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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Official Assessment of LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky on the Memorial Day of the Victims of the So-Called “Golodomor” in the Ukraine

00 Bandera scum out! 10.05.14

“Out with the Banderist scum!”



To our honourable Citizens and fellow countrymen!

On 26 November, noisy and public events in the areas controlled by the Kiev régime will occur, although good order demands that a proper response should be dignified and private. In fact, the untimely death of loved ones from hunger brings great anguish that one doesn’t want to put on public display. However, for over 20 years, the Kiev régime has tried to turn a common tragedy into a political show that has the aim of sowing discord and enmity between different peoples and social groups. Did death ask the nationality of the people that it swept up in the great famine of the 20s and 30s? Didn’t many hundreds of thousands of victims die in the Volga region and in Kazakhstan? At about the same time, many suffered from hunger in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, and even the USA, but no one there calls it the “Golodomor”… they call it a “global economic crisis” and the “Great Depression”. Finally, why won’t these ceremonies point up that the Poroshenko régime is enforcing an all-out blockade on the Donbass? That could’ve led to widespread death from hunger, but Russian aid forestalled that. On behalf of the people of the LNR, we declare that we sympathise with all who lost loved ones to famine, wherever they might live, in the Ukraine, in Russia, in Africa. We’re always ready to help everyone who needs it. For example, during the siege of Lugansk, captured Banderist aggressors received food, water, and medical assistance on the same basis as our soldiers and citizens. However, we strongly condemn the deceitful notion of the “Golodomor”, which [nationalists] allege was an intentional action against Ukrainians. Those who blame their former countrymen for the “Golodomor” should first remove the log from their eye and soberly assess the immediate consequences of their own policies. Soon, the people will ask you not for the “Golodomor”, but for the “Tarifomor”* and most of all for the “ATO-mor*!

  • Tarifomor: a play on words, adding “tarif” (rates) to “–mor”, referring to the vast increases in rents, utility rates, and prices under the American-installed Uniate nationalist junta
  • ATO-mor: another play on words, it adds “–mor” to ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation), the Uniate nationalist term for the present American-supported aggression in the Donbass

00 I V Plotnitsky. LNR. Lugansk PR. 20.05.15I V Plotnitsky

Head of State of the Lugansk Peoples Republic

25 November 2016

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Thursday, 3 December 2015

Kiev Uses Images from Volga Famine of the 1920s to Lie About the So-Called “Golodomor”

00 ukrainian media. where will we pour out our shit now. 240615


Miroslav Rudenko, DNR Peoples Soviet Deputy (Head of the Committee on Education, Science, and Culture; Free Donbass faction), told us:

The Kiev authorities carry out direct and open falsification of the so-called Golodomor in the Ukraine by using photos of the famine in the Volga region of the 1920s. In particular, the SBU used pictures of starving people in the Volga region at an exhibition dedicated to the so-called Golodomor of the 1930s. Although historians “exposed” Ukrainian lies [on the Golodomor] more than once, Kiev refuses to respond. This distortion of the truth is for political purposes. They do it to accuse Russia of “genocide” against the Ukrainian people. Kiev needs to magnify this “tragedy”, so they add zeros to the data on the victims of the famine in the Ukraine.

The famine of 1932-33, which Ukrainian nationalists call the so-called “Golodomor”, occurred in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, the Southern Urals, Western Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, as well as in the Ukraine. Ukrainian apologists claim that the Soviet government directly ordered these deaths. Rudenko said that the charge of genocide against Russia has become a hackneyed item [amongst Ukrainian nationalists], but he believes that it’s clear that the Soviet government purposefully killed no one.

27 November 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Restoring Historical Justice in the Republic… Removing Monument to False Golodomor

00 Donbass miners. 06.06.14

The people don’t believe in the notional “Ukraine” and in Galician Uniate nationalist lies… including the fanciful “genocidal famine”… that never occurred as such. There were disruptions with collectivisation… mostly caused by peasants themselves destroying crops and livestock… sad to say, therefore, most of the suffering was self-inflicted, not imposed by Red commissars. By the way, the worst-hit areas were along the Volga and in Kazakhstan, NOT in the “Ukraine”… now, THAT’S historical justice…


At the next plenary session of the DNR Peoples Soviet, Donetsk Deputy Valery Skorokhodov will propose demolition of a monument to the so-called Golodomor, saying, “This proposal arose from the fact that the government erected this ‘monument’ against the wishes of the local community and to establish historical justice. In addition, we propose to adopt further measures to demolish ‘monuments’ and ‘memorials’ to the so-called ‘victims of political repression’ and the so-called Golodomor. The space of the demolished object won’t remain empty. After consulting with residents and local officials, the consensus is that we should replace it with a monument to those who fell in the defence of Snezhnoe, Saur-Mogila, and other nearby places in the present war”.

14 August 2015

Official website DNR Peoples Soviet


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Uniate Chieftain Blessed Location in Washington DC for a Proposed “Monument” to the victims of the “Golodomor” in the Ukraine


The “Golodomor” is phoney baloney… here’s the real deal… innocent Polish civilians killed by UPA Galician Nationalist slimers as part of an “ethnic cleansing” operation in World War II (the UPA’s PRAISED by the Galician Uniates)… where’s THEIR monument? I’d contribute to it!


“Archbishop” Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, blessed a proposed location in downtown Washington DC for a “monument” to victims of the so-called “Golodomor” in the Ukraine. He also held several meetings with congressmen and members of the US State Department, and he met with Aleksandr Motsyk, the Ambassador of the Ukraine to the United States, according to the Ukrainian Uniate official website. On Saturday, in New York, Shevchuk led a memorial service for the “victims” of the “Golodomor” at St Patrick Cathedral (Roman Catholic).

21 November 2011



Editor’s Note:

The ”Golodomor” narrative as told by the Galician Uniate Nationalists is a lie, pure and simple. There WAS a famine, but it occurred all over the USSR, because of Collectivisation (the worst-hit areas were actually in Kazakhstan). Besides that, although it was serious, the scope was much less than what the Uniates say, and it was NOT directed as a measure of genocide against Little Russia. Am I being catty in pointing up that the Galician Uniates didn’t suffer in Collectivisation as they were in the interwar Polish state, not the USSR? Mirabile dictu! They don’t have a dog in this fight! In short, they lie about history straight-faced to advance their political agenda, and that makes them low-life filth in my book. Reflect on this… the US Republican Party accepts the Uniate lie at face value. Here’s something for all good Russian Orthodox people to ponder… Paffhausen and Potapov support the Uniate lies because they support Republican rightwing propaganda (one wonders if they or their minions showed up for this travesty?). Remember how, last year, Paffhausen refused to meet a bishop of the UOC/MP in New York (one wonders if Potapov joined him in his refusal)? Paffhausen gives papers at Uniate conferences and snubs Orthodox hierarchs from a Church under Uniate attack. Doesn’t that tell you something? The Uniates aren’t our friends. They’re the Vatican’s dagger aimed at our throat. However, what’s truly amazing is that the American government’s allowing the Uniates to spread their lies by allowing them to erect their blasphemous “monument” in downtown DC. Are they going to erect a monument to the victims of the UPA nationalist nutters? Are they going to erect a monument to St Maksim Sandovich, Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik, and Fr Mikhail Shuvar? NO!

This is why no confessing Orthodox Christian can vote for the Republican slimers. The Republican Party gives aid, comfort, and money to the enemies of Christ’s Church. They’ve done so since before the fall of the USSR. They’ve corrupted some of our priests… Potapov is/was a government official with a “red” passport (they can pass through all border controls without checks). I’ve no doubt that Langley was behind the crackbrained idea in the ROCOR to establish parishes in Russia proper (don’t forget, they did give Jordanville a subsidy). Therefore… NO Orthodox Christian in good conscience can vote for the Republican Party under ANY circumstance. The GOP unblushingly supports the enemies of the Church; ergo, they’re Soldiers of Anti-Christ, it’s quite that simple. The Democrats aren’t much better, but they’re not as much in the pocket of the Affluent Effluent and they don’t kiss the bums of Uniate, Balt, Croat, and Albanian émigré pressure groups as baldly. They’re NOT superior… they’re just the lesser of the available evils.

It’s a crook world, isn’t it? However, don’t take it out on individual Uniates. They’re NOT responsible for what their leadership does. Simply don’t listen to their lies. Pass me the jug… news of this sort is NEVER edifying…


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