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Saturday, 26 March 2016

26 March 2016. Russians NEVER Give Up… Here’s What You Do If It Rains

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Russians love to party hearty… even if it starts to rain. NOTHING can get us irrepressible Russians down… here’s what you do if it starts to rain on your picnic… the party MUST go on!



Friday, 27 February 2015

Borowitz Report… Americans Favour Legalising Pot and Criminalising Congress

00 Political cartoon. He doesn't see. He doesn't hear. He keeps quiet (when he's paid enough). 02.11.13

Friends don’t let friends run for Congress…


One Toke Over the Line, a classic by Brewer and Shipley


01 stoner bear

One toke over the line, Sweet Jesus…


Cheech n’ Chong with the classic Acapulco Gold


00 Pat Bagley. Lobbyists and Congress. 10.04.14.

This is why no decent person trusts the US Congress…


I Got Stoned and I Missed It… Shel Silverstein’s mouldy oldy…


00 Stoned Santa. 13.12.12

I shared a cone with Santa…


According to a poll released on Thursday, by a huge majority, Americans support laws legalising marijuana and criminalising Congress. While the poll reflects a relaxation of attitudes about recreational pot use, it also suggests that many Americans now view membership in Congress as a problem ravaging the nation. Harland Dorrinson, an activist who spent years mobilising support for criminalising Congress, said, “This poll reinforces what many of us have been saying for a long time… Congress destroys lives. I’ve seen productive members of society get involved with Congress and completely lose the will to work. They just sit there, totally numb, and out of touch with reality”. He noted that the once prevalent view that membership in Congress was “harmless” is now being discredited. He said, “If you look at what happens to someone’s brain after ten, twenty, or even thirty years in Congress, it’s devastating. There’s severe impairment”. Additionally, he warned that Congress is a “gateway elective office” that leads many to try running for President.

27 February 2015

Andy Borowitz

The New Yorker


Monday, 17 February 2014

17 February 2014. This Smelt Like a Goof… But What the Hell… It’s a Good Smile…

00 Roskosmos Priest Spacesuit. 17.02.14


Supposedly, Roskosmos developed a special spacesuit for priests, and will develop a “cosmo-church”. That smelled more than a little fishy to me (it seemed just a tad too Kashchenist to be real). So, I did a little research… and, sure enough, it’s a padonki goof (one wonders if a couple of fun-loving priests like Charlie weren’t in on it, too). EARLY APRIL FOOL! Hey, it’s a good laugh… and we all need those, don’t we, kids? Pop a cork and smile… the world’s being its usual irascible self. Aren’t you glad that not everything’s serious?


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Thursday, 15 December 2011

15 December 2011. Ignore the Goofy “Text Enhance Ads”… I Did NOT Put Them There…

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Today, apparently, WordPress starting putting goofy “Text Enhance” ads not only on this site, but on all sites. You can make your site ad-free by paying them off… is the head of WordPress a Rush Limbaugh listener? With this sort of sneaky money-grubbing, it sure looks like it. These goofballs are trying to be clever. The ads are disguised as links… caveat lector! IGNORE THEM. I’d be inclined to say, if you can, DON’T buy the products advertised. This is the first time I’ve seen this… is WordPress in the deep kimchi and doesn’t want to say so? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

By the way, I get NOTHING from these ads… not a penny. Are these ads on all sites, or on just the most “popular” ones? I just thought that you’d like to know that…



If the “link” is underlined, it’s a fake… it’s an ad. If it’s not underlined, it’s a real link. As long as WordPress continues to do this, I’ll keep this pasted to the top of my blog. It’s one thing to run real ads… but to disguise them as links is low, nasty, and disingenuous. Either have real ads or have none at all.


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