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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

1 October 2013. From the Russian Web… Yes, Virginia, There’s STILL Human Kindness in this World

00 Russia. Sparrow sleeping in flowerpot. 01.10.13


“One day, after a stormy night, we found a sparrow chick on the ground under our balcony. He was very young, still blind, and, at first, we thought that he was dead. However, he was alive, and we brought it home and put it in a box in our room. We tried to feed him, but to no avail. When he began to loudly tweet, we put the box on the balcony. He didn’t stop tweeting for about three hours straight, and, finally, another sparrow landed on the balcony… the father of the chick, who came to nurture him. Every 15 minutes, he brought him beetles and bread crumbs. The father bird fed him for two weeks. The chick grew significantly stronger, but he remained blind. We went to the vet, who prescribed eye drops for our pet birdie. Soon, the sparrow completely recovered and began to play with us, hiding behind the flower pots on the balcony. The father bird continued to visit the chick; one day, he showed him how to fly through the open window. We knew that the moment would come that he’d recover and leave us. However, we were very worried, because when he flew away, we had terrible weather again for a few days. We were pleasantly surprised when our sparrow returned to us. We found him sleeping peacefully on the balcony amongst his favourite flowers”.

That’s the Russian people for you. Don’t listen to the lies peddled by CNN, Fox News, the National Review, the Washington Times, and the Weekly Standard. Russians aren’t ogres… we’re rather normal and quite human… as the above story illustrates.

There’ll always be a Russia



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