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Monday, 13 August 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Fourth Anniversary of Georgian Invasion: Special Measures Ensured Proper Training of South Ossetian Militia


Today, 8 August 2012, is the fourth anniversary of the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgian Army forces; memorial events are being held throughout the country and in the capital of Tskhinval. Whilst Mikhail Saakashvili continues to make warlike statements towards Russia, our country remembers its dead. Today, President Putin made some revelations about the conflict and Russia’s relations with South Ossetia. According to the Interfax, one of the events to mark the occasion was an exhibition of paintings that were damaged by Georgian shells and bullets and were placed on display in Tskhinval on Theatre Square in the centre of the city. The exhibition was called titled “War Through Paintings’ Eyes” and features canvasses painted by prominent South Ossetian artists. The tragically-damaged paintings symbolise the tragedy and sadness of those days.

Even before Georgia invaded the South Ossetia, the Russian Federation and the government of South Ossetia were working together in an attempt to prepare the South Ossetian militia in case Georgia decided to make an incursion into the country. The plan was developed by the Army between 2006 and 2007, with the direct participation of President Putin, who, when asked about the plan after holding talks with his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan on Wednesday, told Interfax, “It isn’t a secret. There was a plan in place and we were guided by it. The General Staff developed it in late 2006 to early 2007, and it was negotiated with me. We trained South Ossetian militia under this plan”. President Putin also stated, “Although our experts argued that training South Ossetian militia was a hopeless thing, as militia would be weaker than a regular army, even Georgian, it proved more than effective”.

Therefore, despite the fact that the forces of South Ossetia were far weaker and far smaller, they were trained well-enough to mount a noticeable and effective resistance, alongside Russian peacekeepers, against the Georgian aggressors until the Russian Army was able to arrive and drive the Georgian aggressors out of the republic that they had invaded, almost three days later. President Putin said that the experts had been mistaken, saying, “These people (self-defence) proved more than necessary and they courageously defended their motherland, and jointly with the Russian peacekeepers offered resistance to the onslaught from Georgian military formations for three days until the Russian army came”. When asked about his involvement during the invasion when he had been in Beijing {for the Olympics: editor}, President Putin said that he had called Dmitri Medvedev and the defence minister twice, on 7/8 August.

The tragic events were as follows… before midnight on 7 August, the Georgian Army attacked Tskhinval and nearby villages, using rocket and artillery fire and air strikes on the innocent civilians in the villages. This included the villages of Khetagurovo, Dmenis, Pris, Sarabuk, Satikar, Mugut, Didmukha, Galuanta, and others. On the morning of 8 August, Georgian tanks attacked the southern outskirts of Tskhinval, including the Russian peacekeepers’ barracks. The city’s defenders and Russian peacekeepers started fighting back, with fierce street fighting continuing throughout the day. Russia’s leaders decided to force the Georgian aggressors to peace and units of the Russian Army entered the republic. Tskhinval was freed in two days and the Georgian troops were forced far back into their territory.

ITAR-TASS reported that the Russian Ambassador to South Ossetia, Elbrus Kargiyev, pledged that such aggression wouldn’t recur, and that the Russian Federation will guarantee the security of the republic’s population, saying, “Today, we mourn, remember, and grieve over the untimely deaths of women, children, old people, the wonderful young men of Tskhinval, patriots of their country and, certainly, the Russian peacekeepers. However, there’s also a reason for joy… South Ossetia has the opportunity to live in peace and develop. As Russia’s representative, I guarantee that that the children of South Ossetia will never see the horrors of war. The guarantors of this are the Russian Federation and its political leadership, the leaders of our country and the structures, diplomatic and military, that, at the invitation of the republic’s leadership, and with the will of the Ossetian people, have settled in South Ossetia”.

Meanwhile, Tbilisi continues to terrorise the citizenry of the Republic of Abkhazia and stoke the fires of anti-Russian hysteria. In an interview with RIA-Novosti, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigori Karasin said that the current situation along the border between Georgia and the Republic of Abkhazia is alarming. Mr Karasin stated that Georgian Special Forces regularly penetrate into the Gali District and “persistently terrorize the local population”. He stated that this shows that Georgia is still planning revenge scenarios in the region and that hysteria about Russia’s planned Caucasus 2012 military exercises has been going on for approximately a year. He said there is widespread hysteria about supposed unspecified plans by Russia to destroy Georgian statehood, and he called such talk part on Georgia’s part “propagandistic delirium”.

On Tuesday, General Postnikov told ITAR-TASS, “Our exercise has nothing to do with events in other countries, including Georgia. However, in order to rule out any possibility of speculations on that issue, our military bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and even in Armenia will not participate in the Kavkaz-2012 exercise”. According to Mr Karasin, when he spoke about Georgia’s unhinged leader, he said that the international community is used to President Mikhail Saakashvili’s lack of restraint, the Georgian leader makes warlike statements all the time. We should view such accusations appropriately, and take into consideration the “emotionality and provocative nature of the Georgian leadership’s intentions”. We’ll watch the situation closely.

8 August 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



Sunday, 8 August 2010

Action “Living Light of Memory” Began In Tskhinval and Moscow

“Nothing is forgotten…”



Today, Russia and South Ossetia commemorated the victims of the Georgian aggression in August 2008, and celebrated the successful conclusion of the enforcement operation, which gained the unofficial name of “The Five Day War” in the region. On Sunday night, in Moscow and Tskhinval, there shall be memorial events marking the second anniversary of the Georgian invasion. In Moscow, at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Orthodox clergy will serve a Pannikhida for the souls of those who fell in the defence of Tskhinval.



Two years ago, on the night of 7/8 August 2008, Georgia launched military action against South Ossetia with a massive attack on Tskhinval. The Georgian forces shelled the city, using all kinds of weapons, including Grad Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, targeting hospitals, ordinary houses, and churches, despite the fact that unarmed civilians were taking shelter there. Georgians even sniped at the convoys of refugees attempting to flee the war zone.


“No one is forgotten…”


On 8 August, Russia sent troops to protect the residents in the region, most of whom are Russian citizens, and to relieve the Russian peacekeeping force in the area, and ships of the Black Sea Fleet operated off the Abkhazian coast. On the first day of the war, Russian troops weren’t involved in intense combat, except for a few skirmishes, with firing at medium and long distances. The key event of the second day of the war, 9 August, was the first attempt by Russian troops to take Tskhinval, with shelling accompanying the assault. The next day, Russia deployed troops along mountain roads, and, on 11 August, Russian troops counter-attacked. By 12 August, the Georgian aggressors were thrown out of South Ossetia, and they fled in disorder to Tbilisi.


If you support the Tea Party… THIS is what you support. Sarah Palin supported this in ’08… she supports it NOW. Take a GOOD look… it’s what America does throughout the world… it’s no wonder that we’re hated. THIS is why the Tea Party is irredeemably evil and why no Orthodox Christian should support it.


The Georgian aggression of August 2008 was a serious blow to the economy of South Ossetia, it largely destroyed the infrastructure, and many were left homeless. More than 2,500 residential buildings, as well as 29 schools, 17 clinics, and 10 transport facilities were destroyed. During the five-day war, 67 Russian soldiers were killed and about 250 were wounded. South Ossetia lost about 90 soldiers and militiamen. According to official figures, the losses of the Georgian army in total were 170 killed and missing servicemen, with 1,964 wounded, according to ITAR-TASS.

8 August 2010

Voice of Russia World Service



Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Shots were heard in Tskhinval after the Beginning of the Curfew

Russian troops on guard in Tskhinval


Our RIA-Novosti correspondent reports that shots were heard in Tskhinval after the curfew began tonight. The soldiers who were guarding the hospital in the centre of town told us that military patrols open fire on all suspicious persons who refuse to stop when ordered. One of the townspeople told us that looters have appeared in Tskhinval, and they rob the wrecked shops. Furthermore, the same person told us that groups of Georgian saboteurs were found in the city limits. “Because of this, we need increased security in the city during the night-time hours”, he said.

13 August 2008



Editor’s Note:

This is par for the course in a newly-liberated town. The Russian troops on patrol are nervous, and, no doubt, the locals are wise enough to stay indoors. Most of the shots heard were probably fired at stray cats or passing drunks. This would happen anywhere. In short, it sounds fairly blasé and normal. There are probably a few scattered Georgians hiding out, but they’ll be found out in the coming week. The reconstruction can start probably in another month or so, because of the need to make plans and clear booby-traps, mines, and unexploded shells.



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