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Saturday, 6 August 2016

6 August 2016. Animal Funnies… From Germany, Via the RuNet

00 elephant 060816


This image is all over the RuNet, but it’s originally from Germany. The Tierpark Hagenbeck was one of the first zooparks to use moats instead of barred cages to separate the animals from the public. As for the pun, I couldn’t resist it… yeah, I know it’s bad, but I needed a cheap laugh after a nasty-ass day at work…


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wry Observations from Ivan Ignatyevich Nikitchuk… Do Pass the Jug, It’s GOOD STUFF

00 Makhmud Eshonkulov. The USA. 2013


Makhmud Eshonkulov




Gran’pa, what’s a “legitimate democracy?”

Stary Mudry:

That’s any government that kisses up to the USA.


The Rada adopted the IMF’s conditions for a loan… they’d put the people on bread and water. However, they’re going to do it gradually… at first, the people will get only water…


When the West complains of Russia’s intractable behaviour, always remember a letter from the wife of a German soldier, found on his corpse by Red Army fighters in 1942, “Russian stubbornness and dishonesty really ticks off everybody in Hamburg; they won’t stop their stupid and pointless resistance”.


If local cadres can manage to work things out in the end, then, why can’t whole states solve the world’s problems?


Ivan Ignatyevich has it right… the USA IS too full of itself (especially, that fatuous and self-important scumbag McFaul), the junta doesn’t give two hoots in hell for the Ukrainian Joe Bloggs, the West truly expects us to roll over and ENJOY being gang-raped, and since people normally CAN solve their local problems, then, why can’t we apply the same principles to world peace?

Hat tip to Ivan Ignatyevich and the KPRF… there’s still sanity in these here parts…


1 April 2014

Ivan Nikitchuk


KPRF official website


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