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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Lane County Circuit Court: Grand Jury Returns 10-Count Indictment Against Eugene Priest in Sex and Drug Case



A Lane County grand jury returned a 10-count indictment against a Eugene priest arrested earlier this month for alleged sex and drug crimes involving an underage girl. On Wednesday morning, Daniel James MacKay, 42, pleaded not guilty to the charges (nine misdemeanours and one felony) in Lane County Circuit Court. Lane’s lawyer, Terri Wood of Eugene, said:

Fr MacKay maintains his innocence, and we ask that people not prejudge him based on the accusations.

MacKay faces four prostitution charges that accuse him of offering to pay for sex… four charges of endangering the welfare of a minor, for allegedly causing an underage girl to “witness an act of sexual conduct”; one count of sexual misconduct, for allegedly having sex with the girl; and one count of attempting to use a minor in the commission of a controlled substance offense, for allegedly trying to use the girl to help him traffic cocaine. All of the alleged crimes occurred in September.

Prosecutors initially filed four charges against MacKay after his 12 October 12. The original charging document included single counts of prostitution, endangering the welfare of a minor, sexual misconduct and using a minor in the commission of a controlled substance offense. MacKay spent one day in the Lane County Jail after police arrested him. He was bailed out on 13 October. He told The Register-Guard following his release from jail that he and his supporters were “concerned” and “praying for everybody involved” in what he characterized as a “deeply unfortunate situation”. After his court appearance Wednesday, MacKay was booked back into the jail, and released later in the day on his own recognizance.

MacKay became a priest at St John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighbourhood in 2011. On 14 October (the same day MacKay spoke with the newspaper), the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church announced in a press release that it suspended MacKay from church duties pending the outcome of his criminal case and a separate investigation being conducted by church officials. The release stated:

While everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the Western American Diocese nonetheless takes allegations of misconduct in any form very seriously and must act accordingly to ensure the safety and security of all our Orthodox parishioners and others as we conduct our worship and ministries together. … Such misconduct is abhorrent and not condoned by the Holy Orthodox Faith.

They added that the church “stands ready to coöperate with the civil authorities” involved in MacKay’s case.

Eugene police arrested MacKay during a sting operation in which a detective arranged a meeting with him while posing as the alleged victim in his case. Police said that they’d arrested the girl in September for prostitution. Investigators suspect MacKay met with the girl on several occasions. In addition to serving with the church, MacKay worked before his arrest as a part-time instructor at Lane Community College. LCC officials didn’t immediately return a phone message Wednesday seeking information about MacKay’s employment status. MacKay began teaching English composition at the college in 2008.

27 October 2016

Jack Moran

The (Eugene OR) Register-Guard



All of the konvertsy on the web are jumping up and down about this jabronie’s innocence. That tells you volumes about their hyperclericalism and unhealthy clergy worship. Clergy are human… they’re capable of crime. Remember Seraphim Storheim… and remember Mr Justice Mainella’s scathing remarks on Storheim (which reflected on the tack taken by his asshat mouthpiece, Gindin). It tells you volumes about the konvertsy… and why bishops should NEVER ordain ANY of them.

Let the court speak. Watch the konvertsy shun this guy if he gets the drop… that’s the sort of slimeballs that they are. Have a care… rotters are afoot… not the abusers… their defenders.



Tuesday, 18 October 2016

18 October 2016. Press Release of Serbian Western American Diocese in re McKay… Clear It’s an INVOLUNTARY Suspension

Sergei Yolkin. Bees in the Slammer. 2010


A friend was kind enough to send me the actual press release of the diocese about the priest arrested up in Oregon on kiddie sex charges:

Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church

1621 W Garvey Ave

Alhambra CA 91803

Telephone: 626 289-9061

Friday 14 October 2016


Statement from the Western American Diocese Regarding the Arrest of Fr Daniel MacKay

The Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church has been informed that Fr Daniel J MacKay, age 42, was arrested on Wednesday 12 October 2016, in Lane County, Oregon. Fr Daniel was contacted by police and arrested on charges stemming from allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor and possession of a controlled substance. While the criminal proceedings are pending and until the conclusion of ecclesiastical proceedings, Fr Daniel will be suspended from all pastoral duties to which he was assigned. While everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the Western American Diocese nonetheless takes allegations of misconduct in any form very seriously and must act accordingly to insure the safety and security of all our Orthodox parishioners and others as we conduct our worship and ministries together. Such misconduct is abhorrent and not condoned by the Holy Orthodox Faith. We are deeply concerned and pray for all involved. The Western American Diocese stands ready to cooperate with the civil authorities. Further, anyone who might be, or knows someone that has been, a victim of sexual abuse by a member of the diocesan clergy, church employee, or volunteer should first call the police and then report the matter, confidentially, to the Diocesan ombudsman at 415 930-9069.


In short, the diocese did suspend the priest and made it clear that the cleric had no choice in the matter. This should clear up some of the online speculation on this. Now, it’s in the court’s hands. If the court finds him guilty, the diocese, no doubt, will defrock him. We shouldn’t shun him if he gets slam time… but he’s definitely out of the clergy. My thanks to my interlocutor who made this available to me in its original form.


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Priest Accused of Patronising Prostitute Under 18 and Possessing Cocaine



A Eugene man who works as an English instructor and serves as a priest at a local church faces prostitution and drug charges after police conducted a sting operation posing as a juvenile. Eugene Police said that the investigation started with the arrest of the juvenile for prostitution. Investigators determined that Daniel James Mackay, 42, had contact with the juvenile on more than one occasion, saying:

Police conducted a sting operation and exchanged information with Mackay, posing as the minor and arranged to meet him on 12 October.

Police met with Mackay and arrested him on charges of Purchasing Sex with a Minor, Sexual Misconduct, Patronizing a Prostitute, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Unlawful Possession of Cocaine, and Using a Minor in a Controlled Substance Offense. A police spokesperson declined to release the age or gender of the minor involved in the case. Lane Community College confirmed that Mackay is a part-time instructor in the English department and declined further comment. The website of St John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church lists Mackay as a member of the clergy. A person who answered the phone at the church asked a reporter to call back Friday. The church’s website says Mackay became a deacon in 2009 and a priest in 2011.

13 October 2016

KVAL 13 Eugene OR



Andrew Damick runs around ranting how “normal” tithers are and how nasty we non-tithers are. Well… the HOOMies are tithers and a more screwball and goofy bunch doesn’t exist in Orthodoxy. For years, stories circulated about the nasty doings amongst the HOOMies… mostly told by those who escaped the stifling and lockstep atmosphere of this oddbod group. I’d encourage the bishops to dig deeper… I’d say that these people are a mortal cancer. They believe themselves better than the rest of us are, yet no one speaks of the sordid underside of this group… its hyperclericalism, their Stepford Wives mentality, its rigourism and akrivia of the most rancid sort… they withhold the chalice for no substantive reason. That’s not to mention their adherence to Far Right political ideologies at odds with the Church or idiosyncratic teachings not in sync with the Church’s official statements (such as the lie that artificial contraception is sinful… the Church said the exact opposite).

Frankly, I believe that these people aren’t Orthodox in the least and that we’d be better off without them. Good riddance to bad rubbish…


Saturday, 3 September 2011

3 September 2011. The Buzzards are Circling… Are These the Last Days of the OCA? No MP or ROCOR Bishop Showed Up for Dmitri’s Funeral…

The Goon

Mike Ransom Getty



Here’s the real face of Royster’s scurvy crew of konvertsy cultists in the OCA DOS… they’re not all that “nice” underneath it all, are they?


Did you notice how the Centre, MP/USA, and the ROCOR seemed to more-or-less ignore Dmitri’s passing? The ROAAC posted about it on their website, but they need to keep good relations with the OCA because they want the ROEA back… the AOCANA noticed it on their website because it’s cheaper for them to use SVS/STS to educate their clergy than it is to for them to operate their own seminary, and Saliba (the most skilled ecclesiastical operative in American Orthodoxy at present) wants to pick up some of the spoils when the OCA folds (especially, some of the konvertsy, believe it or not)… the ACROD noted his passing as well, maybe, some of the po-nashemu elements will merge with them when the OCA collapses.

The last bit is the most interesting… did the EP allow Moriak and Dahulich to go to the OCA in order that they might “lead” parts of the OCA to the EP when the shit hits the fan? Bart’s certainly capable of such double-dealing guvno… I don’t think that the initiative came from Johnstown. Bart wants to stab Kirill again… just as he’s pushing the Paris creeps to delay the Centre, he could be calculating to gain from the collapse of the OCA. Everyone knows the dishonesty and duplicity of the Phanariotes (it’s the most lasting legacy of the Ottoman captivity)… and their satanic greed… it costs at least a hundred bucks to get Bart’s blessing at a pastoral visitation (and they physically prevent those who haven’t ponied up from approaching him).

You should also note how few real “rank n’ filers” attended the Pannikhidas and the funeral. When you take away bishops, their entourages, clergy, clergy spouses, “Reader” this and “Sub-Deacon” that (real grounded Orthodox don’t get their mail addressed “Reader X” or “Sub-Deacon Y”, that’s an innovation, it’s something new à la the +FATHAUSEN usage for bishops), not that many “real” people were there… how many of those who attended the services came from traditional ethnic Orthodox families? I’d say, not many…

Whilst we’re talking about real history, back in ‘77, at the Montréal Sobor, there were concerns about Dmitri’s stance in re ecumenical inter-faith relations, especially vis-à-vis the Roman Catholics. Many perceived Royster as being anti-Catholic… remember, place this in the context of the MP of the 1970s… at that time, the MP (and Metropolitan Nikodim himself) enjoyed excellent relations with the Vatican (I recall a joint MP/Vatican declaration from that era in which the two bodies referred to themselves as “sister churches”). Therefore, the Centre (of that period) didn’t want an overt anti-Catholic First Hierarch at the helm of the nascent OCA, or, someone who might be inclined to pull out of the NCC or WCC, or, worse yet, take an “Evangelical” slant on inter-faith relations. Of course, on the OCA side, this may have altered Lyonyo’s career path (not to mention the entire SVS cabal), which was/is built upon inter-faith “dialogue” and ecumania. It’s interesting to note, “How the worm turns”. The Vatican pissed on its good relations with the MP by loosing its ruthless and vicious Galician Uniate attack dogs in the Western Ukraine. Had they not done so… who knows? However, that’s not what happened… I believe in attending to reality, not speculating on “what may have been”… it’s the saner option.

A friend of mine wrote me:

If Royster was involved in the exploitation of Mexican street boys for sex, he wasn’t just a genial homosexual. He was a predator, plain and simple.

I quite agree. One of my sources told me that when the US began to crack down on sexual tourism in Mexico, Royster was one those reported to the authorities as someone to watch. In re Royster’s reception into the Metropolia, my informants tell me that Royster originally wanted to go to the Metropolia. However, the Metropolia refused to ordain him at that time; it’s not clear why. Perhaps, it’s because he lacked a seminary education; perhaps, it’s something darker. In spite of this, the Metropolia WOULD accept him if someone else ordained him; so, Royster simply went to the Ukrainians first, then, transferred to the Metropolia. His companion on this curious hegira was Hilary Madison, a former RC and a notorious abuser of young men and boys… the straight story is that Madison ran unchecked in the OCA for decades (James Silver (“Monk James”… Bobby K’s tireless apologist) was stuck to Madison tighter than bark to a tree, fancy that).

Royster also allowed the paedophile Andrew Rayburn to hide out for years at a monastery in New Mexico, until Pokrov posted that he was hosting youth retreats. Royster was there the day the police came to the chancery to arrest Rayburn, so he knew what this man was. Continuing in the tradition, Paffhausen made Rayburn’s skete into a full monastery.


Another wrinkle in the Diocese of the South, I’m told, is that Royster simply transferred another sexual abuser from parish to parish, until he was finally retired after a financial scandal. On top of that, Royster told the daughter of an incestuous priest that his abuse of her and her sister was of no concern to the Church; it was a “family problem”. Fancy that… to believe that a man who would abuse his own daughters didn’t pose a threat to the girls in his parish! Royster also accepted a priest and a subdeacon involved in the sexual abuse scandal at the OCA cathedral in San Francisco (that ended in the OCA settling out of court… y’know, “We admit no wrongdoing”, all that rubbish). The subdeacon, now a priest, was also a former HOOMie. He was one of Royster’s pallbearers. I guess he owed Royster for ordaining him despite the outcry against his actions. Speaking of HOOMies, although Royster didn’t advertise his collection of HOOMie priests as much as Love BT did, he accepted quite a few of them. At least one is notorious, even in HOOMie circles, for persecuting those members of the Order who opposed joining Vasiloupolis because Vrionis (its “hierarch”) was a convicted paedophile. The Holy Order of Mans still legally owns the church where this priest serves, last time I checked.

Most of all… oca.org posted NOTHING on the funeral. NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. Compare this to the full coverage given by the ACROD people to the passing of Metropolitan Nicholas and weep. The OCA pays money to put out the news (where does it go? Into Lyonyo’s and Matusiak’s wallets?)… the ACROD doesn’t have a pot to piss in. Yet, the latter got the news out in a timely way (they covered the events on the day that they took place, within hours of their occurrence); the latter gave you nothing… I wonder what’s Slowpoke Matusiak’s excuse this time? It proves, even for the slow learners, the Carpatho-Russian po-nashemu guys can be trusted to get it done, get it done right, and get it done on time, no matter what difficulties they face. It also illuminates, even for the simplest amongst us, that the OCA’s leading elements are an arrogant and prissy set who refuse to “do the right thing”, yet, they prance about as if they’re the “Great White Hope” of Orthodoxy in the American diaspora.

Here’s something that I received:

In the Diocese of the South, if you even hint that any of this is true, they’ll ostracise you… Fester sent threatening letters to those who questioned things, I’m told.

THIS is what the konvertsy (and Terrence Mattingly and Dreher) defend. It’s become a cult, kids. You KNOW what that means. In religious terms, cults are cancers. You NEVER negotiate with a cancer… you NEVER compromise with a cancer. You KILL it… you CUT IT OUT… you BURN IT OUT completely. Yes… it’ll leave scars… they’re usually horrible ones… yes… there’ll be excruciating pain… do ask any cancer survivor, they’ll tell you the real deal. It’s time to cleanse the Church of this contamination and infestation. Yes… it’ll mean a fight… a vicious, agonising, and mucky one, to be sure. Many of these people left the TEC because the TEC wouldn’t let them take it over and replace Christianity with a notional rightwing construct. We MUST do the same, if we want our Church back.

Shall we, though? THAT’S up to YOU…


There was NO news of Dmitri’s death on either patriarchia.ru or Interfax.ru… draw your own conclusions.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 3 September 2011

Albany NY

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