settlements”… “We admit no guilt or wrongdoing”… you catch my drift. This isn’t an isolated exception… I fear that it’s only the first of a long history of perverted clergy coming to light. If we love God, we’ll love the truth. If we love the truth, we’ll avoid falsehood. What’s more false than a bunch of closeted gay bishops running rampant? I’d prefer V Gene Robinson… at least, he’s openly gay; he’s hurt no children (and is unlikely to ever do so). “The Lone Ranger”… “We’re waiting for the Frenchman to die”… Herman and his friend in South Canaan… Love BT shielding Soraich… Paffhausen, Eliel, and Brum defending Podmoshensky… you can see that Storheim’s just the latest in a long and wretched procession.

It’s time to clean house… “For the good of the Church”. If we don’t, there won’t be a Church. It’s time to put out the fire… not to be “nice”, “polite”, or “respectful”. If you lay stress on the latter, I know whom you serve… and it’s not the Lord Christ!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Albany NY

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

13 September 2011. (Trumpet Fanfare) Fathausen at the UN! HO-HUM!!

Original low-res image on oca.org


Read this:


This isn’t a big deal. Firstly, El Gordo had NOTHING to do with this. He got in due to blat from Potapov (a BBG/VOA bigwig with Langley ties) and Lyonyo (who’s got ties to the CFR and Langley). In addition, it wasn’t an official UN affair… it was something ginned up by the RC Archdiocese of New York. Don’t forget, the RCs tried to hide their pervert priests and hierarchs, too… finally, they paid up big time for that error. I’m pointing no fingers… our guys are WORSE. I’m just saying that the RC Archdiocese apparatchiki and the Orthodox apparatchiki are peas shelled from the same diseased pod, and they’re looking out for one another (it’s “You scratch my arse, I’ll scratch yours”). They’re both a bunch of crook bureaucrats with a crank institutional culture, “the interests of the Establishment first, last, and always; the rank n’ file priests and people be damned”. That’s BOTH sides; not just us, not just them. There was NO mention of this ecumaniacal Dixie Fry on patriarchia.ru… apparently, no MP people were there… proof positive that this was nothing but a minor and toothless Archdiocese of NY tea party (the literal sort, with cups of tea, watercress sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and Battenberg slices)… HO HUM!!

The word out there is that Calin’s a known homosexual. In fact, he and Deacon Michael Suvak (grew up in the ACROD parish in Endicott NY, I think) were THROWN OUT of SVS sometime in the 80s in re a homosexual incident. Then, the two lived together in Brooklyn and started attended Pokrov in the City, as laymen… Archimandrite Makary (long-time partner in crime of l’Huillier) was rector then. Eventually, Calin was ordained deacon and priest by l’Huillier and Suvak was ordained Deacon… once clergy, they moved to 2nd St together. Bobby hung around there a lot…at one point, there was a big falling out between RSK and Makary… also, they talked about consecrating Makary to the episcopate, but as he lacked any theological formation, they were going to sent him to STS for a while… give him some type of diploma, but that never materialised. Following Feodosy Lazor’s orders, Makary wrecked the iconostas at St Sergius Chapel by dyeing it a hideous dark colour and applying tasteless gold leaf on the carved woodwork. They should have left the way it was before, the same as it was in Metropolitan Leonty‘s time. The fagorama never ends… don’t forget El Gordo’s AGAINST homosexuality… he said so! Hmm… then, why does he hang around Peterson, Brittain, Soraich, Eliel, and Calin… his list of supporters reads like a litany of Gay Blade Pretenders. Remember… it’s better to have an openly gay hierarch as V Gene Robinson is, than it is to have closeted gay clergy. The first are harmless… the latter… look at the OCA and weep. I need say no more…

One last thing before I go… it’s been nearly TWO WEEKS since Royster’s funeral on 1 September, and oca.org still hasn’t posted a single high-res image of the affair… it’s like they’re ashamed of it all. If the stories about Dmitri have even the slightest scintilla of truth to them, they very well should be…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Albany NY

Monday, 12 September 2011

12 September 2011. COMEDY From “Helga”… DON’T Get Angry… Smile… That’ll Rile ‘Em!

A picture shoots “Helga’s” ravings to smithereens… THIS is what Bishop Mel and His Nibs think of Fathausen (ponder well the fact that this image appeared on the MP official website… YOWZA!)… I’m informed that Mel hates El Gordo’s guts, and Mel wants to take down not only JP, but also his faygelerand konvertsy pals, as well…


I need to laugh at some of my critics… and so do you… they’re just gibbering Renovationist lightweights and organ-grinder monkeys. They’re real maroons… especially, the konvertsy chowderheads. The funniest are those who use made-up usernames, as they’re too cowardly, spineless, and pusillanimous to sign their own names to their posts. “Helga” is one such. Firstly, she’s a lover of the Blunder. That’s par for the course… most uninformed konvertsy are. She doesn’t know the difference between REAL powers in Church circles such as Archbishop Mark Golovkov, Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov, and Fr Vsevolod Chaplin… and phoney poseurs such as Fathausen, Lyonyo, and the Blunder (an Unholy Trinity, if there ever was such). The Blunder’s impeccable and mellifluous Oxbridge accent and his gee-shucks photogenic good looks fool her, as they fool all superficial and uninformed people. Does she mention the fact that KMG took two-thirds of the old DECR away from him? No… why should you expect to hear a righteous story from her sort? You don’t expect old heads on young shoulders, nor do you expect pearls of wisdom from fools. “Think about what it means”… she doesn’t realise that the Blunder’s aspirantura in Bolshaya Ordynka is crammed with more poofters per square metre than any other comparable MP institution… just look at his mincing pal in Paris, whom he ordained BEFORE the canonical age (the MP had to close that loophole before the Blunder did so for more of his golubiye buddies). Well… her contention about the Blunder goes down in flames. It also shows her lack of knowledge in the Russian sources.

It’s no big deal for Yustinian Ovchinnikiov to have served with JP… Ovchinnikov is an expert in Romanian affairs exiled to the USA for a royal tits-up in Tiraspol. That happened because he let things get out of control and he’s a poor judge of character, by all accounts. It looks like “history is repeating itself”… in human affairs, lightning CAN strike twice in the same place; NEVER underestimate human stubbornness, pigheadedness, and general failure to learn from mistakes… that’s more the rule than the exception. For instance, “Helga” is going to continue to issue her bootless and uninformed commentary… nothing I can say will change her mind. If she (and her ilk) refuses to listen to Christ and His Church, sinners such as you and I don’t even have a chance. As for Hilarion Kapral, several ROCOR clergy have told me the same exact thing… “He’s too nice by half… he’s doesn’t know how to say, ‘No’”.

I’ll dispose of her comparing me with Stokoe… Mark’s nothing but Lyonyo’s obedient sock-puppet who does nothing without Lyonyo’s direct orders. I’m independent… which means that I’m 180 degrees removed from him (I’m no Renovationist fanatic, either, but you don’t expect discernment from boobies, do you?). I don’t bloody care what idiots like “Helga” think of me… by the way, DO NOT argue with such sorts, for they’re looking to cause a stink so that their clerical allies will swoop in and save them. Have a cleansing laugh and IGNORE THEM. I thank my friend who passed this on to me… but “leave her be” in future, her own words and lack of honesty in using a “username” will convict her, I’ll not need to say a word, nor shall anyone else have to. They’re spoilt children looking for an audience by throwing tantrums. I say we’re adults… pass the Harvey’s, please, and do keep the toddlers in the nursery where they belong.

Finally, the biggest howler is the Acton Institute… that received NO attention in the grounded Orthodox press… for good reason. The Acton Institute is an extremist rightwing think-tank… it’s affiliated with no legit university, college, seminary, research institute, library, religious group, or foundation. It’s only been around since 1990, it pushes extreme nihilist Neoliberal laissez-faire policies. It attempts to “square the circle”… they try to take Satan’s nihilist ideology (the Free Market… His Holiness calls it a fraud) and they try to reconcile it with “Judeo-Christian morality” (when ever you hear this construct… cringe… there’s Christianity, there’s Judaism… both are legit… but “Judeo-Christian” is a crook chowder-headed American neologism). Here’s what I said about the Acton Institute in an earlier post:

The Acton Institute is a neocon outfit founded and lead by Robert Sirico, a former homosexual activist who’s now a Roman Catholic priest. Before he was either of those, he was a Pentecostal evangelist and “healer!” Draw you own conclusions as to the company that JP chooses to keep and about his agenda. It’s clear that JP is trying with all his might to create a split along ideological lines. That’s why he signed the dubious Manhattan Declaration, that’s why he choose to schmooze with the Mormon “Prophet”, and that’s why he’s now sucking up to Sirico and his clan. For more proof, just read the “OCA Pravda” posting on JP and the “culture wars”, which is something of a battle cry for the neocon konvertsy who left their former confessions to pick up the fight again and close ranks behind JP, their self-appointed commander. I can’t be the only one to notice… all that you need are two eyes and half-a-brain! Of course, there’s a serious deficit of eyes and brains in the OCA these days… sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are honest-to-goodness fanatical cultists out there, but this certainly leaves no doubt! If nothing else, JP’s antics will hasten the end of the unthrifty OCA, and that’s no bad thing, is it? I knew that the end would be messy, but this is ridiculous… at least, ADS would have gone out with dignity (give the devil his due). Fathausen is a child messing about with a loaded Makarov with the safety off… the question is whether he’ll hurt others when he goes down… I fear that the answer to that is “YES”.

Do you know what’s ironic? These konvertsy scream about morality, and they unhesitatingly and without stint support known and closeted homos and pervs (not to mention their rabid defence of Radical Renovationism, as well). Their juvenile maunderings about “tradition” and “conservatism” are nothing but empty verbiage and vacuous posturing. Reardon agonised over Rowan Williams… who’s not a faygeler (enabling and cosseting gays is NOT the same as being one)… but he was and is silent concerning the antics and proclivities of such swishers as Feodosy Lazor, Nikolai Soraich, Benjamin Peterson, Pierre l’Huillier, and Isidore Brittain, amongst others (I fear that list given isn’t exhaustive). Reardon bloviated about an Anglican who’s not gay, but he’s silent about the Gay Blade cabal running the OCA (to tell the truth, I’d rather have an open and honest gay bishop such as V Gene Robinson over such posturing closeted filth). God DO save us from such.

It’s a FALLEN world… never forget that.


Let’s keep it focused… compare what I’ve done with what she’s done. Then, make up your own mind. One of the drawbacks to getting a “reputation” is that toothless critics snarl and roar. Let them! Have a drink and smile… that’ll rile ‘em good. As for what KMG thinks of El Gordo… just look at the image at the head of the post… a picture IS worth a thousand words. The world is being its usual self… trust me, the Millennium hasn’t arrived. The lion hasn’t lain down with the lamb, nor have the konvertsy grown any sense. Don’t hold your breath…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 September 2011

Albany NY

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