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Monday, 1 January 2018

1 January 2018. My New Year Wish for All My Friends… Real-Life and Online


My wish is that all of you have as little misfortune in the coming year as is possible. May you have a happy home life and a tolerable work-life. May there be little discord in your families and good relations with friends. My vow to you is that I’ll be as true as I’ve always been. I’ll never betray a confidence, I’ll always keep your correspondence private (and never name you as a source unless explicitly allowed), and I’ll defend you to the best of my ability.

That is, I offer my friendship… I have little else… money, power, and influence have I none. However… I’ll have your back, always and everywhere. Love to all of you. Remember… love rules this house… the love of life, love of God, love of humanity, love of justice, love of the truth, and love for you, my friends. If love doesn’t rule, you may as well lay down and die…

Be good and be well in the coming year.

You have a friend…



1 January 2018. URA! It’s the New Year! FEAST, FEAST, FEAST!


There are three major holidays in the Russian consciousness… New Year, Easter, and Victory Day. Yes… Christmas isn’t as big a deal as it is in the West, but as one Russian priest wrote me:

Why should we give up such an ADVANTAGE? It means that the secular holiday centres on New Year, not Christ’s Nativity, which is more of a Christian intramural holiday (which is what it should be). We focus on the Incarnation and what it means to us. As for me, I was in the USA for one of your Christmases. It repelled me. It had all the bad aspects of Russian New Year, with few of its good things, all layered over with a pseudo-religious veneer. No… I think that our way is best.

It’s time to feast… most Orthodox Russians lay aside the Nativity Lent for a day. That’s not in the books… that’s how it works out in real-life. Have a most wondrous holiday and do pass the jug… it’s time to PARTY!


Sunday, 31 December 2017

31 December 2017. Out With the Skanky Old Year!


I believe that l’Comedie Humaine will continue running for yet another year… keep the jug at hand and keep sayin’ your prayers…


New Year Greetings from Aleksei Zhuravko… A Real Hero and a True Mensch and Stand-up Guy


Dear Friends!

2017 is passing… we’re supposed to be cheerful, as the New Year is coming soon. I’m trying to be in the mood, but my soul hurts for my motherland. As a man who’s had a tough road, I want:

  • The ending of this terrible and tragic war shaking the entire Ukraine
  • For all Ukrainian troops to withdraw
  • That the present Kiev régime and all the troubles and tribulations of the Ukrainian people should become a thing of the past
  • Peace to return to the Donbass in 2018

This year, I want to ask my friends and my relatives for the trouble I bring them from my position. Moreover, I ask forgiveness from those people who, despite everything, continue to believe in me and work with me. I know it’s very difficult and not easy for them. I’m sure there’ll be a time when all this horror is in the past. We’ll remember this always.

I want the next year to take all that’s best from this year, with all the troubles left behind. That’s what I want. I want the Ukraine in the New Year to be without war and to see the end of the Kiev junta. I hope that in the coming year, our real patriots and professionals would return to the country… people who’d actually change something in the state and lift our motherland from the abyss that it’s now in, instead of issuing empty talk and screaming.


For these three years, I’ve had to live in another country in political exile; I really miss all of you.

I hope the New Year will bring you all that you want!

Our Cause is right!

God is with us!

Victory will be ours!

In respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

30 December 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko


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