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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Poll Sez Most Americans Opposed to Closing Gitmo Gulag

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According to a Gallup poll, held from 5 to 8 June, involving 1,207 adult American residents, after the exchange of an American soldier captured in Afghanistan for five Taliban commanders, the majority of Americans don’t support ​​closing the Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba. According to the survey, only 29 percent of Americans want the prison closed, whilst two-thirds (66 percent) oppose closing it and transferring its prisoners to American prisons. Gallup. The margin of error was +/- 4 percent. According to US National Security Council, over the past 13 months, the USA released 13 prisoners from the facility. Thus, now, there are 149 prisoners at Gitmo. In 2008, then-presidential candidate Obama promised to close the prison in 2010. However, in March 2011, the military courts for terrorism suspects resumed their work. In addition, Obama president signed a decree that established special procedures to allow holding detainees at Gitmo without charge if they pose a serious threat to national security. In 2013, Obama announced in a keynote speech that the USA should close the prison, and that suspected terrorists should face trial in the USA.


Nothing like the Gitmo Gulag existed in the Cold War… the Americans feared that the Sovs would run with it and ruin their image abroad. In any case, Gitmo is extralegal… it’s illegal as all get-out, and that meant something prior to the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie. Reagan defied legality (look at PATCO), Bush I was a former CIA director (need I say more? What about Neil Bush and Silverado?), Clinton was the last of the Good Ol’ Boy Dixiecrats (and the last of the “conservative” Democrats), Bush II was a spoilt brat crony crapitalist, and Obama won’t face down Republican filibusters in the Senate (the true source of the gridlock in our government today). In short, Gitmo is a symptom of a dysfunctional, crank, and ultimately systemically unlawful American “conservatism”. Trust me… Bismarck and Stolypin wouldn’t call Rush, Ann, Boehner, McConnell, and the Tea Party conservatives (after all, Bismarck was the Father of Single-Payer Healthcare and Stolypin favoured prosperous smallholders over aristocratic landowners)… they’d call ’em what they are… Nihilist Radical Right Anarcho-Capitalists (Slobberin’ Ronnie is God and Ayn Rand is His Prophet). American “conservatives” make UKIP and Marine le Pen look LEFTIST (they’re not… but they ARE traditional conservatives, not rightwing greedsters like the Americans are). Leftists and True Conservatives can dialogue and find common cause… Radical Right Nihilists, like those in the US Republican Party, are the enemies of all decent people.

Orthodox people… I have a word for you… SYMPHONIA. The Church blesses the state and it curses anarchy of any sort (not all anarchists are bearded and toss bombs… most are “respectable” and quote Ayn Rand). It does NOT bless “deregulation” or “libertarianism”, as it believes that fallen man is unable, inherently, to police himself adequately. That means that you spit on the Lord Christ and His Church if you vote Republican. Think on that.


14 June 2014

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