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Thursday, 27 June 2013

27 June 2013. The Cabinet Speaks on His Holiness and the Repressions

00 Patr Kirill and Pres Lukashenko 01a 14.10.12

HH shows his attitude to socialism… he disagrees with Potapov, Webster, Mattingly, Paffhausen, and Dreher (and all the konvertsy crowd), doesn’t he? I stand with HH… what about you?


One of the Cabinet said to me:

Did you notice that His Holiness spoke of “thousands” being killed during the Revolution, Civil War, and the Repressions… not “millions n’ millions n’ millions” as the woollier Whites always bloviate about? Robert Conquest, the academic whore paid by the Ukrainian Nationalists to “prove” the “millions n’ millions n’ millions” dezinformatsiya was outed as basing his “research” on Nazi (surprise!) propaganda… he had to greatly reduce his “statistics”.

Indeed. One must reduce many of the figures bandied in the West by an order of magnitude. That is, you must chop off a zero from the figures. Mind you, it’s still serious… it’s still horrid. However, it’s not quite as nasty as the righties would have you believe. After all, they DO have an incentive to lie to you. Besides that, the communists DID learn from their errors. In the Nasty Nineties, the commies stood up for the canonical Church, and they defended it with their bodies. Today, most commies are believers, and many believers are commies. In short, there’s much overlap. Are there still atheistic commies? Sure. Are there still militantly atheistic commies? Sure… but they’re no longer in ruling positions.

There’s another reason why the Westerners and their White/Zapadnik running dogs inflate the number of Soviet victims. They want to prove equivalence between Nazis and commies. That just isn’t so… the Nazis killed more people than the commies did… in a far shorter timeframe. The NKVD killings at Butovo pale into insignificance compared to the record of the Fascist Einsatzgruppen. There was no communist equivalent of Hadamar… reflect on that. People such as Potapov and Artemonov are trying to hide the collusion of certain White factions with the Nazis. Ponder this… those families who willingly served the Nazis, now, serve the West, with equal ardour. It does put a new light on Potapov’s rant about Stalin, doesn’t it?  After all, Nazi Germany invaded the USSR… not the other way ‘round.

Keep a handle on our true history… it’ll keep you from stepping in the juicy fresh cowpats in that there field.



Saturday, 28 January 2012

28 January 2012. Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day

Children of Auschwitz

“Curlie 11”



I wish that I had a “real name” to go with this one. I apologise for not having it… the author didn’t give one, I’m afraid.


Auschwitz didn’t occur in a vacuum or overnight. Before the extermination camps, the Nazis founded Bergen-Belsen and Dachau. That’s why we must close down the Guantánamo Bay detention camp (it’s in an illegally-maintained US colony to begin with) immediately and prosecute all those who ordered the torture of suspects in clandestine CIA prisons in Eastern Europe. Otherwise, we’re on the slippery slope to Hadamar and Auschwitz. Note me well, we shouldn’t move against those who RAN the detention and torture centres, we should move against those who ordered their existence, who winked at their operation, and who colluded to keep them secret. The poor fuckers who ran them were only following orders from George W Bush, Richard Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, who are the real principals in this affair. By the standards of the Nürnberg Trials, those named are major war criminals, and should face an international tribunal, in order to help America clean itself of their criminality. Let’s not be coy, the people of New Deal America would be APPALLED at what they did. “We’re not a bunch of Nazis”… indeed, we’re NOT a bunch of Nazis, so, why should we wink at those who acted just like them?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 28 January 2012

Albany NY

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6 September 2011. Lest We Forget… Pat Buchanan Pooh-Poohs the Nazi Threat

Pat Buchanan winks at THIS… it wasn’t a big deal, he claims! None dare call it by its proper name… none dare call monsters such as Mr BuKKKanan “evil”… that’s an indictment of us…


Read this:


Mr Buchanan ignores the rampage of Kristallnacht (that did happen BEFORE WWII, after all)… he ignores the Kaufft nicht bei Juden signs carried by SA thugs in front of Jewish-owned stores (to their credit, many Germans ignored the signs and patronised them anyway)… he ignores the institutionalised racism of the Nürnberg Laws (that’s because they were too close to Plessy vs Ferguson and the Jim Crow laws)… he ignores the steady and increasing persecution of serious Christians (such as the imprisonment of Pastor Niemöller in Dachau)… he ignores the horror of the euthanasia mill at Hadamar (they were only “useless eaters” with a “low quality of life”)… he ignores the Endlösung (Final Solution) (what’s six million between friends?)… he ignores the razzias rounding up slave labour for Greater Germany amongst the “Untermenschtumen” of Europe (he’s not against the human costs involved in outsourcing and globalisation that undergird his prosperity). He winks at it all… and why shouldn’t he? He advocates the same sort of authoritarian solutions for the USA… the suppression of the trades unions, the silencing of dissent, the impoverishment of the working class, the abuse of racial and ethnic minorities as slave labour for the Master Race, and the hounding of “unpopular” minorities.

Like calls unto like… NEVER forget that!


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