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Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 May 2015. Greetings to All My New Followers! You Oldtimers Know the Score… Gotta Tell the Newbies…

00 Oktoberfest 2012. Love Life, Love the Truth, and Love Your Friends... I'll Drink to That. 30.09.12


This is NOT a single-issue forum… if that’s what you’re looking for… this isn’t it. This is a blog by a reasonably well-educated Russian-American woman of leftist politics and Russian Orthodox religion. The posts here reflect that. There’s some Russian culture, there’s some Orthodox religion and news (but no preaching or moralising… I’m no exemplar, kids), there’s some left politics, and there’s some animal stuff (I’m an animal lover… we have three little furbies, and that’s that). This blog existed before the War of National Liberation started in Novorossiya, and it’ll be around after the patriots win and throw out the Uniate nationalist aggressor plug-uglies. Of course, the war news has Priority One, as that affects all of Holy Rus. Yet… there’s much more than that. I’d hope that many of you would stay after the war’s over.

As always, as the old hands know, LOVE rules this house. Love of God, Love of Truth, Love of my Fellow Man, Love of the Natural World about us, and Love for my associates. As I wrote a friend of mine:

The older I get, the terser I get. Waste no time… it’s precious. That’s how you can tell the lovers… they get to the point.

Thanks for being here… each new “follower” inspires me to keep my standards as high as I can. I’ll fuck up occasionally, but I’ll never give ya excuses. Take my hand, it’s getting dark and it’s safer in a group. The road goes ever onward…


Thursday, 12 March 2015

12 March 2105. I’ve Broken the “11-11” Barrier…

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Led Zeppelin, Thank You


I broke the “11-11” barrier in followers today… that is, I’m over 1,111 followers. One of the Cabinet asked me about OCA news… I said to them, “Thank God, none! It means that people are no longer fighting, but trying to patch up what happened”. Recently, despite fact-checking, I fell down. My policy is to take reports, but then check them with those in the country involved. I asked a friend in Poland about it, and they said, “That’s what I heard too”. However, once I decide to run with a story… THE RESPONSIBILITY IS MINE ALONE. NO ONE ELSE. That is, my errors are MY errors, and that’s how I present them. If you want perfection… it ain’t here… I’ll tell ya what, though… when you find it, please, tell me… I’ve been looking for it for 61 years, and I haven’t found it yet. Maybe, I need some help…

Pass the jug and cheer… youse guys are why I’m here. Remember, “love rules this house”… if it doesn’t, I needn’t go on, need I? Be good all of you and THANKS…


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