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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Princeton Prof in Hot Water for Using “Nigger” In Hate Speech Class


According to local news outlet The Daily Princetonian, anthropology professor Lawrence Rosen at Princeton University landed in hot water after he used the word “nigger” during one of his classes. Several students decided to leave the class or even drop his course, while two of them filed a complaint. According to some of the students, during a class Rosen dedicated to the themes of hate speech, blasphemy, and pornography, he said “nigger” repeatedly. He allegedly asked his students a question:

What’s worse, a white man punching a black man, or a white man calling a black man a nigger?

He later repeated “nigger” several times and didn’t react to students’ requests to stop doing so or apologise, defending his use of the word:

I don’t think I need to apologise; I didn’t oppress anyone.

A university spokesman responded to the incident:

The disagreements that took place are part of the vigorous engagement and robust debate that are central to what we do. We’ll continue to encourage discussions about free speech and inclusivity with students both in Professor Rosen’s class and on the campus in general.

According to the Anthropology Department chairman, Rosen used such vivid verbal examples of oppressive symbolism for many years, but only this year did he face such a reaction from students, noting:

It may be an indicator of the level of racism targeting African-Americans in the USA, as none of the students reacted to the examples of anti-Semitism or anti-Americanism.

11 February 2018

Sputnik International



This is prurient… it’s self-righteous sanctimoniousness. The prof used “nigger” to illustrate hate… he probably used the words “kike” and “spic”, too. It all depends on context and intent. The prof had no intent to demean anyone and it occurred within the context of a class on hatred and bigotry. These snowflakes have to get a life and understand that the world isn’t a sugar-coated airy-fairy Cloud Cuckoo Land. The university should’ve simply ignored such juvenile asshats. What a buncha maroons.

However, if you wish to deploy “kike”, “nigger”, and “spic” as pejoratives and bigoted spatter, you’ll have to get through me first. Nobody talks about my friends like that…



Saturday, 28 January 2017

28 January 2017. A Polite Warning to ALL Haters Out There… The USA is a SECULAR State… Muslims are WELCOME Here

00 james madison. american muslims praying. 04.04.15


The above image comes from the Pentagon. Yes, you heard me… THE PENTAGON. It’s Muslim service personnel and civil employees engaging in the constitutionally protected practise of following their religion (in my mind, the First Amendment “trumps” the Second Amendment any day of the week… 😉 bad pun intended). President Trump is pandering to ignorant Yahoos and unwashed hicks. President Trump! What you just did was unconstitutional! You went against the founding principles of the USA! Your followers may hate Muslims… so be it, one can’t change fixed peabrain minds. However, you can’t just wage war on a particular religion to please the small-minded and mud-ignorant. Trump’s Executive Order was evil, kids… EVIL. As Orthodox Christians… nay, as Christians… nay, as decent people, whatever our creed may be (and secularism IS a creed), we must oppose such with vigour and resolution.

Orthodox people… this tells you much about Whiteford, Dreher, and all the loudmouths who supported (and still support) Trump the Chump. Take heed, mark it down, and act accordingly.


Sunday, 26 June 2016

26 June 2016. A Point to Ponder…

00 god told us to hate you. 190715


In a secular state and society, religions have no right to impose their creeds and moral standards on all comers. NO RIGHT AT ALL. We all have the right to freedom of conscience, and that means that no one sectarian notion can prevail in the public square. The hatred and bigotry spewed by some “religious” people towards those that they dislike is amazing. If such “religion” were to disappear, Satan would lose one of his most effective weapons…


Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. WHEN Must We Oppose Bigotry?

00 Oppose Bigotry Wherever It Raises Its Demonic Head 290516


I saw the following on FB:

I’m SO SICK of people saying they don’t know where the line is with all that PC stuff. I’ll tell you where the fucking line is, are you ready?




There it is… you DO have the right to free speech… yes, you can use “Negro”, “American Indian”, or “Spanish” in place of whatever the current PC-talk is… but you do NOT have the right to issue speech that results in real-world hate and violence. I needn’t belabour the point. I think that all decent people know what I mean without a long discourse. For instance, I’m not totally comfortable with the gay lifestyle or the LGBT “movement”… however, such people have the right to live their lives in peace and to earn a living like everyone else does without fear of harassment or worse. Bigots would have you believe that they speak for “morality” and “social order”. They lie… full stop. You needn’t endorse something to leave people in peace. God will judge us all in the end… such is my belief. He needs no help from me (or from the loud moralists, either). Have a care, the times aren’t good… do take my hand, the darkest portion of the road may be ahead…


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