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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Patriarch Kirill Sez the Church’s Response to the Anti-Church Media Campaign Should be Resolute, but also Christian

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias (1946- )


On Tuesday, at a meeting of the Supreme Church Council, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias called on everyone to respond to media attacks on the Church with Christian wisdom, saying, “Today, we’re witnessing strong anti-Church sentiments, unfortunately, coinciding with the Great Lent. We hear a lot of attacks on the Church, beginning with the notorious case at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, followed by three terrible desecrations of churches”. His Holiness thought that this all went down within a week to ten days, noting, “Then, the media attacked my humble person. Therefore, of course, today, we’re dealing with a deliberate media campaign against the Church. We need to think about how we can resist this”.

He emphasised that any opposition by the Church “even to attacks such as these must be Christian. We mustn’t be like those who lie and slander, because of their rage. We shouldn’t respond in the same manner, otherwise, we’d lose the uniqueness of our message to the world, which includes using the media”. On the other hand, he continued, the Church “shouldn’t lose its spiritual vision in any way, for it understands what’s going on, it doesn’t take the stream of lies and slander now being directed at the Church at face value. We must formulate reasonable and unashamed responses, to give answers that wouldn’t liken us to the slanderers, liars, and detractors. In the Name of God, we should clearly indicate a strong, thoughtful, and unwavering adherence to Christian principles”.

He pointed up that the Church passed “through an atheistic era, where one saw the truth mixed with lies, where people cursed (хулилось) the Name of God, and denigrated the clergy. The fact that this trend continues today suggests that there is no quiet time for the Church, for those who preach Christ will always be under attack”. Patriarch Kirill thanked all those who, today, “rose to defend the Church and its sacred places, and the good name of its clergy… and there are many of them. They proved that they weren’t indifferent. Now, we must build up our relationship with the media. I was touched to the soul by the honesty and courage in the positions of those who defended the interests of the Church at this difficult time”.

3 April 2012




Friday, 23 March 2012

23 March 2012. My Personal Credo… I May be Only a Sinful-Ginful Slogger, but I’ll Stand for What’s Right… NOT for What’s Expedient…


St Aleksei Toth blessed the Wobblies… not the Rockefellers. His Holiness blesses churches in Cuba and calls for the end of the pointless and punitive American blockade of the island. However, on the other hand, Jonas Paffhausen blesses the likes of greedy godless scummers such as Darrell Issa, Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, and Rick Santorum… not the ordinary sloggers trying to make ends meet in the Neoliberal hell that contemporary America’s become. One of these things is NOT like the other…


Saturday, 3 March 2012

3 March 2012. Patriarch Kirill Unveiled Monument to Patriarch St Germogen Today in Aleksandrovsky Sad near the Moscow Kremlin




It’s very important that our people not forget the heroes and saints who saved Russia, in particular, they should remember St Germogen, who wasn’t only holy, he was a national hero, whose memory was unjustly lost. Our generation’s duty is to remind all those who love their motherland and who care about her future, to remind everyone who considers themselves Orthodox, even if it’s only hidden in the unconscious, of the great sacrificial service to the motherland, to the Church, and to the people, of Hieromartyr Germogen, Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, whose memory we celebrate today with reverence.

2 March 2012

His Holiness Kirill Gundyaev

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias

Eve of the 400th Anniversary of the Death of Patriarch St Germogen of Moscow and all the Russias


MP Official Website


Editor’s Note:

The above speech shows that Jonas Paffhausen’s kowtowing to the RCs (especially his vile bum-kissing of the Uniates) is WAY out of step with His Holiness and the Mother Church. Let’s not forget… the papists starved St Germogen to death. No matter how you parse that one, it’s a horrid and horrible way to kill someone. To make such a “fuss” over St Germogen means that relations between the Mother Church and the Vatican are in the shitter.

His Holiness is standing tall for the Church and for the Truth. We should do likewise and send NO money to any cleric who stands with the Uniate and Sectarian foes of Christ’s Church. One’s an attack from the left flank… that is Sectarians such as “Evangelicals” and “Pentecostalists”… that’s bad enough. Yet, the attack from the right flank by the Uniates is far worse. Sectarians are easily seen as Anti-Christ’s votaries. Uniates follow (unwittingly) a “weasel faith”… a faith that remains unchanged on the outside, but the “insides” are sucked dry and replaced by papist goo.

I’m NOT advocating hatred. You should leave Uniates and Sectarians in peace. Above all, don’t lump in Latin Catholics with Uniates… most RCs are unaware of what’s done in their name by the Vatican. Indeed, most Uniates do NOT know what their lickspittle clergy do at the behest of ultramontane Vatican vipers.

Bow in respect before the memory of St Germogen… and before St Maksim Sandovich, Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik, and the Holy New Martyrs of Talerhof and Terezín. Remember the podvigi of Ss Aleksei Toth and Aleksei Kabalyuk, Metropolitan Lavr Škurla and Archbishop Vitaly Maksimenko. Follow their path… not that of SVS, Paffhausen, and the indifferentist konvertsy. Bear this in mind… there are those in our Church here in the diaspora who hate the memory of St Germogen… they hate the historical road of our people… they wish to unite us to the follies of the Church of Rome. Look at His Holiness! He’s not falling for such shit… neither should you. He’s honouring the memory of St Germogen… that means that he honours the Church’s traditional stance on Uniatism and the boundaries of the Church.

His Holiness issued us a challenge. Shall we heed him? That’s up to you…


Monday, 27 February 2012

Patriarch Kirill Spoke of the Danger of Factions Coming To Power in Russia Professing Ideas Based on Materialist Consumption


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, speaking before the all-Russian Congress of the Volunteer Popular Front in Support of the Army, Navy, and Military-Industrial Complex, said that Russia will lose its sovereignty if factions professing ideas based on materialist consumption take over power in Russia. He noted, “It’s well-known that there’s a danger that those who pursue unbridled materialistic consumption and wealth, who believe that their homeland is where they gain the most and find it the easiest to live, could come to power in Russia. What would that mean for our country, for its freedom, and for its independence? We’d lose our sovereignty and the independent status of a great power”. He said that people who pursue their own private interests aren’t able to contribute to the survival of the society and country, for if there are no ideals to unify us, “we won’t be able to save our country in peacetime, much less in times of war. Today, I pray for Russia’s future, for all of you, that God would show His mercy to us, to shield us from the temptations and seductions of false slanderous propaganda, to preserve a strong moral sense in our people, which can be the only basis for a common cause. Our common cause is the future of Russia”.

27 February 2012



Editor’s Note:

The best way to revitalise the economy is war, and the USA has grown stronger with war.

George W Bush


His Holiness condemns the foundation of the Republican Anti-Life Platform… unbridled consumption, unchecked greed, hubristical pride, and perpetual warmongering in foreign parts. His Holiness warns us that there are Russians contaminated with the Western errors of Personal Salvation, Personal Gain, and Economic Anarchy. Is there a chance of them coming to power? I think not, but the USA and its Western running-dogs aren’t trustworthy… if they could, they’d put another Yeltsin in power to rob Russia of the wealth of its resources. That’s how low the West has fallen… if you vote for the Republicans (or the Conservatives in Canada and the UK or the Liberals in Australia), you voluntarily bow down low before Mammon the Great, confessing, “There is no God but Mammon, and the Almighty Dollar is His Prophet”. “Ye shall have no other gods before me”… bowing down to the present “Conservative” Me-First Zeitgeist in the West is idolatrous blasphemy… do reflect on that.


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