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Thursday, 3 September 2015

3 September 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Great-Granddaughter of a Winner!

00 demot russia great-granddaughter of the victor 030915



Sunday, 16 August 2015

16 August 2015. Translated Russian Demot… These Sanctions Really Aren’t Bad at All

00 russian demot siege of leningrad 160815


16 August 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Take Vengeance Against the Fascists in the Donbass!

00 take venegeance in the donbass! 160815


Many in Russia, including most Orthodox believers, see I V Stalin very differently than brainwashed clueless Westerners do. They acknowledge his cruelty… but they also acknowledge his leadership… a leadership that saw the USSR defeat Nazi Germany almost singlehandedly and allowed the USSR to successfully hold its own against American neoliberal aggression. I stand with our Russian compatriots on this one… not with the loudmouth Far Right elements in our Church in the diaspora. To acknowledge Stalin as a great historical figure and a great leader isn’t the same as approving of his methods. After all, most of his critics in Russian diaspora Church circles have close family ties to Russian Nazi collaborators… fancy that…

At a time of crisis, I V Stalin preserved the naroda… the relatives of his critics cravenly stabbed the naroda in the back to benefit those who considered us Untermenschtum (Sub-Humanity). Which one do you back? Need I tell you where I stand?


Friday, 14 August 2015

14 August 2014. Translated Russian Demot… They Will Live Forever in Our Hearts

00 russia demot in our hearts they will never die! 140815


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