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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

In 2017: Occupy. Resist. Build Power.



The 2016 Presidential election has left our nation reeling. Donald Trump’s shock victory is the result of the massive failure of the corporate two-party system, which imposed a whiteout on progressive and independent campaigns whilst producing the most disliked and distrusted major-party candidates in history. This toxic election delivered a uniquely toxic result… rightwing extremists, bigots, and blowhards will take control of government starting in January, casting a distressing shadow over our future. As the two-party system hits rock bottom, people are waging momentous grassroots struggles outside the political establishment… at Standing Rock, in the Black Lives Matter movement, the Fight for 15, and more. In these emerging political spaces, we can make this breaking point for the establishment a tipping point towards a new politics for people, planet, and peace over profit. Greens have a unique opportunity to help lead the way. From Dreamers and student debtors to pipeline resisters, people are building their voices and power in the streets. Our campaign had the honour to stand with these movements on the frontlines. Together, we can build a powerful force to resist Trump and reclaim power for the people.

Greens emerged stronger than ever from this election… tripling our vote count from 2012, retaining ballot status in a record number of states, gaining countless new chapters, and carrying extraordinary momentum into this year’s local elections season. We can build on the successes of local Greens, from Richmond CA to New Paltz NY, to protect our communities against Trump while cultivating the kind of organisation and defiant leadership that the American people desperately need. We don’t consent to Trump’s régime of hate, fear, and corruption. We’ll oppose oligarchy with democracy. Moreover, we’ll build an unstoppable movement whose time has come, to put people, planet, and peace over profit.

Join us: occupyinauguration.org

Thank you for being the best of 2016.

In gratitude,

Jill Stein

2 January 2017

Jill 2016



Saturday, 26 November 2016

Vox Pop on the Green Party and Socialism, With an Excursus on James Connelly

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Socialism is GOOD! 2012



A friend wrote this. I have nothing to add to it. Its read n’ heed from top to bottom.



I find the Green Party in the USA muted, a bit afraid to be fully socialist. However, that might just be me. James Connelly said:

Religion and race goes straight out the door when it comes to the struggle. If you advocate expelling one poor worker over another, no Christian are you.

I’ll add that the first Irish Socialists were often Protestant, so keep that in mind as well as Connelly’s influence on labour in Britain as a whole but, hopefully, in the USA as well. I’ll add this additional Connelly quote because it’s a wise one:

The day has passed for patching up the capitalist system; it must go. In the work of abolishing it, the Catholic and the Protestant, the Catholic and the Jew, the Catholic and the Freethinker, the Catholic and the Buddhist, the Catholic and the Mahometan will coöperate together, knowing no rivalry but the rivalry of endeavour toward an end beneficial to all. For, as we have said elsewhere, socialism is neither Protestant nor Catholic, Christian nor Freethinker, Buddhist, Mahometan, nor Jew; it’s only Human. We of the socialist working class realise that as we suffer together we must work together that we may enjoy together. We reject the firebrand of capitalist warfare and offer you the olive leaf of brotherhood and justice to and for all.

Labour, Nationality and Religion, in response to Fr Robert Kane’s lectures denouncing socialism, Catholicism and Socialism

Friday, 25 November 2016

Don’t Forget Standing Rock



Police are shooting rubber bullets and water cannon at the Standing Rock Sioux and peaceful #NoDAPL protesters in -3 degree (27 degrees Fahrenheit) weather. What’s happening at Standing Rock is nothing short of state-sponsored violence in the name of oil rights and corporate profits. The DOJ must immediately launch an investigation into the continuing human rights abuses being committed in North Dakota. Peaceful protest is a human right.

20 November 2016

Green Party


Saturday, 19 November 2016

We Stand in Solidarity with People Under Attack


This is what Trump supporters want to whitewash… the crimes of their ancestors… that’s what “greatness” means them… the ability to hurt and grab whenever you want to, with no consequence or penalty. I call that evil…


The Stein/Baraka campaign expresses outrage at the horrific attacks and threats levelled at communities that are in the crosshairs of a Trump presidency. We acknowledge the real heartache, pain, and worry that people of colour, women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIA+, poor, and working people feel. We also wish to express our deep sorrow at the attacks against many Green Party supporters over the past few months, attacks that intensified in the last few days. Our supporters, friends, and staff reported being targets of a steady stream of harassment, abuse, and threats, up to and including death threats. These attacks didn’t only come from virulent racist Trump supporters, they were also in large part from Clinton supporters, who seem to think it’s okay to vilify, swear at, spit on, and make threats against those who disagree; those who chose to exercise their right to vote how they see fit; those who decided  that the two-party system itself is the problem.

We must see and call out hateful behaviour, from wherever it comes from across the political spectrum, for what it is… deplorable. We must recognise that many people around this country don’t feel safe. We must stand with people of colour, with immigrants and indigenous people, with Muslims, Jews, LGBTQIA+ people, women, and with all whose rights are under threat. Solidarity must be our guiding principle. We’re committed to peaceful non-violent actions to oppose any racist, sexist, homophobic, and other harmful acts enacted or inspired by a Trump presidency, and provide real protection and support for people of colour and communities that come under threat.

We also stand with Greens around the country and the world who’ve endured bullying and threats for having the courage of their convictions to stand up against the establishment and corporate two-party rule. The Stein/Baraka ticket ran a principled campaign that unapologetically stood with marginalised peoples and their struggles around this country. We stand firm with these communities against all attacks, as well as with our supporters who stood with us in this dark time. We stand firm for a truly progressive agenda to put people, planet, and peace over profit, the only counterweight to the rising wave of rightwing extremism in the USA and the world. We must stand with each other, take care of each other, and give ourselves the collective strength and support to build our political power. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

17 November 2016

Gloria Mattera

Stein/Baraka 2016 Campaign Chairman

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