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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Official Greetings of DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zaharchenko on the First of May… The Day of Spring and Labour

00 aleksandr zakharchenko. 30.05.15



My dear compatriots! Citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic!

I cordially greet you on one of the most favourite holidays of many generations of Donbass people… the First of May! This day of celebration is a national holiday, a symbol of rebirth and hope. Labour Day is a special day. For our mothers, fathers, and grandfathers, May Day symbolised our love for our motherland, the international solidarity of working people, and it honoured the labour podvigs of previous generations. Today, we ardently build our young state. It isn’t easy at all, but so far, despite the desire of our enemies to destroy our Republic, I firmly state that we’ve already taken our place as a young country, we’re growing… we’ve won! Today, we’ve restored our Republic’s infrastructure; we’ve laid the groundwork for breakthroughs in economic development. Moreover, all this was due to the hard work and patriotism of our people, giving the world an example of solidarity, courage, and fortitude. I’m confident that our joint efforts will soon bring our common dream to pass… to create a strong, independent, and prosperous state, created by the people and for the people. On this day, I wish all my fellow countrymen and fellow citizens a cheery disposition and a warm spring sun, with joy in our hearts, with every hope for success!

Happy Holidays! Happy Spring and Labour Day!

00 A V Zakharchenko 01. 25.03.15

A V Zakharchenko

Chairman of the DNR Government

30 April 2015

Official website of the DNR Council of Ministers and Peoples Soviet



Note well what Comrade Zakharchenko is saying:

I’m confident that our joint efforts will soon bring our common dream to pass… to create a strong, independent, and prosperous state, created by the people and for the people.

The USA supports fascist filth who wish to rape their country to enrich Western Free Market “investors”. The USA supports those who stamp on the free aspirations of the people. The USA supports those who wish to impoverish the people to line their own pockets.

What’s wrong with that picture?


However, the socialists are whipping the Free Market filth whenever they meet in battle. It seems that the people want FREE SOCIALISM… NOT Free Market Slavery.

Kiss my ass, Victor Potapov, Rod Dreher, and Freddie M-G… go and collect your pay-cheques for purveying the lies of your Anglo American Affluent Effluent paymasters and for being willing media-slaves of the Nihilist Crapitalist Moloch. By the way… I get NOTHING for this… no money, that is. Note well that those I named DO receive pay-packets for repeating the lies of their Free Market bosses… interesting, ain’t it?


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

15 April 2015. From the Easter Sermon of St John Chrysostom

00 st john chrysostom. 15.04.15


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

PA Slaughterhouse Recalls 1,800 Pounds of Veal Sold for Orthodox Easter

01 family dinner


A Pennsylvania slaughterhouse recalled 1,800 pounds of veal carcasses sold to families for Orthodox Easter without inspection. The US Agriculture Department said that Leader Slaughterhouse in Imler (Bedford County) PA produced six 300-pound veal carcasses on Friday outside of inspection hours. They didn’t bear the Agriculture Department’s mark of inspection, but no illnesses ensued from the incident. Plant Manager David Hill said that customers from Pennsylvania and New York picked up the quarter-cut carcasses to consume at home for Sunday’s Greek Orthodox Easter. Hill stated that none of the recalled meat wound up in stores. He says that customers already returned most of it to the slaughterhouse. Imler is about 28 miles south of Altoona.

14 April 2015

Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette


14 April 2015. Elder Iona of Odessa Made Prophecies About Three Easters… Two Have Been Spot-On…

00 Putin. Kirill. Next Year in Kiev. 14.04.15


Elder Iona of Odessa prophesied that the Easter after his death would be an Easter of blood… such was so. He prophesied that the next Easter after that would be an Easter of hunger… such was so. He prophesied that the Easter after that would be an “Easter of Victory”… may God grant us that, in full. May Holy Rus see peace… in all honour and dignity, with all enemies chased away from its borders.


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