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Friday, 5 September 2014

5 September 2014. From the Russian Web… Obama and Putin Confab… Vova Tells It Like It Is

00 putin and obama on crimea. 05.09.14


This image is making the rounds of the Russian cyberworld; it’s become extremely popular (that tells you that anti-American feeling in Russia is very high). Some Americans think that they’re fooling the world… they’re not. Most people are wise to the hypocrisy, double standards, greed, and cruelty of Anglo Americans. After all, didn’t the Anglos drop the bomb on Japan (twice) even though it wasn’t necessary (Japan made peace feelers since December 1944)? That’s why people such as George Will and Rich Lowry are such pains-in-the-arse to non-Americans. Non-Americans know how the USA got as big as it did… it used its armed might to steal Northern Mexico, it smashed the indigenous people into the ground (Custer DID die for your sins), and it started off by rebelling against its rightful king. Yep… the USA isn’t exceptional, it isn’t moral, it isn’t special… but then again, that’s true of all nations. We’re all sinful-ginfuls. The moral tone taken by George Will, in particular, is a howler… he’s the son of privilege… the son of a college professor, he’s from the American equivalent of the nomenklatura, and he acts accordingly (sense of entitlement, and all that… is that how he evaded military service during the Cold War?). He’d do well to look at the actions of his ancestors… they’re far worse than anything done by Vladimir Vladimirovich!

If the USA wants Russia to “return” the Crimea… it’d had best turn over the keys of the Alamo over to Mexico and haul down the Stars n’ Stripes. Otherwise, it’s hypocritical double-dealing in through the front door! It should keep quiet unless it hands over South Dakota to the Lakota… but that isn’t going to happen and the Anglos won’t shut up their traps and stop their vacuous and fatuous moralising, either. Pass the jug… they’re disgusting and posturing toddlers, aren’t they? They’re not going to change in our lifetimes…



5 September 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Justice… American-Style

00 Her grndson served with the Berkut. 05.09.14


THIS is what the Western punditocracy supports. FULL STOP. They APPLAUD it when the junta kicks the elderly in the face. They APPLAUD it when the junta replaces professional cops like the Berkut with Uniate fascist thugs who beat and torture as they will, leaving the rule of law trampled in the mud. They APPLAUD it when the junta fires Smerch rockets indiscriminately into civilian neighbourhoods. They APPLAUD it when the Uniate fascists shoot VSN soldiers and/or their families out-of-hand. It tells me that the Western punditocracy are soulless scumbags at heart… who worship “Might makes right” and “Winning is the only thing”. Keep this in mind when you see that mewling suck-up Will on the TV with his goofy bow-ties… he’s not merely a “talking head”, he’s an unashamed apologist for evil. After all, we HAVE to hurt the Grandmas in Kiev… it’s not only for their own good, it’s to George Will’s personal profit (he’s an “investor”, dontcha know).

I call such people evil and I’m not alone…


Thursday, 4 September 2014

4 September 2014. It’s Time to Pay Tribute to a Hero…

00 Cossack aleksandr Skryabin. 04.09.14


We’ve been dealing with human sludge lately… people who’ve sold out to the American Establishment for a “mess of pottage” as the Scripture has it. I think that it’s time to remember a hero… a chelovek… a man worthy of the name. In June, Cossack Aleksandr Skryabin was serving at the front fighting the Uniate fascist aggressors. In civil life, he was a miner; he was a proud grandpa. When his Motherland was in peril, he answered the call. At the front, his mates were in danger… he rushed under a junta armoured vehicle and set off an anti-tank mine. Of course, he died to save his friends’ lives. I compare such selfless heroism to such gutless wonders as George Will, Rich Lowry, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rod Dreher, Willy Romney, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Nugent, and Wayne LaPierre… all of whom were cowards who refused to serve in the active US armed forces (as Richard Cheney put it bluntly, “I had other priorities than military service”).

Orthodox people! You can follow the selfless self-sacrificial example of Aleksandr Skryabin or you can follow the self-centred conceited cowards of the Western Establishment that I named above. I know where I stand. What about you?

Никто не забыт и ничто не забыто.

No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.

Note well the heroes… note well the cowards… that’s all that I need to say. They all had faces… they all had names… there’s no such thing as “light casualties”.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

There’s a special place in Heaven for Cossack Aleksandr… weep, light a candle, and have Pannikhida said for his repose… we’re Christians, that’s what we do…


4 September 2014. If George Will, Ted Cruz, John McCain, and Rich Lowry are FOR the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms”, Why Do They Oppose the Patriots of Novorossiya Who Stand Up Against Oppression with Guns in Their Hands?

00 This is what George Will Hates. 04.09.14


George Will, Ted Cruz, John McCain, and Rich Lowry make loud squawks about the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms”… well, the people of Novorossiya are standing up against the fascist snakes with guns in their hands. The guys I named support the free men of Novorossiya in their fight against evil, don’t they? After all, they illustrate why the people have the right to have guns… and that’s what they’re for, right?

You’d be wrong! These rightwing jabronies are FOR the fascist oppressors… they’re for the oligarch thieves… they’re for Clan Balogh and the Brotherhood and Svoboda… that’s right, they OPPOSE the people who’re standing tall against oppression. Cliven Bundy can brandish guns at government agents and be called a hero… the free men of Novorossiya fight fascist filth (who glorify Nazi collaborators, no less) and get called dupes. I’ll retire to Bedlam with Mr Scrooge… this is so Jabberwockian that even the Queen of Hearts looks positively normal in comparison.

If you’re for “the right to keep and bear arms”, then, you support the right of all free men to do so… the people I named do not. SCOUNDRELS AND PISSANTS (Cordell  Hull was right)!


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