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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Australian Protester Who Highlighted Inequalities in British Society Ordered to Leave Britain for Being “Not Conducive to the Public Good”



A Home Office spokesman said that Australian Boat Race protester Trenton Oldfield, 37, was ordered to go back home to Australia as his presence in Britain wasn’t “conducive to the public good”. The spokesman said, “Those who come to the UK must abide by our laws. We refused this individual leave to remain because we don’t believe his presence in this country is conducive to the public good”. Trenton Oldfield was jailed for six months for halting last year’s University Boat Race on London’s River Thames for 25 minutes by swimming into the path of the crews. The action was designed to highlight élitism in British society. Before going on the protest, he wrote a blog setting out his rationale and making clear his plan didn’t constitute an act of terrorism. Oldfield said later, “People tell me that on the day of the race, 500,000 people looked up the word “élitism” on Google. It sparked a debate”.

Oldfield’s wife, Deepa Naik, 36, who’s to give birth in a week, appealed against the decision to deport Trenton. She added that his political protest highlighted the inequality in British society and a huge contradiction between the foreign policy and the domestic policy of Great Britain. Deepa Naik said to our VOR correspondent speaking about the court decision to depart her husband, “What we’re trying to do is to draw attention to the culture of élitism symbolised by the OxfordCambridge Boat Race. 70 percent of this current Cabinet went to either Oxford or Cambridge and 78 percent of the judges went to either of these schools. This culture élitism sets one group of people apart from the rest. The government is protecting interests of cooperation of banks, of very very wealthy people at the expense of the working persons, working mothers, and people with disabilities. It’s creating even more inequality. London now is the most unequal city in the developed world; it has the widest gap between the rich and the poor. There’s a huge contradiction between the foreign policy and the domestic policy and how protesters in this country are treated. This government and the previous government are criminalising protests, so, this idea that one has the right for political expression in other country is completely back, but how they treat the sentence in this country is very very different, I think there is a huge contradiction”.


Élitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals, who form an élite… a select group of people with a certain ancestry, intrinsic quality or worth, higher intellect, wealth, specialised training or experience, or other distinctive attributes… are those whose influence or authority is greater than that of others; whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight; whose views or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities, or wisdom render them especially fit to govern.

25 June 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

If you vote for the Republicans in the USA, the Liberal Party in Australia, or the Conservatives (sic) in the UK or the Conservative Party of Canada, this is what you vote for. What makes it worse is that it isn’t an old-school Burkean Conservatism of hierarchy and family status, it’s a Radical Liberal notion of crass wealth alone. Mark this down well… none of the Anglosphere “conservatives” are Conservative at all… they’re Radical Liberals who hate learning and heritage. They’re just money-bloated spiders, nothing else. When HH condemns “Liberalism”, this is what he condemns. In short, the people who’re trying to ally Orthodoxy with rightwing elements aren’t only wrong, they’re spouting the most noxious form of content-less Anarchism… Laissez-faire Libertarianism.

Think on that (especially, in view of the fact that Potapov boasted of sucking up to the wealthy)…



Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Anti-Putin Oligarch Berezovsky Buried in Surrey… He was a Suicide

00 Brookwood Cemetery. Surrey UK. 08.05.13


After the burial of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, found dead at his house near London, was over, the mourners began leaving Brookwood Cemetery. One of the witnesses said, “The guests are leaving, no one’s talking to reporters”. According to sources, a memorial service preceded the burial. On 8 May, Berezovsky’s funeral, took place at Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. However, his will, drawn up just nine days before his death, left more questions than answers.

Berezovsky always intended his funeral to be a private affair, closed to the media. Very few of his friends attended the service. Surrey Police confirmed to VOR that they’d be attending a funeral at Brookwood (near Guildford) to prevent any hindrance to the proceedings, although they refused to say if it was for Berezovsky. However, they denied reports that armed police were in the area. Thames Valley Police, which is leading the investigation into his death, wouldn’t confirm funeral arrangements, saying it was a private affair. The few mourners included his friend Akhmed Zakayev and members of his legal team. According to a tweet from journalist Luke Harding of The Guardian, there were fewer than 30 people at the cemetery in Surrey. He also reported that a Ukrainian TV crew hid in the bushes.

The self-made billionaire… said to be worth 3 billion USD (93.5 billion Roubles. 2.28 billion Euros. 1.93 billion UK Pounds)… was a former academic who built his fortune with investments in oil, cars, aluminium, and the media. He played an integral part in Vladimir Putin’s rise to power in 2000. However, they fell out when Putin began charging many oligarchs with tax evasion. Berezovsky fled to England in 2000, where he lived until his death. The Times reported that although he’d recently changed his will, his executors refused to carry it out and a court appointed an accountancy firm to deal with his finances, said to be in some disarray.

Friends of Boris Berezovsky claimed that someone strangled him to death, despite a post-mortem examination that showed no sign of a struggle, and that he died with a ligature around his neck consistent with hanging. He was found dead in his bathroom at his mansion in Mill Lane, Ascot, west of London on Saturday 23 March. Nevertheless, friends say that he wasn’t suicidal; they believe that someone strangled him. Reports circulated that he was due to be cremated at Gunnersbury Cemetery on 6 May. However, being a municipal cemetery, that seemed unlikely as it was a bank holiday in the UK. The inquest opened and adjourned on 28 March 28, after which the police released a brief statement in which a spokesman confirmed, “The results of the post-mortem examination, carried out by a Home Office pathologist, found the cause of death is consistent with hanging. The pathologist found nothing to indicate a violent struggle”.

8 May 2013

Voice of Russia World Service



On Wednesday, Russian-born oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who died at his home near London in March, was laid to rest at the Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey in the UK. An eyewitness told RIA-Novosti, “The guests are leaving; they’re reluctant to talk to journalists”. About 60 people were present, including Berezovsky’s close friend Chechen separatist leader Akhmed Zakayev, along with the deceased oligarch’s three ex-wives and his daughter Yelizaveta. Journalists weren’t allowed at the funeral, the date and location of which were kept secret to keep the media away. According to eyewitnesses, the casket remained closed during the ceremony. The 67-year-old self-exiled tycoon was found dead in the bathroom of his home in Ascot in southern England on March 23. The official cause of death hasn’t yet been announced, but a post-mortem examination found that the death was consistent with hanging.

8 May 2013



Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Media Reports State that Berezovsky’s Burial Will be in England

00 Boris Berezovsky. Russia. 24.03.13


Dozhd TV, citing family sources, stated that the funeral of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who died in late March in the UK, would be in London at the end of the forensic investigation. A presenter on Dozhd confirmed that their “source” “attested that Berezovsky’s adopted children, especially, his older daughters Elizabeth and Catherine, took the decision to hold his funeral in England“. Dozhd reported that Berezovsky’s burial would be in Gunnersbury Cemetery, which is also the gravesite of philosopher Aleksandr Piatigorsky, who was a friend of Berezovsky’s. The date of the burial is still unsettled. For the last decade, most of Berezovsky’s family have lived in the West, so, there was some hesitation in regards to a burial in Russia.

His staff found Berezovsky’s body on 23 March, locked in a bathroom in his house in Ascot (Berkshire). Earlier this week, authorities announced the preliminary results of the autopsy on Berezovsky’s body. According to the report, the cause of death could be hanging. The Home Office will announce the official cause of death in a few weeks, after it conducts more research. Earlier reports said that one of the versions of the incident under consideration is suicide. Berezovsky recently experienced financial difficulties, including in a loss of a lawsuit to Roman Abramovich , whom he had to pay about 35 million UK Pounds (1.66 billion Roubles. 53.2 million USD. 41.4 million Euros) in damages .

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1 April 2013



Friday, 29 March 2013

UK Opens Inquest into Berezovsky’s Death

00 Boris Berezovsky. Russia. 23.03.13


On Thursday, the UK opened an inquest into the death of Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky with revelations that pathologists found marks on his neck consistent with hanging. On Saturday, his staff discovered Berezovsky dead in the bathroom of his home in the town of Ascot in southern England. He was 67. The Associated Press reported that Thames Valley Police Detective Inspector Mark Bissell told the inquest hearing that a “ligature” was found around Berezovsky’s neck and that similar material was attached to a shower rail. The AP cited Bissell as saying that there didn’t appear to have been any sign of a struggle, but that further tests needed to be carried out to reach a definitive conclusion. On Tuesday, Nikolai Glushkov, a close associate of Berezovsky, told The Guardian that a scarf was found at the site of the death and that there were signs of strangulation. Berezovsky, an avowed Kremlin foe, lived in self-imposed exile in Britain since 2000, and was pursued for extradition by authorities in Russia for prosecution over alleged fraud.

28 March 2013



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