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Sunday, 20 October 2013

20 October 2013. Property of St John the Theologian Monastery Transferred from the OCA to the ROCOR

00 St John the Theologian Monastery. Hiram OH USA. 20.10.13


I got this from one of the Cabinet. Its best run without commentary, as my source knows the situation and I don’t. However, do note that Mollard’s dithering didn’t help the situation. Nevertheless, it was still better than Paffso…



This notice on the Midwest Diocese website (be sure to read the report from the former abbot) details what happened. The abbot, Archimandrite Alexander Cutler and one monk, Daniel, the only inhabitants of the monastery, have gone to the Ukraine (Cutler as a retired priest at a woman’s monastery and the lay monk as his cell attendant). The report, written by former abbot Cutler, is confirmation of what I’d heard from people that Mollard pushes things aside that he doesn’t want to deal with and just ignores them. Hilarion Kapral was more than willing accept the OCA property into ROCOR. It will be populated with monks from the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in Wayne WV. It is an English-language men’s monastery. The Ohio property will relieve overcrowding at the Wayne monastery. Everything from the Ohio monastery… property, bank accounts, etc… were turned over to ROCOR, from the Cutler report. Even though the Hermitage of the Holy Cross seems to have a high number of converts as monks, I’ve never heard any reports of weirdness. Antiochian Bishop Thomas Joseph seems to visit there at least once a year. We all know as an Arab (raised in the USA) that he wouldn’t put up with nonsense. Cutler and the lay monk always had to work secular jobs to support the monastery. They did raise some money by manufacturing candles for church use for parish use.



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