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Monday, 30 June 2014

JP’s Guru Podmoshensky Dies

jonas Paffhausen

Will the Fat One go to his guru’s funeral? Their relations were close from 1978 up until the ’90s…after all, he was part of Herman’s airy-fairy Russian project. in fact, Herman was the largest and most malign influence on Fatso… do note how he defended the VERY questionable HOOMies.


According to Portal-Credo.Ru, Monk Herman Podmoshensky, former ROCOR abbot and former colleague of Hieromonk Seraphim Rose, died on 30 June at age 80. Fr Herman (in the world, Gleb D Podmoshensky) was born in 1934 in Riga. In 1962, he graduated from Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR) in Jordanville NY USA. Along with Eugene Rose (who later became Fr Seraphim), he founded St Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina CA USA. In 1970, he received monastic tonsure with the name Herman. In 1976, he became a priest. In 1982, he committed serious ascetic and canonical violations. According to Alexei Young and some other visitors to the monastery, before his death, Seraphim Rose cursed Herman. In 1988, the ROCOR Holy Synod defrocked Abbot Herman Podmoshensky for violating a variety of canonical rules. Unwilling to acknowledge his deprivation of dignity, together with some of the monks at Platina, he left the ROCOR and joined the Greek Orthodox Missionary Archdiocese of America. In 2000, after a new scandal, he resigned as abbot of the monastery. In 2000, the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church brought the monastery brotherhood under its omofor, ergo, ruling Bishop Jovan Mladenović recognised the defrocked former abbot Herman as legitimate. In his last years, Herman lived in retirement at St Seraphim Monastery near Minneapolis MN USA as a simple monk.

30 June 2014




Monday, 4 January 2010

A Scandal By Any Other Name…

Metropolitan Laurus Škurla (1929-2008). Vladyki is looking down from heaven and weeping at this. Vladyki Hilarion, it’s time to “bish”, as my Nicky would say. Protect our seminarians from this overbearing dictator.


Editor’s Foreword:

I received a phone call from my original informant. Part of what was writtten was valid, part was not. He didn’t receive “the rest of the story”. Nevertheless, Fr Vladimir’s still persecuting the American seminarians, and that isn’t right. THAT still needs to be set right.



Yesterday, I received a ring from a ROCOR clergyman with an urgent message. It appears that one Fr Vladimir, the dean of Holy Trinity Seminary, is “playing favourites”. According to this man and his matushka, this Fr Vladimir’s a “perfumed prince” who makes life hellish for the American-born seminarians. The Russian-born seminarians get away with the easiest obediences, whereas the American seminarians are given the grottiest jobs to do. Fr Roman Krassovsky stuck up for them, and all that happened was that Fr Vladimir haughtily ignored him.

This is NOT right. As matushka said to me, “This didn’t happen in Vladyki Laurus’ time”. No, it didn’t. What I think is happening is that there are those who are taking advantage of Vladyki Hilarion’s more easygoing personality. We see this in such things as Vassa Larina’s Orthodoxy is Not a Religion of Fear and some of the statements issued forth by Andrei Psaryov (some of which sound straight out of SVS, by the way). It’s time for Vladyki Hilarion to lower the boom on these pretentious and overbearing “intellectuals”. I’d say to him, “Sir, this isn’t right, the American seminarians have the same right to be there as the Russian boys. It’s time for you to stand up and ‘bish’, as my Nicky puts it. Act in the manner of the late Vladyki Laurus of Happy Memory. Both Father and Matushka told me that Fr Vladimir is making life difficult for the American seminarians. One of your jobs is to stand up for the powerless and defenceless. It’s time to do that now”.

Fr Vladimir deserves coal in his stocking for this overbearing and noisome action. Is this what we have descended to? Have we become a pale imitation of SVS and its pseudo-intellectual hubris? One would hope not. God willing, Vladyki Hilarion will act on this before the holiday. In fact, I am sending this on to clergy friends with the e-mail address of my informant so they can pass it on to Vladyki.

This isn’t right, Vladyki… do something… it’s your duty, after all.



My machine is still in the hands of the geeks. I’m using the library machine so I could get this up today. Time IS of the essence.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Address of Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov at a Pannikhida for Metropolitan Laurus at the Sretensky Monastery


Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov (1958- ) superior of the Sretensky Monastery, and confessor of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (1952- )


At 21.00 MSK (18.00 UTC 13.00 EST 10.00 PST 03.00 17 March AEST) on 16 March at the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, the brotherhood of the monastery and the students of the Sretensky Seminary celebrated a Pannikhida in memory of the newly-departed Metropolitan Laurus Škurla, the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. After the completion of the service, the superior of the monastery, Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov, gave the following address to the assembly.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!

My dear fathers and brotherhood! It was our great joy not only to see, but also to associate with this holy man, for whose sake we have completed this first pannikhida. Metropolitan Laurus lived a long, exultant, and admirable life as a Christian monk of the Russian Orthodox Church. From his youth, indeed, for the remainder of his life, he dedicated himself entirely to the service of Christ and His Church, and he brought to God all the talents that were entrusted to him. First of all, he purified himself of all passions, and his soul was decorated with love, immeasurable kindness, and true humbleness. He brought to the Lord as the fruit of his works and prayers the entire assembly of archpastors and pastors, and his monastic disciples and students at Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary in Jordanville.

He made a largely unseen, but very important, contribution to the revival of Orthodox Russia. The books published by the printing house under his direction in the middle and end of the last century reached Russia under arduous conditions, and they shed the light of Christ’s salvation in the moral darkness and fog that surrounded so many in our motherland in those times. We can see the fruit of his life in the lives of countless laity of the ROCOR, of whom he was their most precious spiritual teacher and benefactor. However, the greatest example to his parishioners was his holy and focused life, with a continual burning love for Christ and sacrificial service to his flock.

Finally, his main offering to Christ as archpastor and head of the ROCOR was his carrying through of the wishes of its founders… the eventual reunification of it with the Church in the motherland. It was made possible together with His Holiness Patriarch Aleksei, these two men who lived at a time that was incomprehensively difficult, yet, also incomparably inspiring, for Russian priests, bishops, and monks. Without being distracted by the storms of hatred and spite, they accomplished the duty that was laid before them by the Lord Jesus Christ.

We, in Russia, did not know Vladyki for many years, during the time of our separation. However, we became the joyful witnesses of his last great endeavour, which he completed for the sake of the entire Russian emigration, both those who had already gone on to the Lord, and those now living scattered over the face of the globe. Perhaps, most importantly, we became witnesses of how he did this; we became the witnesses of his prayers. Precisely, prayer was the main source of Vladyki Laurus’ power, it was his main vocation, it was his main talent, and it was his main weapon. Prayer was his main joy and hope.

Today, such people are very rare. I, along with all of you, had the blessing of seeing this man and associating with him. You remember, as it was less than a month ago, how he served his last (and it seemed like the only one!) liturgy in Moscow with us here in the Sretensky Monastery. He said to me that it seemed as though the very earth here at the Sretensky Monastery was like an antimins because so many of the New Martyrs had accepted torture and death for Christ here.

We remember everything that happened in connection with this service… Vladyki Laurus, in spite of the tremendous fatigue caused by his ill-health, the long flight from America, the daily services and celebrations, after the service ended, at the common meal, he not only gave a general blessing, he blessed each one of us in particular! He blessed every monk, novice, seminarian, and worker in the refectory. With love, interest, and happiness he looked into the face of each monk and seminarian. All of you were for him the same as his family. The blessings of this champion of prayer and this man of a most holy life shall stay with us to the end of our days.

I’ll say that Vladyki was one of the best and one of the most self-sacrificing people that I’ve ever met in my life.

16 March 2008



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