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Sunday, 6 December 2015

6 December 2015. Hanukkah Begins Tonight

00 Have a Blessed Hanukkah. 2012. 08.12.12


Hanukkah began tonight at sundown… it’ll run until sundown on 14 December. Do recall WHY Jews celebrate it… Judas Maccabaeus whipped the plug-uglies and purified the Temple (short version). It’s a Festival of Freedom… ask your Jewish friends… they’ll tell you the same thing that I just did. Don’t forget to wish all the Jewish people that you know, “Happy Hanukkah! And a Happy Holiday to you!”

This is why “Happy Holidays” is germane to all of us… oh, do save me some latkes, if you will…


Thursday, 26 November 2015

26 November 2015. Happy Thanksgiving From Us to You

00 dozhinki belarus 261115

Dozhinki (Harvest Thanksgiving) celebration in Belarus


Today is American Thanksgiving… the rest of the world already had Thanksgiving… usually, it occurs around the Harvest (as it does in Canada, occurring in October). That’s so that events can take place outdoors; people set up tables in the yard and feast outside. It’s a festival of thanks for the harvest, so people take the first-fruits to the church for blessing (and distribution to the poor afterwards). Thanksgiving didn’t begin with the English Puritans… it’s an ancient and venerable holiday, known to all peoples.

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends…


Sunday, 5 April 2015

5 April 2015. Something to Think About This Holy Week…

What is the Church. 05.04.15


He was the carpenter’s son from a jerkwater town in a backwoods region… He chose that, y’know… think on THAT this Holy Week…


5 April 2015. Palm Sunday is Today… Holy Week is Next, Kids…

00 light of the world. 05.04.15


Holy Week starts tomorrow… technically, it isn’t Lent, but it ain’t Easter yet, which is next Sunday. This is the most consequential week of the year… it reminds us of who we are and what we believe… and why we believe it. If Christ be not risen from the dead, your faith is in vain… that’s as true today as it was in Roman times… read n’ heed, kids…


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