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Monday, 9 June 2014

9 June 2014. The ROCOR’s OFFICIAL Stance on the Flake Nathanael Kapner

00 Brother Nathanael 01. 09.06.14

This is “Brother Nathanael”… he’s a real flakeozoid… both he and Paffso were at Jordanville yesterday, proving, yet again, that shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…


A Cabineteer opined:

The ROCOR issued a statement condemning Nathanael Kapner‘s anti-Semitism; it riled some of the extremist elements. Tough! The Synod’s correct… all anti-Semitic hatred, ALL hate, is anti-Christian. That is, it’s of Antichrist, not Christ!

I did some looking in reputable internet sources (I stayed away from squiffy rightwing and “traditionalist” sources, as should you), and I hit pay-dirt in something from John Sandipoulos (a source eminently quotable and reliable). You may place this in the bank… John’s a good guy and all of my Cabineteers who know him speak highly of him.


Though I have never posted anything specifically on Brother Nathanael on this website, I’ve received dozens of emails over the past few years asking about him. I informed people of what I knew about him from those who personally have known him, all of which were very disturbing things. Amongst the things I was informed about and have now been documented online in various sources, is that he is a man with mental problems (pleasant on his medication, although very unpleasant when not) who’s caused enough disturbances in a few monasteries in America so that he was kicked out of all of them, at least once by police. He isn’t and never was a monk. He was a novice in an Old Calendarist monastery in Colorado, but they kicked him out of there too. He claims to be a legitimate monk from a legitimate Orthodox monastery, but this isn’t true. In fact, he’s a showman who likes to be the centre of attention with a persecution complex, although he’s well-off financially after being successful in business. He’s fixated on his Jewish heritage, a sort of love/hate relationship, and obsessed with conspiracy theories that, more often than not, come out as anti-Semitic poisonous rants. He also wears a white skuphos, only reserved for Metropolitans in the Slavic churches, and a pectoral cross, forbidden to novices. In light of these things and his dozens of disturbing videos online, which many Orthodox devour to their own demise, the following official statement by the ROCOR Synod of Bishops is most welcome. May it help lead him and his admirers to repentance.

17 July 2013

Recently, the ROCOR Synod of Bishops received repeated complaints about the activities of and statements made by a certain Nathanael Kapner, who lives on the territory of the Western American Diocese, but has no relation to it. We hereby inform ROCOR clergymen and laity that the Synod of Bishops doesn’t bless the actions of Nathanael Kapner. Profoundly saddened by the state of his soul, we call upon Nathanael Kapner to refrain from posting on the Internet, to a life of repentance of peace in Christ, “where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free: but Christ is all, and in all” (Epistle of St Paul to the Colossians 3.11).

Kyrill Dmitriev

Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America

Secretary of the Synod of Bishops



The ROCOR hasn’t rescinded that ukase and Nathanael hasn’t ceased internet posting. Ergo, his appearance yesterday at Jordanville wasn’t officially-sanctioned… he’s friends with some of the more obscurantist and rigourist monks there… as is Paffhausen! Jerome Shaw was a known protector of both these jabronies… but Shaw’s in the doghouse now. Some priestly intel that I’ve received told me that Kapner’s and JP’s appearances at Jordanville HAD NO OFFICIAL APPROVAL… NONE. Jordanville did this on its own nickel… but it has Potapov’s fingerprints all over it.

Keep this in mind… Potapov and Paffhausen both are heavily involved in extreme rightwing circles in the District that are the worst enemies of the Motherland in the USA. No lie… JP is pals with George Weigel, one of the most violent Uniate-lovers and Orthodox-haters amongst the papists. JP just gave a talk at a stink-tank where Weigel is one of the wheels on the board; so, one can see that JP has dropped none of his satanic Russophobic Republican contacts. The official word that I got is that JP’s petition for release to the ROCOR is going nowhere fast… the Centre doesn’t want this fat Republican Russophobic pig in the ROCOR (there are enough Republican traitors in the ROCOR already, and the Centre doesn’t want or need any more). This is an attempt by the Potapov faction to force the Centre’s hand… but it isn’t working. No one at the Centre is going to admit a Uniate-loving money-grubbing pro-American undisciplined and juvenile lout as a bishop in the ROCOR. The Centre DOES have the last word… and THAT’S the end of the story.


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Friday, 6 June 2014

6 June 2014. Fatso Serves at Jordanville… This Spits on the Podvig of the Patriot Fighters of Novorossiya

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

Shitbirds of a feather flock together! JP with his pal Isidore/Stanley Brittain, who faces beaucoup kiddie porn charges, but JP and Peterson protected him, AS THE IMAGE PROVES. Paffhausen hung out with Podmoshensky, with Brittain, with George Weigel (one of the most violent enemies of the Church), he read papers at Uniate symposia, and he supports the rightwing enemies of our Church and ancestral motherland. Is this a harbinger of treachery on the part of some in Jordanville? After all, if they allowed him to serve, it means that they support him and his nutty ideas.


My concentration on the Novorossiya mess led me to overlook this. Read this and this. Do you see where Fatso served at Jordanville? JP never apologised for his close and incestuous relations with Uniates whilst he was head of the OCA. I’ll betcha that Potapov was there too… are some at Jordanville getting ready to knife the centre in the back at JP’s and Potapov’s urging? You have a choice… you can stand with JP… who stood with the sodomite Podmoshensky… who stood with the kiddie porn purveyor Brittain..  who stood with the convicted abuser Storheim… who stood with the Uniate enemies of Christ’s Church… who stood with the violent papist Weigel, who supports the Uniate fascist murderers in the Ukraine… who stood with the questionable HOOMies… who stood with the neocon enemies of the Orthosphere. Or, you can stand with the hero-patriots of Novorossiya… who bleed and die as Paffhausen cheers on their oppressors and does his best to give aid and comfort to the enemies of Christ’s Church (but they’re important in Washington, and that’s all that matters to him).

I wonder… does that new museum at Jordanville cover the Black Hundreds, the White Terror, the traitorous Vlasovtsy, the KONR, or the shameful collaboration of many diaspora Russians with Langley (does it cover Potapov’s long and treacherous service to the Western foes of the Rodina?)? I always say… it’s ALL our history or we have NONE of it. I’ll betcha that there’s NOTHING positive on the USSR… even though the patriots in Novorossiya today die for the Red Star AND the Cross. If you deny one, you can’t have the other. If you want Christ, you must have Ilyich… if you want Ilyich, you must have Christ (“Christ was the first communist”: G A Zyuganov). It’s ALL our history, and we can’t and shouldn’t deny it. That’s the way of it. To have let this rightwing poseur serve was a sad day in the history of Jordanville. Again, who do you stand with? You CAN’T stand with both! In any case, I smell a rightwing rat… when many of the strongest believers in the homeland are communists! Remember, HH is friends with the Castro brothers and G A Zyuganov… NOT with godless trash like Willy Romney or Sarah Palin. I stand with HH…

Why are we spitting on the podvig of the patriot fighters?


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Monday, 2 June 2014

2 June 2014. Have a Care… the American and Vatican Propaganda Mills are at Full Tilt

00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 02.06.14


The above is a #SaveDonbassPeople image from Serbia in support of the suffering people of the Donbass. However, do bear in mind that the Vatican, in particular, is issuing much propaganda, both black and white, to tip people’s minds in favour of their Uniate attack dogs. Whenever the Uniates do gnarly things, the RCs claim, “We have no control over them”. That’s a crock… they make sure that every Uniate bishop kisses the Pope of Rome’s bum for all to see. They think that they see a chance to seize millions of souls for the Unia, and the Curia’s never been particular in its methods. However, bear in mind that most rank n’ file RCs are unaware of this chicanery… indeed, most would be shocked to know some of the things that the Curia’s supporting in its name. The Roman Curia IS guilty… the Uniate hierarchy IS guilty… the Uniate clergy is mostly guilty… the rank n’ file Uniates are mostly innocent, but they parrot the party-line (many are afraid of the violent fascists in their midst).

So… avoid Uniate clergy if you can… don’t hobnob overly much with Uniates, as they won’t defend you if a Uniate fascist goes off on you, even in public (I’ve seen this). Don’t go looking for trouble in this case… some of the Uniates aren’t wrapped overly-tightly and some are from families of violent UPA fascists. HAVE A CARE. Don’t be a fool… and stay cool!

As for American propaganda… I’d note that Radio Liberty is one of the worst offenders. Victor Potapov is shaming the Church by continuing to work for them. I’d also note that Paffhausen won’t stop hobnobbing with enemies of the Church such as George Weigel. Do have a care with those in our ranks who’re quislings… some are like Potapov, with powerful friends, others, like Paffhausen, are pals with some of the most feral rightwingers in the USA.

We live in perilous times. Keep your mind right and stay out of most fights!


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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Death of Communism is Greatly Exaggerated… 3,000 Kids Took the Pioneer Oath on Red Square… Take That, Koch Brothers and Rod Dreher!

00 pioneer on red square. moscow. russia. 23.05.104


On 20 May, on Red Square in Moscow, more than 3,000 students took the Pioneer oath. The participants came from 29 federal subjects of the Russian Federation, including the Crimea. Communism lived… communism lives… communism will live… and defeat the Crapitalist Free Market Me First scum. Reflect on that.

History ain’t over yet… Francis Fukuyama and George Weigel be damned…


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