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Friday, 12 December 2014

Bear Bites Off Worker’s Hand at Russian Beer Factory

00 Don't Wake Up the Russian Bear. 19.10.14


The Genprokuratura in Murmansk Oblast is looking into reports of local web portals of a bear attacking a man. A bear kept in a cage on the premises of the Kolsky beer factory bit off a factory worker’s hand. According to preliminary information, the worker didn’t report the incident to cops as he put his hand into the cage, provoking the animal. The Genprokuratura also said that it had reports about the bear at the factory, but there were no grounds to confiscate the animal.

11 December 2014




Bears bite when you rile ‘em… the Anglo Americans should remember that.



Thursday, 21 November 2013

Timely Intervention by Tatarstan Prokuratura Saved Child’s Life from Sectarian Nutter Parents’ Refusal of Blood Transfusion

russian doctor

Our kids deserve the best medical care possible… and we shouldn’t let barmy parents withold it from them on “religious” grounds.


On Monday, a spokesman for the Republic of Tatarstan Genprokurata said that it gave the necessary permission for life-saving blood transfusions and surgery for a new-born baby. The parents refused to give consent on “religious” grounds. Dr Marat Satrutdinov, chief of anaesthesiology and intensive care at the hospital where the baby was born, explained to the court that if they couldn’t perform an operation, the child would die. The court upheld the request of the medical facility, so, the doctors went on to treat the new-born, and their operation was successful. Currently, the child’s in satisfactory condition, its life isn’t in danger.

20 November 2013



Editor’s Note:

Betcha those JWs were involved in this. They don’t muck about in Russia… religious nutters aren’t allowed to endanger kids… hell, NO ONE is allowed to endanger kids. I think that I’m on solid ground in predicting that these nutters will lose custody of the child. Good on Russia, I say…



Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Russia Without YouTube?



The YouTube video hosting service may become unavailable to Russians. The reason is that the trailer to the notorious film Innocence of Muslims is available there. The Genprokuratura recognised the film as extremist and insulting to Muslims. However, Google, which owns YouTube, refused to restrict access to the clip. The Genprokuratura filed a case in court to forbid the circulation of the film in Russia. There’s been no decision taken on the matter yet, but the Genprokuratura already instructed the Public Oversight Commission to take the appropriate steps. The trailer, which appeared on YouTube, provoked a wave of anti-American protests in Muslim countries.

In spite of requests from governments around the world, Google declared that it wouldn’t delete the clip. Later, access to it was restricted, but not in all countries. For example, in Pakistan, the scandalous film wasn’t blocked. As a result, the local authorities ordered ISPs to close access to YouTube for all Pakistani users. The same could happen in Russia. Amendments to the law protecting children from harmful material come into effect on 1 November. If YouTube doesn’t delete the page containing the forbidden clip by that time, all Russian ISPs would have to restrict access to this site.

Ivan Zasursky, the Chairman of Communications Theory of the Journalism Department of Moscow State University believes, “Still, it’s unlikely that things would go that far, with YouTube being blocked. Even if the law allowed putting YouTube on the list of sites to be blocked, it isn’t obligatory to do so. YouTube is a law-abiding company in all countries where it broadcasts. In some Arab countries, the film is unavailable. I believe that in Russia it’d be unavailable too”.

Meanwhile, Terry Jones, the mastermind of the scandalous film, has become persona non grata in Europe. The American pastor was notorious even before Innocence of Muslims was posted online. He’s known for burning Qurans. Recently, when he wanted to visit Germany at the invitation of an ultra-right group, the German authorities declared that his presence in their country was undesirable. Washington also seems to realise what kind of genie it let out of the bottle. The American government admitted that the wave of protests in the Arab world could result in a long crisis with unpredictable consequences.

18 September 2012

Mikhail Aristov

Voice of Russia World Service



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