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Saturday, 25 November 2017

25 November 2017. Another Grumpy Cat Meme… On Black Friday


I was NOT in any store yesterday. Save for grocery shopping, I tend to avoid malls and stores during the holiday rush. It’s just too DEPRESSING. Am I the only person to note that most of the people that you see are harried and frazzled, not in any holiday mood at all? However, the nadir-point of it all is Black Friday… a day that I call “the Black Mass of American Consumerism”. Note well that those who organise and take part in this charade fancy themselves “superior” to the rest of mankind.

I seem to think that it indicates otherwise…


Saturday, 11 March 2017

11 March 2017. If Giving is Good… Why Did You Vote Republican?


It’s clear… all traditional religions teach that giving is good and that greed is bad. Therefore, why did you vote Republican? Their credo is “Greed is Good”. Therefore, no moral or decent person can vote for such a faction (the neoliberal Clinton Dems are just as feral and evil, kids). However, the Dems do toss the occasional bone to the masses… the Repugs make no such gestures. It’s “All power to the rich and everyone else be damned!” The swamp isn’t being drained… the swamp is expanding and Trump’s handing it all over to the oligarchs. It won’t be long, but the Trump Era will usher in a reaction… already, many young people are reaching the conclusion that “Socialism is good”. The rich had best party hearty now… their paradise won’t long for long (although it’ll be long enough to hurt millions).

They’ll blame everyone but themselves… and call those who remove them “terrorists”. I think that I’ve heard that one before…


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22 July 2015. Comrade Fidel on the US Republican Party… His Body is Weak, But His Mind is Still Strong

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Comrade Fidel said that in 2012… it appears that things haven’t changed. Perhaps, they have changed… for the worst! I think that I can say without equivocation that all supporters of the Republican Party are either evil or dupes. ALL SUPPORTERS. Greed… the love of money… is the root of all evil. Greed is at the centre of the Republican mindset. Ergo, it worships primal evil. Christians can have nothing to do with such demonic degenerates. Don’t let “niceness”, “politeness”, “religiosity”, or “respectability” fool you. None of those concepts are a synonym for “good”… ponder that, if you will… also ponder the fact that evil rarely looks “evil”… Hannah Arendt was right… evil IS banal and pedestrian (you can see this in the writing of pundits like Rod Dreher and Ric Lowery… their triteness and mediocrity shines out to all). Evil was Adolf Eichmann… who appeared a dweeb… just like Yatsenyuk and Ted Cruz. Evil comes in many guises, most of them quite innocent-looking. To support the Republican Party is worse than honouring Stalin… Iosif Vissarionovich, at least, didn’t wrap up brutality and violence in religious vesture, as the Republicans do. Do have a care… the times are parlous…


Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. Russian Editorial Cartoon… Russia and China Versus the G20 (With an Assist from Serbia)

00 G20 russia and china. 040715


Do you stand on the side of Right, Justice, Holy Rus, and the Middle Kingdom (and Fraternal Serbia), or do you stand on the side of Money, Greed, and Exceptional America? Do you stand for Decency or do you stand for the American Evil Empire and its NATO Axis of Evil? A Russian monk once said, “What started in Russia will end in America”… that is, theomachistic greed and hubris would find its true home in Anglo America. If you look at the Anti-Life Programme of the Republican Party and the “religion” of the “Evangelicals”, it’s clear that this prophecy was all too true. Where DO you stand? It’s up to you…

You can stand for Christ and Justice, or you can stand for Anglo America’s hubristical insane drive for global hegemony… them be the only two choices…


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