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Thursday, 10 March 2016

10 March 2016. OCA Synod: Slap Down These Disobedient Bastards

00 Ka-Pow! 14.09.13


OCA Synod… here’s another example of the Convertadox Conventicle spitting on your order. I think that you should find out who posted this… then, warn all concerned (all posters, Grigorenko, Dominick, and Ryan Hunter, amongst others) that you’d ban them from the Chalice if they continued to defy you. These disobedient little pricks are beyond words… yet, as I stated before, they have the consummate gall to lecture all of us on OBEDIENCE! Here is what one of the Cabinet wrote me:

Not sure who runs this site, but the OCA SOBs needs to contact them and tell them to pull it down. There’s more to sainthood than incorruption of body, and as yet there aren’t too many, if any at all, reports of miracles attributed to his prayers. If Archbishop Dimitri is a saint, the Church will recognise that in due time, but at the moment, too many people are jumping the gun, either out of personal love for him or out of the desire to have another American saint (as if that proves something or another about the state of Orthodoxy in America).

I need add nothing… well said!



Wednesday, 9 March 2016

9 March 2016. It’s Time for the OCA to Formally Petition the MP to Remove the Offensive “Incorruptibility” Post on Pravoslavie… Shevkunov Be Damned!

00 this is wrong. 050715


Tikhon Shevkunov is a loose cannon. His website Pravoslavie is NOT official… much on it (especially, in English) is Convertadox rubbish (one Jesse Dominick, a well-known konvertsy loudmouth, works on that side of the operation). The OCA Holy Synod of Bishops should formally petition HH to have the offensive post about the “incorruptibility” of Dmitri Royster on Pravoslavie taken down permanently. Jesse Dominick knew what the OCA Synod wanted in the case of this affair… he’s a disobedient little twit like Grigorenko (besides being a supporter of the American rightwing enemies of the Church)… he refused to follow the spirit of the OCA SOBs order. Ergo, the OCA SOBs should approach HH with the formal request that HH force Pravoslavie to take the offensive post down and destroy all images. It tells us much about Tikhon Shevkunov, Jesse Dominick, and the whole Pravoslavie operation. Shevkunov isn’t as important as the konvertsy imagine. He’s a powerless vicar bishop who has tread only because he’s the confessor to the Putin family and because of his ties to pro-Western oligarchs. Never forget that Shevkunov doesn’t have a kandidatura in theology… his higher education was at a film institute (thus, his slick public persona, which fools all the superficial and shallow konvertsy). Shevkunov’s main claim to fame is his website… which isn’t official, not in the least!

Have a care… much that glitters isn’t real… much that’s real, doesn’t glitter. Keep it focused…


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

8 March 2016. Cabinet Input on l’Affaire Royster



One of the Cabinet wrote me this:

I don’t get this rush by some to canonise Royster. If a thing has truth, that’ll bear itself out and the Church will recognise that. I guess the whole “blessed are they that haven’t seen, but yet believe” thing is lost on some. They’ve lost it to the point where it leads to disobedience.

I quite agree. These toddlers deserve a paddling and public humiliation for dissing the Church so. That’s all…


8 March 2016. Disobedient Bastard in Dallas Posted Images on Shevkunov’s Unofficial Website at Centre AFTER OCA Ordered Him to Take Them Off the Internet!

00 the finger. the bird. 02.09.13

Grigorenko is giving the bird to the OCA SOBs… Vladyki Mel… you know what to do to this cheeky rebel. Slap him down hard and slap him down publicly… 


Look at this. This cheeky disobedient bastard posted these images on Shevkunov’s unofficial website AFTER the OCA SOBs rightfully ordered him to take the images OFF the internet! I believe that this is the work of one Jesse Dominick, a drooling rightwing fool who works for Shevkunov at the Centre. Several St T’s sources tell me that Dominick was a lazy twit who spent much of his time posting on “conservative” asshat websites and not studying at seminary. This is too much of a muchness. This disobedient jabronie put this up even though he knows that the OCA SOBs forbade this. Shevkunov KNEW that the OCA SOBs forbade posting on this topic. Shevkunov is a rightwing pro-oligarch (and probably pro-Anglo and pro-“Evangelical”) dweeb. Don’t trust what’s posted on Pravoslavie or Pravmir… especially, on the “English sides”. These websites are NOT official and are NOT products of the MP apparat.

This is arrogant shit of the highest order. The OCA SOBs have the right (and duty) to slap this Grigorenko guy down HARD.


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