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Sunday, 5 November 2017

5 November 2017. Dr Jill on the “War on Terror”


Outrageous: the disastrous, counterproductive “War on Terror” has cost the USA 250 million USD (14.77 billion Roubles. 1.66 billion Renminbi. 16.18 billion INR. 319.16 million CAD. 326.8 million AUD. 215.16 million Euros. 191.15 million UK Pounds) per day for the last 16 years as communities across America crumbled.

Jill Stein


Sunday, 12 January 2014

People Across the USA Protest on Guantánamo Gulag’s 12th Anniversary, Demand Its Closure

00 Guantanamo Bay Cartoon


On Saturday, Americans took to the streets across the country to demand the closure of the Guantánamo prison, on the 12th anniversary of the notorious American-run prison’s opening. Exactly 12 years ago, on 11 January 2002, the USA airlifted the first prisoners into the prison complex at US Naval Station Guantánamo Bay in Cuba following then-US President George W Bush‘s 13 November 2001 executive order authorising the prison’s establishment to detain American-captured “terror suspects”. Out of 779 prisoners ever held at the camp, courts only convicted and sentenced seven of them. According to The Guardian, those charged and convicted of a war crime were lucky, as they might get out of Guantánamo, whilst most of the prisoners held there without charges could spend the rest of their lives in prison.

During his 2008 presidential campaign, US President Obama promised to close the prison as he acknowledged that the detention camp was a symbol of the US government‘s violation of human rights. Today, twelve years after the opening of the prison and almost five years after Obama promised to close it, Americans all across the country took to the streets to demand the shutting down of the prison. Protests occurred at the White House in Washington DC, and in a number of other American cities including Miami FL, Santa Monica CA, and Chicago IL.

In early February last year, Gitmo prisoners began a hunger strike to protest harsh conditions and indefinite detention without trial. The mass protest peaked in July as over 130 prisoners took part in the hunger strike. Images from the detention centre published in June showed how military guards force-fed prisoners, strapping them into a metal restraint chair, feeding them through plastic tubing forced up their noses. In December, the DoD said that it would no longer release reports of hunger strikes staged at the prison to the public since disclosing such news wouldn’t be in American interests.

 11 January 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

President Obama couldn’t close the Gitmo Gulag because Republicans in the US Senate used obstructionist tactics, using abuse of parliamentary procedure to bollix up the Prez. That means something, kids… it means that Republicans are ungovernable brats at heart, which means that they’re criminal in their very souls. They advocate a “deregulated” anarchic “libertarian” society where the rich run roughshod over all others, and they advocate a foreign policy of lawlessly arresting people in foreign parts, kidnapping them by force, and taking them to the USA for trial by kangaroo courts. That’s not right… US law has no force outside the borders of the USA… that is, it has no jurisdiction; you can’t apply it to actions that took place outside the USA. That makes such trials criminal farces… far worse than any Soviet troika (and here) or Freisler’s Volksgerichthof… at least, they DID have jurisdiction in their cases, like it or not. America arrogantly proclaims that its law spans the world… and that’s not right (it puts a new spin on the Cold War, doesn’t it?). Remember that on Election Day


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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

18 September 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Former NSA and CIA Chief Sees Future of Alcoholism for Snowden

00 If He Calls You Names It's a Compliment. 18.09.13


Editor’s Foreword:

I knew that the Amerikantsy believed their own propaganda and think overly highly of themselves, but this is over the top even for them. Read on…



Michael Hayden, the former head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said that he envisioned a grim future of boredom and alcoholism for fugitive American intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, now in Russia. The Washington Post quoted Hayden as saying in response to a question about Snowden at a discussion forum held in a church across from the White House earlier this week, “I suspect he will end up like most of the rest of the defectors who went to the old Soviet Union… isolated, bored, lonely, depressed, and most of them ended up alcoholics”. Hayden, now a principal at the Chertoff Group, a security consultancy co-founded by former US Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, described Snowden as “a troubled young man… morally arrogant to a tremendous degree, but a troubled young man”. Lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, who helped to get temporary asylum status for Snowden, said that Snowden, a computer specialist and former NSA employee, currently resides anonymously in Russia, going for walks and travelling without being recognised. Earlier this summer, Snowden was the focus of international attention after he leaked classified information about widespread US government surveillance programmes to the media. He fled to Hong Kong, and, then, to Russia, where he received asylum in July after spending weeks in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport.

18 September 2013



Editor’s Afterword:

God, Snowden’s gotten their goat but good. This is “sour grapes” of the choicest vintage. Russian reports have it that Eddie’s moving freely and that he’s not bored or despondent… quite the contrary. Chertoff was a brutal and conscienceless consigliere for the Bush junta; he wrote the legal justification for torture and other such pleasantries in the so-called “War on Terror”. That’s the kind of person that Hayden works for… shitbirds of a feather flock together, y’ know, and “like does call unto like”. I’d say that if Hayden maligns you, it’s a compliment of the highest order. After all, he’s saying that Eddie’s not like him (or Chertoff)… and that’s a GOOD thing, kids. If the goodthinkers call you “disordered”, then, it probably means that you’re courageous and well-centred. Hayden’s a career spook, y’ gotta remember… he was the initiator of the lawless surveillance programme exposed by Snowden (that is, he DEFENDS government spying on the people). Methinks that the schmidiot was just “hoist by his own petard”… and he doesn’t realise it. It tells you about the intelligence level of Republicans (do note how Republicans defend torture, spying on ordinary folks, murder by drone, and kidnapping abroad)…

One last thing… as for “morally arrogant”, I don’t think that a former Langley operative has the high ground on that. After all, remember Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis (he was a SOCIALISToh, the humanity!)… Langley did topple him in a coup, after all…



Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hasan Gets the Drop for Fort Hood Mass Slaying

00 Ft Hood shooting. cartoon. Nidal Hasan. 28.08.13

I wonder if the rightwing bloviators are going to put the Army’s feet to the fire? Perspirin’ minds wanna know… after all, they claim that they’re waging a “Global War on Terror“… so, Fort Hood WAS the front-line, kids…


The Austin American Statesman reported that a court-martial found US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan guilty of all charges and sentenced him to death for his murder of 13 people at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center in Fort Hood (near Killeen TX) in 2009 after deliberating for two hours. At the time of the incident, he opened fire, killing 13 fellow soldiers and wounding more than 30. Witnesses testified that Hasan, an American-born Muslim, screamed Allahu akbar (“God is great” in Arabic) as he sprayed bullets with a laser-sighted handgun. Ranked by the number of victims, this crime was the largest of all such incidents at American military bases.

During the trial, the defendant refused the assistance of legal counsel. He clashed with all the defence attorneys assigned to him. According to lawyers who worked with Hasan, he provoked the court; he didn’t hide the fact that wanted the death penalty. He didn’t even try to defend himself and behaved provocatively. He refused to speak to the court. The media called Hasan’s trial a “revolting spectacle”. Previously, he stated repeatedly that he committed the mass murder, which is equivalent in the USA to terrorist attack, in retaliation for the wars fought against his fellow Muslims by American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hasan wanted to be executed, in order to “die as a hero”, as a man sacrificing his life for his ideals.

The last time that an American military court martial handed down a death sentence was in 1961. Hasan now becomes the sixth man on death row at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth (north of Leavenworth KS). The death sentence sets off an automatic and lengthy appeals process, typically lasting a minimum of four years. For it to take place, a military execution would require the approval of the Fort Hood commanding general and the US President.

28 August 2013

Voice of Russia World Service



Editor’s Note:

This crime is one of the few that merits the death penalty. Hasan killed more than one person, furthermore, he did it on a military installation targeting American soldiers, and thus, it was an act of violence against the American state. Too bad, it’ll take forever for all the mandatory appeals. He’ll be a martyr to the Islamists, but for no one else in the Islamic world… don’t forget, just as “Born Agains” don’t represent the bulk of real Christians, the Islamists aren’t in sync with the majority of those in the Ummah. That’s the way it is…


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