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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

16 March 2016. Don’t be Fooled… Chilly Hilly is Doing WORSE Than She Did in ’08

00 Hilary Clinton caricature. Russian. 160615


Don’t be fooled. Chilly Hilly is doing worse than she did in ’08. Back then, the media regaled us with her inevitable victory. I seem to notice that it didn’t happen. After all, who really wants Bill’s Third Term?



Friday, 11 March 2016

11 March 2016. Did Wall Street Pay YOU Back For Your Losses in the ‘08 Meltdown?

00 Government by Organised Money. 17.03.15

The same is true of Senator Sanders… connect the dots. FDR was our last “great president”… Bernie Sanders has the potential of being the next one…


I saw the following on FB:

Hillary claims Wall Street ”paid back” what we gave them! Did you get your foreclosed home, your lost job, your 401k, and savings back?

That’s spot-on… as are these comments:

  • Nope… and the executives didn’t forego any bonuses either.

  • Even if they’d restored the homes illegally foreclosed, and replenished the retirements destroyed, it wouldn’t be enough. We needed to see “tens of thousands of perps” frog-marched in orange and handcuffs.

  • Maybe, Hillary meant that they paid it back TO HER… could that be it?

Note well that most of Hillary’s white supporters are Upper Middles, had “élite” educations, and are “above the salt” in terms of income, privilege, and perks. They smell that if Bernie gets the nod, their Gravy Train is over. However, I warn you… don’t try reasonable discourse with such sorts. They wouldn’t listen. They won’t give you any peace. After all, they’re “educated”, you’re a “dunce”, so only they, the Affluent Effluent Flunkies of the Oligarchy know what we need. It’s time to end the charade. #Feel the Bern… get out to those polls and VOTE. Let’s show them what Solidarity Forever REALLY means…


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

9 March 2016. Bernie STEAMROLLS Chilly Hilly Outside of the South… #FEEL THE BERN

00 bernie on voting 110915


I’ll only tell you this… Chilly Hilly can only win in the states that won’t vote for her in the general in November. Bernie’s winning in the states that he could win in the general in November. Just sayin’…


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