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Monday, 13 April 2015

LNR Driver’s Licenses and Registrations will be Valid in the Russian Federation

00 LNR Lugansk motor vehicle office. 13.04.15



This is MORE important than some of the “war” news is… it means that the People’s Republics are laying the groundwork for an independent state-life away from the Ukraine. To found a state apparat isn’t as sexy as fighting on the front is, but it’s, perhaps, even MORE important in the greater scheme of things. It means that the Republics have definitively turned their back on the failed bankster oligarch state sardonically known as Banderstan. It means that the Republics have definitively rejected Galician Uniate “Consciousness”… that means that there’s no return to the status quo ante. It matters little whether the Republics will form a new state (Novorossiya) within the Eurasian Union or whether they’d formally be part of the Russian Federation… they’d NEVER be part of the noxious Western fiction known as the “Ukraine” ever again.

The USA believed its own bullshit… therefore, it’s losing in the Ukraine, in the deep kimchi in Iraq, doing nothing but riling up the Chinese in the South China Sea, and trying to foment bootless “revolutions” in Venezuela and Brazil. If it concentrated on any one of these, it might win a victory, but by going after all of them at once, it guarantees defeat in virtually all of them (in the end, the USA will concentrate on Iraq as it can’t lose face in the volatile Middle East). Don’t listen to Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz… after all, they believe that the USA is a “City on a Hill”, a perfect exemplar for the world. That tells you volumes, doesn’t it?

This office opening is a milestone in its modest way… good on the LNR, good on its people, and good on the ideals that animate it.



Now, you can register your vehicle and get a driver’s license at the LNR MVD GBDD Interregional Registration-Examination Department (MREO). Its grand opening was on Saturday 11 April. LNR Chairman of the Council of Ministers Gennady Tsypkalov announced that from now on, the LNR would issue a driver’s license under its own auspices, saying, “Documents will be issued by us; however, in agreement with the Russian Federation, they’d be valid in their territory, too”. LNR Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Kornet stated that the Republic now issues driver’s licenses and vehicle documents for citizens, saying, “Our focus is on people who’ve lost their documents or who have damaged ones. However, at the same time, new car registrations and new motorists who’ve graduated from driving school would also receive these documents”. He added that several MREO offices would cover the LNR, for the convenience of citizens, so that they’d have a nearby office when they need such documents. LNR Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Communications Nikolai Chumachenko noted, “We’re very concerned about these issues, because when you change suburban, intercity, or city routes there’s a need to re-register the vehicle. However, the rules of the road haven’t changed”. In turn, Andrei Cherkasov, the MREO chief, spoke on how one obtains a new driver’s licence, “In case one loses a driver’s licence, a person comes to our office with documents confirming that they’d earlier held a Ukrainian licence. If they can’t provide such documentation, we’d check it in our electronic database. Nevertheless, we must confirm the existence of a previously issued driver’s licence when one applies for a new document. Also, there’s a fee of 102 Grivnya (226 Roubles. 27 Renminbi. 270 INR. 4.50 USD. 5.50 CAD. 5.75 AUD. 4.25 Euros. 3 UK Pounds). The procedure takes about 35-40 minutes. LNR residents can get a new driver’s licence with a certificate of graduation from a driving school. In this case, a person should submit an application, pass a written test in our classroom, then, they could get a driver’s licence. If it’s the first examination, the fee is 102 Grivnya. For each subsequent retest, there’s a fee of 70 Grivnya (156 Roubles. 19 Renminbi. 186 INR. 3 USD. 3.75 CAD. 4 AUD. 3.75 Euros. 2 UK Pounds)”.

13 April 2015

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