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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Yakunin Dies… Beloved Mascot of the Western Neoliberals… an Unrepentant Schismatic

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. The Church Never Involves Itself in Politics. 2012

THIS is why Yakunin ended outside the Church… he forgot that the Church isn’t a political party… the konvertsy are making the same mistake...


Read this. All of the pro-Western poseurs and the konvertsy slobbered over Yakunin. He got too full of himself and made all sorts of oddbod accusations about clergy that he didn’t like (obviously, he blamed them for his imprisonment). As I said, the American Republicans and Orthodox konvertsy drooled over him… as did the SVS pseudo-intellectuals. As for me, I’m not happy over this turn of events. I do hope that he repented before he died… as for schadenfreude, that’s not appropriate for decent people. The Church isn’t a political party… full stop. All those who wish to turn it into such (like Paffso and Moriak) are wrong and we must oppose them with all of our powers. Beware “Pro-Life” and “family values”… more evil creeps in under those rubrics than any other. Not all that glitters is gold… have a care, there be worthless brass in circulation.


Monday, 17 February 2014

17 February 2014. Whatever Happened to Deacon Andrei Kuraev? What Meaning Can We Pull from His “Fall?”



In the early 2000s, Deacon Andrei Kuraev was one of the leading lights in the Orthodox cyberworld. Lately, he’s become more and more strident, making all kinds of oddbod statements. I asked around and one source told me:

For years now, Kuraev has gone off. His problem is his self-obsession. Pro-Western media outlets, eager for any scandal, pay him much attention. Moreover, producing scandal so that people quote him consumes him; besides which, he’s obsessed with how many hits he gets. Charlie‘s right… Kuraev’s going Protestant; he’s gone Renovationist. He’s become an enemy of the Church in his egoistic quest for celebrity.

I agree. Deacon Andrei has gone off the rails. Once, he was a “go-to” source… today, he’s an embittered “dissident”. I think that he’s well on the way to being another Gleb Yakunin (who was one of the few people personally anathematised by the Church). I don’t think that he’ll be another Rusantsov, but he does have the potential for being defrocked.

Remember, the Church always does the least-invasive thing to solve a problem. For instance, in this case, the Centre used the least-invasive method of shitcanning him. “He didn’t attend to his duties as an MDA faculty member”. This was like the ROCOR Holy Synod stopping the Toll House Wars about thirty years ago by saying, “There’s not much revealed on this topic. All discussion of it should cease” (they should revisit that decision and muzzle the loud konvertsy who perpetually call the Toll Houses “an important Church Doctrine” (which it isn’t)). In the case of Podmoshensky, the ROCOR gave him the drop for serving under suspension (Lebedeff said that was a great relief; nobody wanted to go near the issue of sexual perversion unless that they absolutely had to).

This first disciplinary action… removing Kuraev from the MDA faculty… was a salutary warning. If he continues to fuck up… well, the Church hopes that he doesn’t. I noted that they said nothing of his connection with PSTGU… I wonder, does such need approval from the Vorobyov Mafia (perspirin’ minds wanna know)? Bear in mind how the Church dealt with the rank heresies of Bulgakov and Florensky… it condemned the heresies, but it showed mercy to the people involved.

For instance, to give a good example of such, the Church should send Seraphim Storheim off to live in a monastery, far from children, without any pastoral role. This would be fair to all parties. It’s fair to the victims… for it’d show that the Church implicitly believes their story by denying Storheim a public role. It’s fair to the believers… for they’d be spared worrying that there’d be a relapse. It’s fair to Storheim… for it’d spare him some shame and pain (look, a court found him guilty… that’s harsh enough for me… it DOES put the “Scarlet Letter” upon him, after all). It shows respect to the Court… it shows that the Church intends doing something to neutralise Storheim, removing the need for further legal action or imprisonment. Last of all, it’s fair to the Church… it means that the issue will die a natural death (that is, it’ll persist for as long as Storheim’s alive…  but after he’s dead, people would say, “Y’know, they did the right thing…”. Shall this happen? I’d truly like to see it happen, but given the nasty-ass attitude of Syosset and the First Families, I expect more legal manoeuvring, obfuscation, and denials… I’m not hoping for such, but that’s what I see.

It’s not just Deacon Andrei… it’s our whole attitude to dealing with dissidence and malfeasance. Frankly, we’d do well to stick to our traditional ways… they work. Take it one step at a time, and don’t dump on someone all the way all at once. Shall Deacon Andrei turn back? I don’t have a working crystal ball, do you? Things are never boring following the Church, are they?



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Saturday, 13 October 2012

13 October 2012. Stokoe Did a Portal Credo.ru Interview According to a Source

One of these days, Mark’s going to say this… and we should open up the door for him…


One of the Cabinet told me:

Did you see that Credo.ru interviewed Stokoe? Supposedly an English translation is coming.

I replied:

He’s gone over the edge. NO… I don’t watch Credo. It’s Langley‘s spin on Russian religion. They go nuts over Yakunin, for instance. Mark’s a fanatic autocephalist. Unfortunately, autocephaly’s turned out to be a crank do. Here’s his dilemma… he wants to support the konvertsy, but they hate him for being a homosexual (let’s call things what they are). Portal-credo has no cred… it’s not patriarchia.ru or pravoslavie.ru. Remember, the OCA/ROCOR duopoly has always had a Langley tie-in since the days of Rodzianko (Potapov married into the Rodzianko clan… but you knew that, you ol’ reprobate you). I’d support Mark if he asked for help from me… but he won’t. He won’t ask you either. Keep this in mind… Bishop Mel concelebrated with the MP crowd at St Nick’s… that’s a hint, son…


Mark’s still a True Believer, in the Hoffer sense of the term. That’s sad… but it happens. If he were to “wash up on shore”, and say, “Help me!”, I wouldn’t be the only one to respond, for that’s the Christian thing to do. However, I think that he prefers to shiver outside to being warm in the One Homely Home… for that would mean abandoning his dream. God willing, he’ll change his mind…


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

18 October 2011. According to Portal-Credo.ru, The CIA’s Against JP… No Lie… Is that EVER a Crock of You-Know-What

No! To Fascism!

Unknown Artist


Soviet poster


No! To JP and his rightwing lies! No! To his pals Lyonyo and Jillions and Potapov! No! To their enslavement of the Church to extremist rightwing interests! Ask yourself a question… “Why would the CIA conspire against someone who’s their FRIEND?” Indeed… why would they?


Editor’s Foreword:

This is from a VERY dicey source. CAVEAT LECTOR! Portal-Credo has verifiable ties to Langley, Orthodox schismatics such as Philaret Denisenko, Georgi Kochetkov, Valentin Rusantsov, and Gleb Yakunin, OCA fanatics such as Lyonyo (and fellow travellers such as “Svetlana Vais” and Potapov), and to Uniates. One wonders if Vlad Berzansky Jr is tied up with them, too… that wouldn’t be surprising. There be liars out there… and this site is one of them. You need to know what they’re saying, but this is utter GIGO and bullshit from stem to stern.



Despite the Uzbek President’s “Machinations” and American “Hostility” to the MP, Kirill Frolov Exclaimed, “The Patriarch IS Going to Visit Central Asia!”

Kirill Frolov, the head of the Association of Orthodox Experts (APE) of the MP, accused the Uzbek president of being “Washington’s satrap (обкому)”. Frolov, who’s close to Patriarch Kirill, made this harsh assessment on 18 October in an interview published in Nakanune.Ru, after media sources passed information that the Uzbek authorities had turned down Patriarch Kirill’s request to visit Uzbekistan in November… because the patriarch doesn’t concur with them concerning the resignation of Metropolitan Vladimir Ikim of Tashkent, who was diocesan bishop for nearly 20 years. Plans called for Kirill to visit Uzbekistan on 1-2 November.

{Portal-Credo, as per usual, has it WRONG… Vladyki Vladimir became Metropolitan of Omsk and Tarsk on 27 July 2011… he did NOT resign. On 6 October 2011, the Holy Synod released him from his duties as Rector of the Tashkent Theological Seminary. In addition, the APE isn’t an official body of the MP, it’s an outside group… closely aligned with the Church’s goals, but not part of the MP apparat.


Source: http://www.patriarchia.ru/db/text/51753.html}

Frolov asked a rhetorical question, “Why must Patriarch Kirill bring his staffing decisions into line with the desires of Uzbek President Karimov? [Karimov’s] clearly collaborating with the Americans. They want to make Uzbekistan their main base after their inevitable departure from Afghanistan. In such a situation, by all means, it’s necessary to support Metropolitan Vikenty Morar, who created several new dioceses in Uzbekistan, and it’s necessary for Russian diplomats to arrange an early visit to Uzbekistan for the Patriarch, it’s a matter of honour. It’d be a formal challenge to the Americans, who’ve, in fact, declared war on Patriarch Kirill”.

The American war against Patriarch Kirill, in Frolov’s opinion, “is evident not only in their attempts to disrupt the visit of the Patriarch in Uzbekistan, but also in their attempts to topple the head of the Orthodox Church in America, Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen, a friend of the MP (sic), whom some accounts say is suspended by the OCA Holy Synod, who’re preparing his overthrow in November. We mustn’t allow this. Everyone should understand that the decisions of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and the Holy Synod to send Metropolitan Vikenty to Tashkent, the creation of the Central Asian Metropolia, and the coming ordination of new bishops aren’t reactions to past events. These decisions aren’t plots against [the Uzbek leadership]… that would be counterproductive. These are the right moves and they’re not subject to review”.

As is characteristic of this “expert”, he didn’t give specific proposals on how to protect Kirill from the US, and from Russian diplomatic pressure. Incidentally, commenting on this interview on his blog, Frolov reproached Metropolitan Vladimir for his silent complicity with the Uzbek authorities.

18 October 2011



Editor’s Afterword:

According to Portal-Credo, Langley’s out to “get” JP! My, my, my… what kinda crack are they smokin’… that’s dy-no-mite shit! Let’s recapitulate… who’re JP’s friends? There’s Potapov… a VOA/RL/BBG biggie with a “red” official US passport. There’s Lyonyo… who’s a CFR member. There’s Dmitri Pospielovsky, who as a RL/BBG asset, is up to his ears in spookdom. There’s Darlin’ Marilyn Swezey (she’s a Hillwood habitué), who’s a known insider in District circles. JP’s article in the Post was ghost-written by Julia Duin, a hack writer for the far-right Moonie-owned Washington Times. JP’s a verified far-rightwing kook! That’s to say, JP’s not on Langley’s “hit” list or on its shit list, either. He’s an extreme rightwing slimer who supports them! To think that there are people who’re going to take this SERIOUSLY. It’s classical “misdirection”… those “in the know” know what I’m talking about…

Let’s be blunt… anyone who believes that Langley (or any other arm of the American government) is out to “get” Fathausen is barmy and in need of a VERY long stay in a home for the feeble-minded. Then, again, Portal-Credo’s cred isn’t the best… for good reason. Let’s put it out there… you can believe me, or, you can believe a bunch that gives a forum to every heretic, schismatic, and malcontent on the block… a bunch that’s so obviously in the pay of the US special services that even a kid can see it.

It’s your call. It’s your serve, if I’m not mistaken…


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