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Monday, 3 March 2014

3 March 2014. Cockamamie Rumour from Euromaidan Soplyak that Yanukovich is Dead… No Confirmation, but all the Dumb Amerikantsy are Eating it Up

Sergei Yolkin. Yanukovich Leads in the Polls a Month Before the Ukrainian Presidential Election. 2009


There’s a rumour being floated by a Euromaidan soplyak that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich is dead. He supposedly got the news from Rostov Oblast (which is in Russia). That’s a crock o’ shit with no backup whatsoever. This means that you can’t trust anything from Ukrainian sources, and that you should view Galician sources as utterly worthless GIGO.  The West is getting its intel from embittered Galician Uniate sources (who, I might mention are by no means a majority of that group)… so, it’s getting a picture that’s more like a oddbod Hieronymus Bosch painting than the reality out there.

Bite the coin… there be counterfeits circulating out there. As I said, don’t attend to ANYTHING from pro-junta Ukrainian sources. Have a care… the day’s dark and the road’s full of holes… take my hand, dear… the worst is yet to come…


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