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Saturday, 25 July 2015

25 July 2015. The Church Needs Some REAL Reflection on Sexuality… NOT Rightwing Verbiage and Posturing

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Firstly, let’s be clear on what I’m NOT talking about. To begin, the Church has spoken on gay marriage; there’s no need for anyone, on any side of the discussion (for there are more than two sides in this), to bring this up. Indeed, I’d like to see the bishops formally muzzle discussion on gay marriage (as they did in re the tollhouse kerfuffle… they should reiterate their ban on tollhouse discussion, to muzzle the loud righties amongst us)… the Church gains nothing by rightwing asshats fulminating against it. We’ve made our decision, that’s that… there’s no need for further discussion, save to inflate the egos of the terminally ignorant and narcissistic (and those seeking to kiss the ass of their Republican and heterodox pals). Secondly, we should silence all those who attempt to propagate the notions of deluded “Evangelical” sectarians (they’re not Christians, that’s that, their ideas don’t belong in Christian circles).

We face a real moral dilemma that we can’t resolve by issuing cartoonish repetitions of heterodox fancies (both pro and con). We could begin by reflecting on HH’s statement, “The Church respects all human decisions, including those of sexual orientation. However, the Church reserves the right to call sin a ‘sin’”. This does NOT reiterate the juvenile and reductionist “Evangelical” trash mouthed by the Orthodox rightwing (we know who they are… Dreher, Reardon, Whiteford, and Potapov are their main spokesmen). It implies a nuanced and pastoral approach. I know that the Mother Church does NOT “excommunicate” homosexuals per se… yes, there are voices that advocate such, but no canonical or synodical action embodies such a notion. We have to take an attitude similar to HH’s… for instance, there’s a bitter feud between Archimandrite Rafail Karelin and Professor A I Osipov, yet HH respects both, and he’s rejected neither of them. We have to avoid the childish attitudes found in Dreher and Whiteford, where one can deduce from their writings that they believe that all those who disagree with them are in the Outer Darkness and the Church won’t accept all those who disagree with these fine gents back until they kiss these said fine gentlemen’s asses in public for all to see. That’s simply out of line. Of course, those fine gents are in the Church. Being an asshat doesn’t “automatically excommunicate” you. Indeed, do be suspicious of all who advance that concept… they’re saying that if you transgress in ways that particularly displease them, you have no defence. That’s rubbish. The REAL Church believes in pastoral oikonomia, always has, always will. It has room for all sorts… including ignorant semi-Evangelical konvertsy. Don’t fall into the same trap as they did… if you do, you confess that you’re the same as they are, underneath it all.

None of the above is a “defence” of gay marriage. I’ve taken that off the table. A certain percentage of people have always been homosexual… the Church hasn’t simply condemned them and expelled them (such is really the Orthodox rightwing’s submission, after all). Yes… the Church has communed homosexuals in the past… it does so now… it shall continue to do so. It always did such on an individual basis, based on personal pastoral needs. That’s how it’s done now… it’s how we shall continue to do it in the REAL Church. A priest in Russia put it this way to me, “Homosexuality is a sin of the flesh. Greed is a sin of the soul. That’s why the Church considers greed far more grievous than homosexuality is. One is of the flesh, it’ll fall away after our deaths… the other is of the soul and eternal. That’s why greed, not sexual sin, is the root of all evil”. This was a personal opinion of one priest… it isn’t the “Teaching of the Church”. Be wary of all those who dress up their opinions as such.

Before I leave, I’d like to leave you two links. They’re serious “food for thought”. Read this and this. Read them, then, come back to them a week later… THINK on what these people are saying. After all, we’re Christians, NOT Sectarians… NOT “Do Your Own Thing” people. I’ll say this… “Christ never rejected anyone… the only ones who rejected Him were the Pharisees and the Rich Young Man. Those who reject Him today are their spiritual descendants”.

Do think on that… it’s a meaty reflection.



25 July 2015. Why Orthodoxy has NOTHING in Common with the Sect Known as “Evangelicalism”

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Read this and this. Both of these stories point up the fact that the “Evangelicals” want to impose their “religion” on the rest of us. The second story points up the fact that they’re not very scrupulous in their methods, either. The Pro-Life Movement has swallowed the false videos completely, without a scrap of critical examination. Now, it’s clear that this movement has no scruples, no morals, no compunction… “Any stick to beat Planned Parenthood”… such amorality and contempt for the truth is not in line with what the Church has ALWAYS stood for. As for ramming one’s religion down another’s throat in the name of “Freedom of Religion”… well, I’m not the only one to find it hypocritical; besides that, it’s illegal in a secular republic. The state doesn’t care what religion or creed you profess… that’s the law of the land. To expect the state to give you preferential status due to your “sincerely-held religious beliefs” isn’t only against man’s law… it’s against God’s Law, too.

It’s time to shut up the loudmouth rightwing asshats amongst us. It doesn’t reflect what the Church teaches and it brings unnecessary shame upon us. We aren’t rightwing crazies. No, we don’t agree with EITHER conventional “Liberals” or “Conservatives” in the American sense. We should stop waving placards and start helping unwed mothers… if a gay person walks into our store, we have the obligation to treat them as Our Lord Christ would have done… with dignity and respect (and, certainly, with no condescension, either). After all, we can choose to follow Christ or Caiphas… the choice is yours… choose wisely…


Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. Christ’s Church Does NOT Shun Homosexuals… Or Anyone Else for that Matter

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I wrote a friend:

An asshat send out e-mails claiming that they’d out “Orthodox-in-name-only” homosexuals. Now, an e-mail’s surfaced claiming that they were only spoofing… all anonymous, of course. Sorry shit all round. I researched it… it’s a nasty little action that appears to come from Seraphim Rose rightwing crowd. I’d like to see the bishops shut down any discussion of other people’s sexuality the way that they shut down the tollhouse kerfuffle in the 80s. My own take? I stand with St Serafim… “Save your own soul and thousands will be saved about you”. I find this all sickening and disedifying. The Church isn’t going to perform “gay marriages”… the state won’t force them to, either. The Church isn’t under persecution… it survived the catacombs, the Ottomans, and the early commissars. This is nowhere near that. Crazy shit.

Right now, we’re seeing batshit crazy konvertsy running around ranting that the Church is under persecution and that the state will force us to officiate at “gay weddings”. Firstly, there’s no “persecution” in the cards, in either the long or the short-term. NO WAY… NO HOW. Secondly, the state isn’t going to force religious bodies to officiate at “gay weddings”. NO WAY… NO HOW. No persecution of any sort is in the offing… the worst that MIGHT happen is that churches might lose their tax exemption… that isn’t nothing, but it isn’t persecution. That’s harassment… not the same thing at all. Persecution means that they come out at zero-dark-thirty, drag you out of bed, and either shoot you or throw your ass in the slam for serious time. Losing your tax exemption is a pain-in-the-ass, a major problem, but it isn’t persecution. In any case, there’s no sign of that happening any time soon (or later).

You can’t listen to asshats such as Hannes Jacobses, Patrick Reardon, John Whiteford, Josiah Trenham, Odd Rod Dreher, and Paffso. It’s time for the Church to recollect itself, let the bishops sort out the response (for it’s their responsibility, not that of hubristical priests and laypeople), and go from there. Patrick Reardon, of course, merits deposition for his action, as he presumed to take action without explicit permission from his bishop. Loudmouths should shut the fuck up. Full stop. We don’t have responsibility for Christ’s Church… the bishops do. They’ll decide based on Church Tradition mixed with prudence… do note that the loudmouths don’t act prudently. They want to rush into the Coliseum to face the lions. The Church condemns such action… always has… always will.

The Church doesn’t shun anyone… it shows mercy to many people. The zealots don’t like that. Well, it’s time that the decent people shut up these loud morons. The Church gives communion to all sorts of “sinners”… do note that it teaches us that GREED, the LOVE OF MONEY, is the root of all evil. Why don’t the asshats focus on that? Well, it’s because they’re teabagger Republicans with an inordinate love of money, that’s why! That’s how Satan works… he gets people to focus on other people’s sins and not their own. He’s been SUCCESSFUL amongst the konvertsy, as the “gay marriage” affair showed us. The Church doesn’t shun homosexuals (or drunkards or greedsters or murderers). Everyone in the Church deals with one or another sin. I’d hope that the bishops would shut down discussion on “gay marriage” and homosexuals in the Church… it’s not edifying and much rubbish is circulating amongst the believers.

That’s what I’d like to see. That all of us would concentrate on saving ourselves… if we don’t do that, all the rest is in vain. Think on that.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

2 July 2015. Asshat Claims that Homophobe E-Mail Wasn’t For Real… I’m No Proctologist, But I Know an Asshole When I See One!

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To keep matters straight, Maria McDowell isn’t the asshat in the title. The asshat is the goofball who sent the original hate e-mail. To refresh your memories, click here. I got this from a correspondent:

It now appears that the person who perpetrated the foul deed (with emails and threats) claims to have only been conducting a sort of “experiment” to see how the recipients would react. It all sounds mighty fishy, thoroughly bogus and cowardly, to boot. The party in question has continued to be anonymous, of course.

I also got:

There is something very strange about this. I saw something else on this that there was some kind of “apology” and that it was actually written to see what the reaction would be? I’m very confused I know, and haven’t dug into it… but it seems like this might have been friendly fire. There’s a lot of talk about “Side A” and “Side B”, which I admit to not understanding completely.

I replied:

If so, the person doing it was goofy. Nevertheless, my points stand. We gotta chase out the asshats before they chase us out.

I got an enthusiastic “amen” to that…

Let’s keep it short n’ sweet. There’s no call to be playing games like this. It could provoke someone to take their life (literally). If I caught the asshat who sent this, I’d give ’em a good Cossack horse-whipping. This is just juvenile bullshit… serious matters aren’t to be trifled with. This is too much of a muchness.


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