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Sunday, 22 February 2015

22 February 2015. They’re Serving Roast Adolf at Joe’s House Tonight! Dr Seuss was a LEFTIE!

00 Dr Seuss. They're serving Roast Adolf at Joe's House tonight! WW2


Dr Seuss was a LEFTIE! Let’s not forget that the American contribution to the victory of the Anti-Hitler Coalition was due to the socialist New Deal. It was NOT due to delusional Free Market greedsterism. America pulled together in a PLANNED ECONOMY and had the greatest production ever seen in American history. The Republicans are stinking liars of the worst possible sort… they want a system that’s almost identical to the economic system of Nazi Germany! You can stand for the Left and for Justice… or you can stand for the Republicans and Evil. Note well that the Republicans cheer on the Uniate murderers in Novorossiya… need I say more? By the way, Dr Seuss hated Republicans… he hated how they misused his story Horton Hears a Who. I agree with Dr Seuss, NOT the Republicans, what about you?

They’re serving Roast Rush and Poached Palin at Chez Putin tonight… pass the word…


Monday, 9 February 2015

9 February 2015. The People’s Sniper or the Oligarch’s Sniper… Who’s Number One on YOUR Hit Parade?

00 Red Sniper vs Hegemonic Sniper. 09.02.15.jpg-large


Who’s your fave? Chris Kyle or L M Pavlichenko? Do you stand with the people or with the banksters? Do you want socialistic coöperation or do you want nihilistic crapitalism? Which side ARE you on?


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

3 February 2015. A Multimedia Presentation… Tell the Truth About the Uniate Filth Running Rampant in the Ukraine Today… BOTH US Political Parties Support the Murderers NOT the Victims

00 galician UPA Democracy 01. 29.04.14


“In Memory of the Tragedy in Odessa”… the Uniate filth who carried out the Dom Profsoyuzov arson received American funds… Obama and Psaki just about admitted it… and McCain, Rubio, and Cruz want to send them MORE…


00 Khatyn memorial. 04.05.14

Khatyn… destroyed by “Ukrainian” Nazi collaborationists… NEVER forget… NEVER forgive… the Uniates and schismatics honour those who did this!


“It’s time to wake up, Slavs!” The Galician Uniate institution isn’t only the sworn enemy of Holy Rus and Orthodoxy… it’s the opponent of humanity in general. After all, it glorifies those who shoved Jews into the ovens for the Nazis!


00 World War II victims. Belarus. 20.11.12

Reburying unknown heroes of the VOV… they died to save the world from a long Nazi night… the Uniates and schismatics fought to uphold Nazism… one of these things is NOT like the other!


“In Memory of the Past and of the Present”… juxtaposing images of the Great Patriotic War with images of the Uniate filth on the Maidan. Take a good look… that is what the Uniate and schismatic hierarchies wish to impose on Holy Rus. I call it BLASPHEMY… and I’m NOT alone…


00 The Mother-Motherland Calls. 07.08.14

Novorossiya IS Holy Rus… we must sweep away the Uniate filth and uproot “Ukrainianism” for the good of the whole world…


“Love to the Motherland”… this is what we stand for… FOR HOLY RUS!


00 March of the Immortal Regiment. 14.10.14

Thank you, Grandpa for the Victory! You either honour those who followed the Red banner or those who followed the swastika… it’s up to you…


“We Remember… We’re Proud!” You either honour the podvig of the Red Army and of the Soviet people, or you honour the Nazis, their scabrous New World Order, and their murderous enormities… there is no other path… one or the other! Yes… the US Republican Party called the era after 1991 a “New World Order”… fancy that… they and the Nazis are ONE. Reflect on that.


It’s our duty, as diaspora Russian Orthodox to stand up for our coreligionists. It’s the least that we can do. Since 1596, the Church of Rome has attempted to rip out our very soul and replace it with subservience to their Pope, to leave us grovelling to their Curia. Do you wish to end like the Galician Uniates? They’re left with the merest shell of their earlier legacy as Russian Orthodox Christians. Look at them and their adulation of Bandera! That’s proof that Orthodoxy must fight yet again. There’s no middle way… there’s either freedom in Orthodoxy or papist slavery. That’s our choice!

Choose well…


Monday, 26 January 2015

26 January 2015. The Forgotten Victims of the Nazis… the Soviet POWs

Ukrainian Nazi poster

This is what the Nazi collaborators did… the Wehrmacht didn’t protest this at all. Reflect on the fact that the Wehrmacht aided the campaign of extermination in the East. Racism was the engine of extermination. That’s why we have to face it wherever it pops up. Whether it’s Goebbels or Limbaugh… hate propaganda is the same under the skin. Nazi or Republican… the spectre of a New Long Night threatened and threatens humanity. We fought off the first… shall we fight off the second? We defeated the Master Race, shall we defeat the Almighty Dollar? 


Read this.

Reflect on this. The US Republican Party always covered over the war crimes of the Wehrmacht and of Croat, Balt, and Galician collaborators. It also covered over the war crimes of KONR… a group that seized control of the ROCOR from 1948 until the ’07 Reconciliation with the Mother Church. Reflect on this… Germany pays pensions to those who committed crimes against humanity on the Russian Front in the Wehrmacht and SS, but refuses pensions to those who served in the anti-fascist and anti-capitalist NVA. I find that evil… I’m NOT alone. Behind the Russophobia of the US Republicans is a sick racism, akin to that of the Nazis. Remember… US officers sheltered Balt, Croat, and Galician war criminals (the SS Cossacks were in the British Zone, so, they weren’t so “lucky”)… as a result, their hate survived to bring chaos into the world yet again.

Russian Orthodox people… we’ve allowed people like Potapov to be influential amongst us for far too long. It’s time for us to get rid of those who either were collaborators themselves or are unrepentant family members of collaborators (that is, they have to admit that their parents were criminals and that their legacy was evil). It’s our DUTY before mankind…


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