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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… The Victims of the Wołyń Massacre 1943-45

00 polish memorial volyn massacre. 280715


Saturday, 25 July 2015

25 July 2015. “Betrayal of the Cossacks”… Such a Thing Didn’t (and Couldn’t) Happen

00 krasnov's perfidy and treason. 250715



00 S A Kovpak. Soviet partisan leader. 260615

GOOD… Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”


Here’s a colloquy a friend and I had (I’m in italics):

I find it amusing that countries that supported Hitler in World War II, along with all fascism’s atrocities, now feel by losing that war they’re somehow “victimised” by having been on the defeated side. The side of evil! Go figure!

Then, there was NO “betrayal of the Cossacks”… how can traitors be victims? After all, Russia REFUSES to rehabilitate P N Krasnov’s turncoats to this very day. Is that who you’re talking of?

Legally, this is where Russia stands in re P N Krasnov:

In accordance with the conclusions of the Chief Military Prokuratura, the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation refused to rehabilitate P N Krasnov on 25 December 1997. His conviction was according to the facts, so he isn’t a subject for rehabilitation. This will apply to all appeals on his rehabilitation.


No one can sue me for stating that P N Krasnov was a traitor in Soviet times and remains one today. He was an odious pig who took up arms against his own people, in the interests of racists who considered all Slavs, not merely Russians, as subhumanity. That is beyond all comprehension and forgiveness. Krasnov was a man eaten alive by hate. Anyone who adulates him as a hero is my opponent, and I say such openly. One can see why Victor Potapov is an evil man… he’s an apologist for traitorous and treacherous scumbags… on top of that, he works for the Anglo American enemies of the Rodina. There was no “betrayal of the Cossacks”… traitors they were, and traitors they remain. After all, they wore the uniform of the SS, a criminal organisation. They willingly marched under the racist Nazi banner. I wrote this earlier about these soulless haters of the Rodina:

You may honour heroes of the Motherland such as S A Kovpak or you may honour traitors to the Motherland such as S A Bandera or P N Krasnov. They’re mutually exclusive. By the way, the Council of Atamans of the Donsky Voiska refused to support the rehabilitation of Krasnov; RF Gosduma Deputy (and Don Cossack Ataman) V P Vodolatsky said, “The fact of his collaboration with Hitler during the war makes any idea of his rehabilitation absolutely unacceptable to us”. In 2008, the Russian government ordered the removal of a “memorial” to Krasnov on the grounds that it glorified fascism (a wise and good decision). You may stand with the truthful Donsky Cossacks or you may stand with the liar Victor Potapov… it’s up to you. 

I stand by all the above and no one can sue me for it. Let history judge.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

22 July 1944… A Sad Date for Galician Uniate Nationalists

00 himmler and galician uniate nationalist volunteers. 230715


00 bandera and vlasov. 230715

“Bandera and Vlasov… Heroes of the Cocksuckers” (idiomatic translation, can also be rendered “Heroes of the Fags/Homos/Pederasts”)

That’s the text… I didn’t write it… I only translated it… 


Yesterday was a black day for the Right Sector! On 22 July 1944, at Brody, troops of the Red Army’s 1 Ukrainian Front smashed the Galizien VOLUNTEER SS Division. The Red Army killed or captured 75 percent of this scumbag traitor division in the Battle of the Brody Pocket. That’s something that Vickie Nuland didn’t tell the Israel Lobby… that her precious Galician nationalists were avid collaborators with the Nazis… as was Vlasov, by the way…

One last thing, Victor Potapov is a die-hard defender of the Vlasov pigs… note well that the Russian government REFUSES to rehabilitate them… rightly so, for those filthy turncoats took up arms against their Motherland in favour of those who considered us Untermenschtum… Subhumanity. In my mind, there’s no difference between the Vlasovtsy and Banderovtsy… decent people should scorn both.



Sunday, 19 July 2015

That Old-Time VOV Spirit Still Lives in Russia

00 Vladimir Serov. We Beat Them, Beat Them, We'll Beat Them Again! 1941

We Beat Them, Beat Them, and We WILL Beat Them Again!

Vladimir Serov



The more that the Anglo American Establishment blusters and threatens, the more Russians simply grow more ready to resist the hubristical Anglo pigs. The USA boasts… it sent 100 obsolescent Hummers to the fascist junta… what a threat to Russia! I’ll simply say this, when the mobilisation orders go out, Russians will come to the colours, just as they did in 1242… just as they did in 1380… just as they did in 1612… just as they did in 1914 and 1941. America will find out what all invaders of Holy Rus have found out… All those who march on us with sword in hand, by that sword shall they die! St Aleksandr Nevsky said that nearly 800 years ago… it’s still true today.

Just sayin’… oh, one last thing… 17 July was the 775th anniversary of St Aleksandr Nevsky’s victory over the Swedes on the Neva (that’s why he’s called “Nevsky”, kids). Ask yourself a question, “Where was ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ America?” Yes… where was it? Hmm…


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