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Monday, 25 August 2014

Poroshenko Wanted a Parade in Donetsk… He Got It!

00 Junta troops on 'parade' in Donetsk. 25.08.14


it’s no wonder that people say that you should take a care with what you wish for… God hears it! Poroshenko wanted a military parade in Donetsk on “Ukrainian Independence Day”. He got what he wanted. A column of junta prisoners from the repression operation against the civilian population of Novorossiya marched in the centre of Donetsk. They held their heads down, trying not to look people in the eye… who spat at them and threw eggs at them, the failed “champions” walked past destroyed military equipment… tanks, artillery, rocket launchers… which they had used to shoot at the peaceful towns and villages of Novorossiya. Street-cleaning trucks followed the column of prisoners, washing down the street, just as it was after the parade of fascist POWs on Red Square in Moscow in July 1944.

Yesterday, the opolchenie encircled 5,000 junta troops, including the 8 Corps headquarters, two mechanised and one airmobile brigades, as well as the infamous “Aidar”, “Donbass”, and “Shakhtyorsk” terrorist battalions. Over the past two days, they destroyed 16 junta fortified positions, 17 tanks, and about 100 vehicles, and killed 150 junta militants. Russian media reported that the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Minoborony announced that they’re forming three infantry brigades and a volunteer regiment, in a transition to a new strategy of military action by large formed units, not scattered small units. There’s enough captured junta equipment for the DNR to kit out two tank battalions, three MRL battalions, three artillery battalions, and eight mortar batteries, which became part of the newly-formed units. A DNR Minoborony statement said, “On the basis of the existing opolchenie, we formed three infantry brigades. Many Ukrainian servicemen voluntarily sided with the DNR, and Donbass miners additionally embodied a separate Volunteer Regiment”. If Poroshenko doesn’t end his war against the civilian population and sit down at the negotiating table, then, we might see another parade, this one on the Khreshchatik in Kiev.

25 August 2014

Denis Akhalashvili

Russian People’s Line



Radio Liberty blubbered over the “mistreatment” of junta POWs by “separatists”. It’s time to make Victor Potapov put up or shut up. He works (or worked) for an evil organisation whose sole goal was subverting our ancestral Motherland and Faith. He did this for many years; he did it voluntarily (as it made him one of the most-well-off priests in the ROCOR)… he went grey in the service of the haters of the Rodina and Christ’s Church. As head of religious broadcasting at RL, he encouraged Galician Uniate pigs… he wasn’t a mere ranker, he wasn’t a newsreader or janitor… he was a responsible official, he had a decision-making position, that is, he DOES have answerability to the Church and to its believers for his treason and treachery.

Hilarion Kapral should make this bastard issue a public apology on the ROCOR official website. Potapov should issue a real apology on the model of the one given by the late great Joe Adamov of Radio Moscow/VOR. Potapov should say, “I’m sorry for having served evil and lied to you for many years. I did so because it gave me a comfortable life, better than that of many of my fellow priests. I resign from Radio Liberty immediately (or, “I’m sorry for having had any association at all with Radio Liberty”, if he’s retired) and condemn all its doings. I disassociate myself from it and all those who work for it. I ask you to forgive me for my gross sin in pushing Western Materialism instead of Russian Orthodoxy”. Radio Liberty is a well-known CIA front organisation. Therefore, that means that not only Potapov is on the Langley dole, it means that Paffhausen is on the CIA “Sweetheart List” and that the Centre should have nothing to do with him… he’s a dirty quisling, his father was a real estate developer, which means that Paffhausen would drag the Church in the mud with the Republican Party (as Potapov and Webster do, in their dalliance with District neocons and neoliberals), and go tell his rightwing pals everything that he learned in Russia (he’s done that already… didn’t you see how he kissed George Weigel’s ass and how he gave papers at Uniate symposia?). Don’t hold your breath waiting for Potapov to do the right thing. He won’t… if he did, he’d surprise everyone… it’d be a pleasant surprise, to be sure, but no one expects this snake to change his spots. He’s a known quantity… he sold out to the Langley spooks years ago and it’s no secret.

One last thing… as for the “mistreatment” of junta POWs, I’d add that the junta shoots opolchenie prisoners without a trial or they treat them as common criminals. The junta POWs got off easy… also, reflect on this… most of the junta soldiers taken by the opolchenie prefer to join the patriots and turn their weapons against the pro-American bumsuckers… fancy that…



Saturday, 21 June 2014

21 June 2014. Some Things for the Centre to Mull Over Before Accepting Paffhausen at Face Value

a fork in the road


I’d posted some quotes of mainstream media offerings earlier that the Centre would do well to consider before allowing JP to go to the ROCOR. Indeed, Vladyki Hilarion Kapral would do well to read n’ heed ‘em, too. In fact, youse guys would do well to read ‘em, as well. It tells you much about Potapov, JP’s sponsor (and “co-chairman” with Lyonyo of the OCA/ROCOR First Family duopoly). Here they are:






However, do note that JP’s going nowhere fast. Partly, it’s his own doing. My intel tells me that he’s holding the lumber over the OCA for beaucoup money after he jumps, so, the OCA is retaliating by not giving him a release. Partly, it’s because he’s made influential enemies at the Centre. JP is part of the cabal around the Blunder and Shevkunov. That means that he’s on the outs with the group around Mark Golovkov and Vsevolod Chaplin. To top it, Fatty refuses to stop dallying with Far Right Russophobes in the District such as George Weigel. That’s dumb, as the Centre has a veto over Fatso going into the ROCOR. Finally, El Gordo pals with weirdos such as Nathanael Kapner… I saw the two schmoozing at Jordanville on Pentecost. Potapov, thankfully, isn’t “the All-Powerful Oz”… indeed, he’s more like the scene near the end of the movie than he cares to admit… “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” HH, NOT Potapov, DOES have the last word…

My view? The Centre would do best to avoid all known cow pats. This is one such. Let Paffso take the schema and go to the Mountain… now, THAT would write a proper ending to all this.


Monday, 16 June 2014

16 June 2014. Is He In Or Is He Out? … Fatso’s Hegira Continues

jonas Paffhausen


A Cabinet member sent me the following:

The OCA still hasn’t released Paffhausen to the ROCOR, although he’s telling people he has been.

Well, first I checked the official OCA and ROCOR websites… nada. Then, I got in touch with a couple of priestly contacts… they’d heard nothing either. In fact, one said:

Don’t put too much stock in him being at Jordanville… they’ve never accepted their loss of status after ’07. They’re two wounded fighters dressing each other’s wounds. As for Nathanael, don’t worry about him either. [Archbishop Kyrill Dmitriev] has his number, and he’s going nowhere fast.

There’s NOTHING official, and there’s not even any plausible scuttlebutt out there. As for my opinion, Fatso’s forgotten that the Centre has the final word on him, and they know all about his dalliance with anti-Orthodox shits like George Weigel. In short, don’t believe Fatso. Remember, he lied egregiously to the OCA Holy Synod and he refused to live within his budget… this is just more of the same.

Pass the jug… some things are just too depressing…


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

11 June 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… American Support for Islamists in Syria Had Its Consequences

00 syrian couple in homs. 11.06.14

Doesn’t this look like the photos of the survivors of the “900 Days” in Leningrad? The WESTERN BITCH MEDIA WAS SILENT. SILENT! It also lied egregiously about the Syrian Civil War. Remember this image when you vote in November… the Republican Party applauds this shit louder than all the rest… you know what to do. Vote against ALL Republican slimeball candidates (Eric Cantor was too LIBERAL for them)!


The neocon Republicans are the most evil actors in this drama. Vote AGAINST ALL Republican candidates in November or you vote FOR aggression in foreign parts leading to tragedies such as this. The Republicans are soulless warmongers, gaolers, and hangsmen… all decent people must oppose them. Their anti-abortion mewling does NOT cancel out their evil support for constant warfare, torture, the gutting of all environmental and labour safeguards, and a pervasive security state. However, take heart… such an apparat wouldn’t be 100 percent effective… after all, human beings would have to interpret and implement the data received, and all the conspiracy theory nutters overlook that (like the barmy Rutherford Institute, which Rod Dreher was a part of)… that’s why 1984 is actually impractical.

Remember the suffering of the people of Homs and reflect on the American government support for the Islamist terrorists who caused it. These people lived through a siege as terrible as that of the 900 Days of Leningrad. The Syrian blokadniki deserve our honour and respect. Remember who saved the suffering people of Homs from the Islamist nightmare… Bashar al-Assad… with support from Russia and China. There appears to be a disconnect between reality and what’s spread by CNN, Fox, and the rest of the Corporate Media. Remember… they were SILENT when condemnation of the Islamist terrorists would’ve shortened the suffering of the people of Homs. This silence, and their misguided condemnation of the Syrian government, led directly to the war dragging on longer than it should have. Do reflect on the fact that such is happening again in the Ukraine… may my right hand wither if I forget Hero-Slavyansk.

Orthodox people must shun extremist shits like Potapov and Paffhausen, who associate with the worst Republican warmonger elements in the District. They drag Our Lord Christ and His Church in the mud, giggling the whole time, to please their Republican allies. Potapov sold out for filthy lucre to Langley… Paffhausen hangs around anti-Orthodox filth like George Weigel… what concord hath Christ with Belial?


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